I was born into this world as Takiyama Ren, the son of the Takiyama Group, and I lived a life without any inconvenience. I was able to buy anything I wanted and do anything I wanted, but as I grew up, I gradually realized that not everything was my own.

But as I grew up, I gradually realized that not everything was in my own hands.

I decided that when I reached high school age, I would move out of this house.

Of course, I am not stupid. I would not really leave this house, or rather, there was no way I could leave. If that were to happen, there would be a shareholders’ meeting right away, and there would be an argument about who would be the next president of the company! I’m sure there would be an uproar.

Of course I intend to take over as the successor of the Takiyama Group, as I was born to be the successor of the Takiyama Group.

I don’t consider it a burden.

It is precisely because I do not consider it a burden that I wanted to live on my own and gain social experience.

I wanted to know the harshness of society. Simply put, I wanted to live a normal life.

I asked my parents, “Please let me live on my own for three years of high school!”I asked them directly.

At first they were against it, but I showed them that I was serious and managed to get their approval.

Then I made three promises.

One, they would not contact me (except for high school documents and other important matters).

Two not to come to my house (because they might do a lot of things to me)

Three, no sending money home (I’m prepared to do that).

However, only the tuition for three years of high school had already been paid. I was going to pay it…

After a few months of steady preparation, the day finally came when I had to leave home.

“I’m off then.”

“If it gets too hard, you can come home.”

“Ren, the car?”

“I won’t come back for three years, and I don’t need a car to take me home.”

“I see… then, for the last time…”

“Dad handed me an envelope.”

“What’s this?”

“This is the first and last money your parents will ever send you. Please accept this.”

“Like I said, Money is….”

“This is a show of support, so please accept it.”

“If it’s ………, I’ll take it, thank you.”

“Good luck, Ren.”

“Okay, bye.”

That’s how I started living alone.
At that time, I did not know that I would be living in hell, not a normal life.

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