“Ehehe……Souta kun.”

In the bed.

A beautiful girl who would make anyone’s eyes fall upon her is smiling with a sloppy face. And she’s in my arms.

“What is it?”

“I love you.”

Saying that, she hugs me tightly with her hands behind my back. Just with that, my heart throbbed.

–Shinonohime Nagi. Her hair is pure white like snow and also her skin. Her eyes were as blue as the deep sea, and her expression was limited…….that was a long time ago.

After many twists and turns, she became my girlfriend, and she has a lovely expression on her face.

I’m happy about that.

….We’ve been like this for almost an hour now.

I’m going to be honest. I can’t hold it. My heart can’t take it.

“N-Nagi. It’s about time…….”

“……I don’t want to.”

She cut me off. She hugged my body tighter.

“I still want to feel Souta kun with my whole body.”

Nagi buried her face in my chest. The smile on her face has no elements of “Ice Princess” in it. The ice is melting away.

“,,,,,,Because I can directly feel Souta kun’s kindness. I like it. Sota-kun’s voice. Your heart. Your body. Everything.”

Each word shakes my brain and my heart. But–

Is it okay to say this?

That Chie san and Suzaka san are watching.

The door is slightly opened and they are watching. They were smiling so much.

My gaze met theirs, and Chie san put her index finger in front of her lips.

……Well, it’s okay. Is it? Sleeping in the same bed at someone else’s house.

“Ehehe…..I won’t put up with it anymore.”

When I saw Nagi like that. I don’t care about it anymore.

When I patted her head, Nagi laughed like a child. When I hugged her, I could feel her warmth.

The sweet scent tickled my nostrils. …The soft things hit me.

Honestly, it’s bad for my heart.

But more than that–it’s lovely.

I want to make her happy in my arms.

“Hey, Nagi.”

I called her name. She moved her face just a little and looked at me with an upward glance.

….What’s with this cute creature.

I swallowed those words and whispered so that the other side would not hear me.

“I love you.”

I still felt a sense of shame in saying those words. Nagi’s face lit up.

“I love you too !”

–She said that and moved her body to hug me.

Nagi’s soft cheek was placed against my cheek.

I can feel Nagi’s warmth, tenderness and softness all over my body.

 ……But there’s no point in whispering those words.

I patted Nagi on the back while two warm gazes pierced through me.


“W-well then. Thank you for your help.”

“Yes. Please visit us again. I’m sure Soichiro san will be very pleased.”

Two hours later, I had to leave. I took Nagi with me.

“Oh that’s right, Minori kun……no, I will call you Souta kun from now on.”


Chie san stared at me.

“Souta kun. I would like to confirm something here. …..May I take you as my daughter, Nagi’s fiancée?”

My eyes widened at those words.

“If she has a fiancee, there will be no one who approaches her. I’m sure Souta kun will be relieved as well. Think about whether you’ll be married or not another time. What do you think?”

When I heard those words, I looked at Nagi who was standing next to me.

Nagi looked a little nervous….. but looked at me expectantly.

……Well. I knew what my answer would be from the beginning.

“Yes, please take care of me.”

When I said that, Chie san nodded happily.

“Oh, that’s right. Nagi, lend me your ear for a moment.”

“……? Yes, I understand.”

Chie san asked Nagi something, and Nagi’s face turned redder and redder. 

“M-mother. That is…”

“Hmmm. Why don’t you call me “Mama”?”

Nagi’s face turned even redder at Chie san’s words. She looked like an apple.

“Fufu. I’m sorry. Nagi is so cute. ….I’ve already prepared it, so please take your luggage.”

“…..I understand. Souta kun, please wait for a second.”

I didn’t quite understand the meaning of that word. I nodded anyway.

“……? Yeah, okay.”

Nagi returned to her room to get something. Not long after, just when I thought she came back……

She brought a big bag with her. As I recall, it was the one she usually took to school.

