“Good morning, Souta kun.”

“Yeah, good morning. Nagi.”

Can I say that my daily life has finally returned?

I can also say that it’s a little bit different from before.

Nagi comes right next to me. It is always the case that…..the distance between us is as close as ever.

Nagi’s thin fingers nudged my fingers. When I looked at Nagi, I noticed that she was restless.

….When I gently stuck out my pinky finger, Nagi’s pinky finger instantly intertwined with mine.

Even though it was only my pinky, she grabbed it as if she was going to finger-snap me and wouldn’t let go.

Nagi stared at me…..and relaxed her cheeks. Then, she stood up. She gently puts her mouth to my ear.

“When I put my fingers together like this, I could tell that Souta kun was here. I’m happy.”

The voice tickled my ear. Nagi turned her head slightly away from me…..and stared at me.

When I made eye contact with her, she smiled. at a very close distance.

……It’s really bad for your heart.

Who is it? Who said that beautiful women get bored in three days? It’s been two months since we met, but there’s no sign of that at all.

No, I was originally on the train just to see Nagi’s face, so it’s too late now.

I almost reached out my hand to Nagi’s head unintentionally. Somehow I restrained myself. As expected, it becomes too much of a nuisance here.

Then, Nagi also tried to poke her head out at the same time my hand was moving…..and stopped her movement. I guess for the same reason as me.

And just a little bit. She made a sulky face.

Compared to the first time, I really think she’s more expressive now.

“When we were alone, okay.”

“…..Yes. I’ll hold off on this for now.”

I put a little pressure on my pinky finger and gently touch her arm.

Even though it was just that, my heart was beating strangely.


A little while after getting off the train. I remembered something. At the same time, my phone rang.

[I’m sorry, I forgot to give you your lunch !]

“No, I also forgot. Don’t apologize.”

But what should I do? ……I can go to the store for lunch.

“By the way, where are you, Nagi?”

[I just arrived at the classroom, and I just noticed it when I was about to take out my luggage.]

“I see.”

I checked the time. I usually leave early, so I have plenty of time.

“Nagi’s school. Can I go there?”

I said, out of curiosity.


The distance is far away. I guess different uniforms make you stand out.

I got Nagi’s approval and was on my way to her high school. I was looked at suspiciously by the high school students who were heading in the same direction.

When you think about it like this, Nagi is amazing…

Because of her appearance, she probably felt the stares more strongly than I did.

I was walking for a while, and then I saw the high school Nagi was attending.

“So this is the place……ah.”

I was surprised to see how new and different each high school is. I saw a familiar figure in front of the gate.


It’s not that loud. I thought it might stand out.

But Nagi still seemed to notice me. Her blue eyes caught mine.

“Souta kun !”

Nagi’s tightened expression broke into a smile. She shined happily.

“I’m glad. Ah, here is your lunch.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

Nagi ran up to me and handed me my lunch box. I couldn’t help but smile.

“….Is it fine not to hide it?”

“Because it’s difficult to make up for it in front of Souta kun. I think it’s fine because I usually just do my best.”

“You’re so bold again.”

The eyes of the people around me are very intense.

“T-that Ice Princess is smiling……?”

“Is she seriously having a boyfriend…n-no way. Isn’t he her older brother?”

A high-pitched voice came from a female student. Male students direct negative emotions such as jealousy and suspicion.

And then. A familiar figure appeared again at the school gate.

“Oh, Shinonome chan. Is he that boyfriend of yours by any chance?”

It was Hayama. She said so deliberately and winked at Nagi.

“Y-yes ! That’s right ! He is my lover……no. He is my fiancée !”

Nagi said as she took my hand. The noise around us became even louder.

“F-fiancée !?”

“As expected, it’s a lie……no. But from her family point of view, is it possible?”

“If so, is he a young master?”

There are a lot of speculation going around. Well, it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being mistaken.

“…And. Nagi, aren’t you too close?”

“Y-you’re my fiancée. It’s normal,”

Nagi gently leaned closer to me, her face reddening. The sweet fragrance is wafting through the air.

“Hey. Lovey-dovey.”


