Then my condition got better. The next day I was back to normal, but I decided to take the day off just in case.

As expected, I’ll have Nagi go to school…….I thought.

[I will take care of you until today. I have a lot of things to do, like laundry and cooking. I don’t want you to collapse if I push you too hard here.]

She refused. I’m worried about her studies, but it seems that she will ask Hayama to show her the notes later.

In addition, she said she had originally done her preparatory studies, so she would be fine. Soichiro san and the others agreed.

By the way, I’m going to ask Eiji to show me his notes next time. Eiji is also a good note-taker, so I was really glad.

On the second day, I ate warm soup and other food that was easy for my stomach. In addition to that, with Nagi’s nursing, I was able to make a full recovery.


“Hey there. You’re alive?”

“Yeah, Eiji. Good morning. Somehow I survived.”

When I entered the classroom, Eiji was the first to greet me. He suddenly crossed my shoulder.

“……..Even though I’m healed, I’m still recovering from my illness. You shouldn’t get so close to me.”

“Hmm? Yeah. Before that, I have one question.”

Eiji put his mouth close to my ear and said so.

“There’s a rumor going around that you two are dating. Someone saw you two heading to the amusement park on Saturday. What do you think?”

He asked in a whisper.

“What do you mean…what do I think?”

I thought for a while. I wondered if I should consult Nagi and make a decision.

“I recommend making it public, by the way. There will be less chance of strange insects approaching her over there.”

“I’ll do that.”

The former Nagi……[Ice Princess], the pressure emitted was so great that the number of people who could talk to her was limited.

Well, even so, Nagi is so beautiful that there is no end to the number of people who talk to her.

That is why I felt a little uneasy.

If Nagi showed her……usual appearance.

Just thinking about it is frightening. I’m worried that Nagi will get scared.

Besides……I don’t like it.

“You’re that kind of person, are you? You’re really sweet to your people.”

“Originally, I didn’t have that many friends. I just want to take care of my inner circle.”

I didn’t bother to put it into words, but of course Eiji was included. I’ve been taken care of in many ways.

“Well, I thought so, too. If they ask, I’ll spread the word.”

“Yeah, please.”

And the moment Eiji left. A female student came up to me. She was the girl who often chatted with other girls in the classroom. I think she had a lot of friends.

“Hey there, Minori kun. Is it true that you are dating that [Ice Princess]?”

I choked up for a moment at those words.

…so early. She came so soon

I’m glad Eiji told me first, while letting out a sigh of relief, I nodded.

“Yeah, it’s true.”

“Really !?”

The next moment, the classroom became noisy. It was split in two: the girls cheering and the boys lamenting.

And then the girls stood up one after another. They approached.

“Since when !?”

“How did you become friends with the Ice Princess?”

“How did you meet?”

“Which one of you confessed their feelings?”

The breathless, raging questions had me momentarily dizzy. I looked at Eiji, but he only looked back at me in amusement.

“Isn’t it great? Your popular era is coming.”


While I was thinking about what to do, the questions kept coming.

“H-have you kissed already !?”

“I can’t imagine it at all……but did you hold hands or something?”

My cheeks naturally twitched……and I let out a sigh.

It looks like I won’t be released for a while. I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

Eiji was looking at me with a smirk on his face……and it looked like he was up to something, which was a little disturbing.


“Hey, Minori kun. We’re going to karaoke now, do you want to come along?. I still want to hear what you have to say.”

To my surprise, the questioning continued until after school. Of course, there were questions from the boys, but the girls were even stronger. Finally, they even said something like this.

“No, I have something to do after school.”

As expected, it was getting depressing after such a long time. I put my bag on my back to go to Nagi’s place quickly.

“Ah, wait a minute. Can I hear just a little bit more?”

“Me too-“

“Ah, I want to hear it too.”

Even though I’m tired of those words…….I tell myself that it’s only until I leave the school gate. The second wave and the third wave will only come where I’ve driven them away.

When I answered only the questions I could answer and headed to the school gate-there was a crowd of people.

I felt a sense of déjà vu. As I was trying to remember what it was….the crowd broke up.


It was Nagi who appeared as if breaking the wave. It was déjà vu all over again.

As soon as I noticed it, I felt a cold sweat on my back.

Now. There are many people around me who don’t know Nagi. Moreover, a little… Even at a quick glance, I can tell that there are more girls than boys.

I’m not being unfaithful. It must be an uninteresting sight for Nagi.

“Souta kun.”


With a snap. Nagi called me. I naturally straighten my back.

