Nagi suddenly asked me to stay over, and I panicked.z

“W-wait a minute. What do you mean you want to stay–ah.”

While I was saying that, I remembered.

Nagi had her luggage with her when she went to school.

“……Yes, I have luggage for overnight stay too.”

“B0but, what about Soichiro san and the others?”

“I already told Mama. ……Or rather, Mama told me. [Are you going to stay overnight? I’ll tell Papa. And I’ve already prepared the shampoo, toothbrush, and other things you usually use].”

“….That means”

“Yes ! I just received a call from Mama ! Papa has granted me permission to stay here !”

Nagi showed a dazzling smile. She doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea that I’m going to refuse…….

In fact, there was no way I could refuse.

“Okay, that’s fine.”

Come to think of it. Nagi’s face shone even brighter like a sunflower.

……It’s all right. I’m sure it will be fine as long as I keep my reason. It should be fine.


“Souta kun.”

When I had finished cleaning up, Nagi’s cheeks were slightly red again. I guess she wanted to say something.

“T-the bath. I’d like to borrow it. May I go in first?”

“Hm? Oh, of course. I’ll boil it now, so please wait.”

After saying so, I stood up. Nagi called me [Souta kun] again.

“Well, uh, you know. …..I have one more favor to ask you.”


While fidgeting. Nagi looked at me a little shyly. I waited for her next words, wondering if this was her real favor instead of the previous one.

“A-actually. I was scared of horror movies more than I thought I would be. And, you know. I heard a long time ago that watery places tend to attract spirits.”

“……Oh. Come to think of it, I’ve heard that too.”

I had a bad feeling, and cold sweat broke out on my back.

“I-if it’s possible. …… while I am taking a bath. I’d like you to be nearby to talk to me.”

I was–relieved when she said that.

I thought for a moment that she would ask me to join her.

No, what was I thinking? No matter what, she would never say such a thing–

“T-to be honest. I’d like you to come in with me. A-as expected. ……It’s a little embarrassing.”

……Only a little, huh.

Ah, geez, not good. …..I hate myself for feeling a little disappointed.


“If it’s just that. It’s totally fine.”

“R-really !”

“Yeah. In that case, I will talk to you in the dressing room.”

“Yes ! Please !”

It shouldn’t be a problem to have someone to talk to.

I nodded and went to press the switch to heat the water again.


The sound of the clothes rubbing against each other is bad for my ears. …It makes my heart strangely nervous.

The sound of the rubbing of the robe ends. The door rattles open. This is because the entrance to the bathroom is a door that opens and closes on both sides.

“Y-you can come in.”

Hearing that voice. After confirming that I heard the rattling sound of the door closing, I entered the dressing room.


I immediately turned away.

The glass is frosted. However, it was not completely invisible. I can faintly see the inside.

I could see the lines of Nagi’s body. …..That’s why I turned my back

I walk backwards little by little and come to the shelf next to the bathroom.

Oh no. My heart is noisy.

I closed my eyes and think of something else–

“Souta kun? You’re here?”

“Y-yeah. I’m here.”

I couldn’t do it. That’s right. The reason I came here was to talk with Nagi. 

“U-um, let’s see. Then first…..I’ll wash my head. Um, I’m sorry.

“Is it okay if I keep talking?”

“Yes. ……Please.”

“Roger that.”

I exhale once to calm down. And spoke a little louder than usual to keep up with the sound of the shower.

“Right. …..Let’s talk about the future.”

I’m not sure what to talk about. I said so.

About the future. Of course it’s–

“Me. I have a lot of places I want to go with Nagi.”

It’s going to be fun.

“Last time. I want to go back to the café where I went with Nagi when we had our first study session. If there’s a performance where Nagi will appear, I’d like to go there too. ….And others.”

Even though I was a little bit hesitant. I decided to talk about it.

“Someday. I’d like you to come with me to my house–my parents’ house. It’s in a rural place, but it’s not a bad place. My mother and father are good people. I know they probably know about you, but I’d like to introduce Nagi to them properly.”

Once I started talking, the topics of conversation came up.

From what happened in my parents’ house.  …..And then about the old days. I didn’t have many friends, but it was still fun.

Talking about them–Nagi seems to have finished washing her head.

“–Souta kun.”

“Ah, are you done?”

“Yes. …..I have a question. Souta kun, how will you spend the end of the year? Do you go home?”

“Right. If I don’t, my mother and father might come here.”

I replied. For a while, all I heard was the sound of the shower. I wondered if she was thinking about something.

But that was only for a few seconds. Nagi immediately started talking.

“–May I accompany you?”

The voice is as loud as the sound of a shower. ……But Nagi’s words are clear and easy to hear, so of course I hear them.

Those words startled me.

“No, but…is it okay? What about Soichiro san and the others?”

“Don’t worry. But, if possible. Next year, on the contrary, I want Souta kun to spend the end of the year at my house. And of course, your father and mother can be with us.”

……That’s not bad.

What am I saying, I’m only a high schooler. I’m Nagi’s fiancée. I would like to get married in the future.

I also wanted to let my father and mother meet Soichiro san and the others once.


“Really !?”

“Yeah. However, I need to consult Soichiro san and the others. Also, I want you to make time for your family from now on.”

“Of course ! I love Papa, Mama, and Suzaka san !”

Hearing those words, I couldn’t help but smile. I continued.

Nagi washed herself as she was and soaked in the bathtub. After that, when we were talking――

I noticed something.

I noticed Nagi’s clothes carefully folded in the laundry basket.

On top of the carefully folded clothes, there was a pure white–

“Souta kun? What’s wrong?”

Those words brought me back to consciousness.

“It’s nothing.”

My voice was a little hoarse. I closed my eyes–somehow managing myself to calm down–but I couldn’t.

For the time being. I force myself to look away and take out a towel from the shelf.

I lay the towel on top of the laundry basket and hide it, trying not to look at it.

“T-that’s right. Nagi, how do you usually spend your time during the New Year holidays?”

Then, while returning to the conversation with Nagi–I.

I couldn’t get it out of my head that I saw earlier. My heart was making a nasty noise all the time.


Somehow. I’d like to think that I….somehow managed to calm down.

No, think about it. It’s going to be okay.

I waited outside for Nagi to get dressed. I shook my head to make my worries disappear again and again.

A little later, Nagi comes out. Her face was bright red.

“Did you see it?”

“….I tried not to look at it as much as possible.”

I don’t want to lie. 

Or rather, it’s because I’m aware of it when she’s wearing a towel.

Nagi’s face turned bright red…she stared at me.

“……I see.”

She doesn’t look angry. She looks embarrassed ……

Oh geez. My face is hot.

She looked at me, who couldn’t hide my face.

Nagi, for a moment. I really saw a happy face for a moment–I felt it

I thought, don’t think any more about it. Nagi didn’t say anything, but turned her head to the side and started walking.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard the sweet, flowery scent of shampoo wafting gently from Nagi.

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