Nagi’s face reddened even more at Hayama’s deliberate words. But somehow, she relaxed her cheeks happily.

“N-no way !”

“Shinonome chan……is totally different from her usual atmosphere.”

“Kyaa ! She’s so cute !”

The voices were a mixture of melancholy and excitement. It looks like the commotion is about to get so loud that the teacher is about to arrive.

“Then, Nagi, it’s time to go.”

“Y-yes. That’s right, time is time.”

I put the lunch box I got from Nagi into my bag.

If I don’t go soon, I might be shot dead by the boys’ resentful stares.

At that time–

“Why is such a frail and stupid-looking guy her boyfriend?”

I heard such words. Well, it was a backbiting……or rather a swear word. I was prepared to hear one or two of them. So it’s no problem.

–I was thinking.

“Who is it?”

Nagi stepped forward. At the same time, I felt as if the temperature had dropped.


“Who is the one who just now spoke ill of Souta kun?”

At a glance…, I could tell just by hearing the sound of her voice.

Nagi was angry,

“Measuring the other person with your own standard. Who is the one who deliberately speaks ill of the other person to be heard? ……I don’t think you have a very good hobby.”

Nagi takes another step forward. The voices of the students who had been noisy earlier had stopped with Nagi’s words.

–Yeah. Not good.

“Nagi, I don’t care about that.”

“I do care. They don’t know anything about Souta kun. They don’t even try to get to know you, and they just throw their feelings of jealousy at you.”

“Well, I guess so. I think that’s what I think too.”

This time, Hayama joined in. She glared at the boys around her with a stern look.

“I don’t deny that jealousy and resentment are personal feelings. But how can you put them into words? It’s like saying you have a bad character. You should think a little more before you speak out. Your voice can be heard by those around you.”

Hayama glared at the boy who had probably just said that to me. The boy made a bitter face…..and left the place.

“Well, now scram. If you don’t hurry, the teacher will come.”

As soon as she did that, Hayama made a gesture to drive away with her hands. The place was dominated by Hayama.

Both boys and girls were glancing at her as if they were curious. She walked toward the school building.

“…..Thank you, Hayama san. I lost my composure a bit.”

“Hm? Oh, it’s fine, I don’t want my friends to be called badly either. Especially if there’s someone who seems to get along with Nagi.”

The pressure from Nagi at that time was extraordinary. …..Somehow, there was something like Soichiro san. Could it be the result of education?

I’ll leave it at that. At that rate, there was a possibility that Nagi would be feared by those around her again. by afraid, I mean it would be difficult to talk to her. I wanted to avoid such a situation as much as possible.

Before I could think of anything else, Hayama helped me out. I was hoping that they would not get a bad impression of Nagi.

“….Me too. Thank you, Hayama.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome, both of you. Or rather, Minori kun, if you don’t go early, won’t you be late? ”

Hayama told me to look at the time. Considering the train, it would be pretty close.

“That’s right. I’m sorry for all the confusion. I made you feel bad.”

“Souta kun, you did nothing wrong, please don’t apologize.”

“Okay, well, come pick up Nagi chan again when you have free time.”

I smiled at their words and turned to leave.

“Well then–“

“Souta kun. Can I tell you one more thing?”

Nagi stopped me. I turned around to see what was going on. She asked me to lend her my ear and I lowered my body.

Nagi made a tube with both hands and put it over my ears.

“Have a nice day, Souta kun.”

At the same time of her words. I felt a soft touch on my cheek.


“Oh, so bold.”

“….I was seen.”

“If it was this close. But the people around you don’t notice, so it’s safe.”

Nagi smiled……even though her ears were bright red.

 “Then, let’s meet again on our way home. Souta kun.”

The smile is so beautiful….

“….Yeah I’ll see you on my way back, Nagi.”

It was the moment when I realized that I could not win against Nagi.

“Yes !”

She replied cheerfully. Nagi and I waved our hands until she was out of sight.

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11 months ago

I never get tired of scenes like this, where the MC gets to show off his relationship with a popular beauty. There’s just something so satisfying about this kind of scenes, lol.