Nagi beckons me to come over. I walk to Nagi’s side. As expected, the students who were around stopped there, as if they were reading the atmosphere.

“Please stand next to me.”

I stand next to Nagi, just as she told me to. Then……

“…..Eit !”

Nagi squeezed my left arm. She held it with her chests.

“!? Nagi !?”

“……I have to do it this way. Or else, they don’t understand.”

Nagi muttered quietly. She looked around.

“Souta kun is my fiancée.”

Her voice was not loud. But it was very easy to hear.

” Eh !?”

“Seriously !?”

“Fiancee !? It’s beyond a lover !?”

Instantly, the area was abuzz.

I looked at Nagi, puzzled by the sudden event……Nagi was standing still. Looking around with a bright red face.

“That’s why.”

Another not-so-loud voice. But surprisingly, the voice came through, and soon the surroundings became quiet.

“I’ll make you happy, Souta kun. Please don’t ever think of…messing with me in a strange way.”

The voice was one tone lower than usual. I felt a certain pressure rather than anger…….

However–Nagi’s words were met with cheers.

The girls are making noise. As expected, though, the girls in front of me are not doing that.

“Souta kun is an attractive person. You were in trouble over here, too. I was told by Hayama san that it would be better for me to go there.

“……I see.”

In the distance, Eiji looked at us and gave a peace sign. It seems that he is the culprit.


“But. Here, this may not keep your face.”

“…..What do you mean?”

When I looked at Nagi, Nagi had a straight face that she had shown in the train.

…..No. Her cheeks moved.

“Well, um,  when I’m by Souta kun’s side, my cheeks naturally loosen up.”

“It’s like a Pavlov dog…….”

However, it’s not good if it continues like this. Nagi’s smile in the midst of all this attention can destroy her impression……no. Is that okay with her?

……But somehow I don’t like it.

I closed my eyes……


“What is it?”

“Let me hide you for a minute.”

I hugged Nagi, burying her face in my chest. The girls’ cheers get even louder.


“I’m faster.”

“Nishizawa !? When did you……or rather from where !?”

I was about to call Eiji, but Nishizawa also appeared from somewhere.

“Eiji told me that there was going to be some kind of commotion.”

“I’m here too.”

‘Hayama……I see. Did you come here to pick up Nagi?”

“Something like that. Well, it’s almost time for the teacher to come and make a fuss. I’ll do something about those people, so come here.”

“Eiji, you help too !”

“Of course.”

Before I knew it, Eiji was also approaching……and somehow managed to escape before the teacher arrived.

…I was a little scared of tomorrow. Well, I naturally stroked Nagi’s head in my chest, thinking that it would be fine.


“…I-I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

“No…..well, me too. It ended up being quite noticeable. I’m sorry.”

“I was wondering what happened when you suddenly hugged me.”

Away from high school. Finally, we realized that we had been out of control.

No matter how I look at it, I never thought that it was going to happen. Hugging in public…….

“Well, with this, Minorin won’t be taken……well, it probably won’t happen in the first place.”

“Certainly it served its original purpose…….”

When Nagi said that with a bright red face. Hayama grinned.

“Then, next time we have to have Minori kun come to our high school and do the same thing, right?”

“…..! I will be embarrassed and go crazy ! ……W-well, I’m happy though.”

“A-as expected, I don’t have that kind of courage……”

No, however. Is that fine? If there are fewer boys messing with Nagi, should I do it….?

“Well, that’s going too far. Or rather, if it’s a way to show that you’re really dating, it’s okay to do it at least once.”

“……I agree.”

“S-Souta kun !”

“Just like Nagi worries about me. I’m worried about Nagi too. ……Well, I’m not saying right now.”

Many people don’t know who I am on the other side. If I’m not good at it, they’ll say something like [I’m better than that guy]………well, I can’t say that they don’t exist. The probability is very low.

That’s what I’m thinking. Nagi covered her blushed cheeks with her hand.

“I’m not going to do it if you don’t want me to, Nagi.”

“N-no. It’s not that I don’t like it.  ……I’d say it’s the opposite. When I thought that Souta kun would come pick me up, I couldn’t help but feel happy.”

She glanced at me. Nagi smiled embarrassedly.


I’m not going to let anyone see her like this. ……No, I don’t want to. 

I never thought I would have such a strong desire to monopolize.

As I let out a sigh, Nagi puts her face on my shoulder.


“It’s mutual.” 

She murmured quietly.

But–I never thought that the day I would go to Nagi’s high school would come so soon. I had no idea at that time.

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