“Nagi? What’s with that bag?”

“……Don’t worry about it. Well, let’s go.”

Well, it’s certainly not something to worry about. And it would be weird to show me what’s inside.

I said goodbye to Chie san and Suzaka san and went outside.

“Ah, that’s right. I’m going to  call Eiji and the others. I already told them. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

“I see. ……But it looks like that won’t be necessary.”

Nagi chuckles.  She said [Look] and looked in a certain direction.

And there was–

“Oh, here you are at last. You’re late.”

“Yosh. Sounds like a success. That’s how it feels.”

“Ah, here you are. Did you give her a flick in the forehead properly?”

Eiji, Nishizawa, and Hayama were there. 

“……A flick?”

“Ah, from the way you react, it seems that he didn’t do it.”

Laughing at Hayama’s words. I approached Eiji and the others.

“Did you wait for me? It’s the middle of winter, you know?”

“I just thought it was about time.”

“Liar. Who said, [I have to find out first what happened to Souta. Whether he succeeds or fails.] I brought that coat for you.”

“Y-you. Don’t say it. It’s not cool.”

“By the way, I just got here. I heard you both were here.”

While laughing at Eiji’s words. I tapped Eiji who’s drinking cocoa on the shoulder.

“Thanks a lot.”

“You’re the one who did the hard work.”

“The one who made me work hard is you. So, thank you.”

“……You’re welcome.”

Looking at Eiji who says shyly. ……Next, he looked at Nagi.

“Um, well. ……I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“You don’t have to apologize….Or rather, I’m one of the people who started it. But hey, Shinonome chan. …..No, Nagi. Close your eyes.”

Is Hayama going to do that to Nagi’s head?

Hayama squeezed her fingers.

Bajin !

 …….And. A pretty good sound echoed around the area.


Nagi let out a cute moan. She pressed her forehead with her hand.

“Punishment for thinking stupid things. I had asked Minori kun to do it. I thought it would be impossible.”

Hayama said so. She smiled smugly.

“You’ll have to talk to me about it next time. We’re friends, you know.”

“….Yes ! I’m sorry. ……And thank you.”

Nagi bowed politely. And Hayama gave a small nod.

“What should I do? I’m going to wear the same one with Minorin. Can I call you Nagirin?”

“Y-yes ! Of course !”

Smiling at this exchange. We were walking home.

“Speaking of which, what about lunch? Should we move it up and order pizza for lunch?”

“No, let’s do something else. Shall we eat somewhere else?”

I had told Nagi that I was going to have a pizza party with Eiji and the others. Nagi let out a gasp.

“Should I make it for you again? …..Right. How about the fried chicken I learned from Souta kun’s mother before?”

“…..Is that okay?”

I asked back. Nagi nodded with a smile.

“Yes ! It’s also an apology for the trouble I’ve caused you all. Besides, if I make more, I can put it in my and Souta kun’s lunches tomorrow !”

“….Then please. How about you three?”

“‘Course ! I like fried chicken !”

“Oh ! Me too !”

“Me too !”

The three of them agreed, so we decided to go to the supermarket on our way home.

On the way. Nagi’s finger touched me gently. I looked at Nagi and she smiled at me.

She intertwined her little fingers with mine. Then she brought her happy face close to my ear.

“I love you, Souta kun.”

She whispered.

My cheek almost loosened up. I covered it with one hand.

Nagi looked at me smiling and happy.

“Let’s go, Souta kun.”


I guess this is going to continue every day from now on.

I. Can I endure it……? No, I don’t have to endure anymore……no, I can’t. There’s an order to everything.

While walking along with Nagi, who happily walks with her little finger tightly entwined with mine.

“What’s with that flirtatious pure-hearted couple?”

“Even we wouldn’t do something so obvious like that, right?”

“……Well. It’s fine, right? It looks like they’re having fun.”

I heard a voice from behind me. I turned my ears away.

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