Meeting Minase…..or even bigger than that, meeting Satsuki was too much of a surprise……but still time goes by uneventfully.

Today is Monday, which would normally be school day, but it’s a day off because it’s a three-day weekend.

I was thinking of becoming a futon dweller for the rest of the day since I had nothing special to do,……but I got a call that I didn’t expect.

[Would you like to come to my house? I’m calling Minase too]

It was Noto.

She asked me to come to her house on my day off, and she had already invited Mizuse to join.

I was worried for a while, but I decided to go ahead and visit her.

(I don’t think it’s too early though…)

I thought that if the world switched again in the middle…..I wouldn’t be so afraid now.

Because Minase and Noto cared about me.

They only have memories of this world, but they still believed my words….of course I’m happy, and I’m having a lot of fun now that we’re getting to know each other.

(Not that I’m expecting a naughty exchange or anything….obviously !)

No, there might be a little bit.

Before, I thought it was strange and scary, but since my perception of them has changed, it has become like this.

“So here we are.”

For the second time, I arrived safely at Noto’s house.

I rang the intercom, relieved to hear that Noto’s parents were not at home, as before.

Noto immediately answered the door and pulled my hand to come in.

“Excuse me.”.


When I asked her to let me through to her room, Minase was already there.

She looked at me, smiled, and telling me to sit next to her

“Hey, Minase.”

“Hello Sukui kun……ehehe.”

“I heard something happened, but what’s with that reaction?”

“Well, I wonder what it is.”

Ah… I guess they didn’t talk about that.

Well, even though it wasn’t something she really needed to talk about, Noto didn’t hide the fact that she was extremely concerned about it.

Seeming to be in a good mood, Minase takes my arm and presses her voluptuous chest as hard as she can.

“I don’t like it…..I’ll join too.”

Noto then hugged me on the other side too.

(I don’t know,……I even feel at ease with this exchange already.)

However, I told Noto about Saturday event.

I told her about the location where the idol Satsuki Rei showed up, and it seems that Noto was there with her friends.

I was there, too, but we didn’t meet……but even that idol has a crush on Sukui kun……how sinful of a man are you, you?”

“No, I mean……”

“I wouldn’t say that you;re not faithful…just like me and Minase, it’s probably a remnant of sense of virtue reversal.”

I nodded.

I told them why Satsuki san was treating me the way she was, and I told them about my interactions with her, probably as a prelude.

Both of them easily agreed.

“I see……Satsuki san over here is very popular, but if we reverse the situation, the evaluation itself will be reversed……”

“Really, I can’t imagine it at all. But such an impossible thing is happening…in the first place, there is no way that Sukui, who is just a high school student, and his idol girlfriend have any connection.”

“Ah…I mean, you two are really understanding…I’m glad that you believe me.”

“It’s only natural. I’ll believe in you no matter what happens, Sukui kun.”

“That’s right. Or rather, that’s what my body told me. I don’t doubt you…I believe in you from the bottom of my heart.”

When I was told that they believed me straight away, I looked down as if scratching my cheeks.

(Maybe…..I’m changing like the two of them because they are changing and treating me like this.)

Really…I really can’t thank them enough.

Not only do they care about my impossible situation, but they also show their understanding in this way…that makes me so happy that I can’t help but want to talk to them more about my worries.

However,……if I do so, I almost become dependent on the presence of the two of them.

As a man, I can’t afford to expose such an embarrassing appearance,…..well, it’s a little late for that now when I’m being hugged by the two of them like this.

“But, haven’t you two thought about it? I think it’s probably because of the way I treat you two over there, but in any case, it would be better to go with someone more handsome than me.”



I-I see…I was honestly happy to hear their denial, but apparently they were quite dissatisfied with my words and said this.

“I’m sure there are all kinds of people,…..but I think it’s because of Sukui kun that I’m interested in him.”

“So do I. Because you’re Sukui…..even though you were worried about the difference in values, you helped us. I think it’s because of you that it’s like this.”

“I can’t imagine it like this anymore.”

“That’s right. I can’t imagine anyone else doing this other than Sukui.”

But that’s because I acted well in the end…..and when I thought that, they nailed me to not think weird thoughts, and I said I understood and put this idea to rest.

….I thought I was being too negative. 

It’s rude for me to worry about something like this when these two people who care so much about me.

“On the other side of the world, Sukui kun helped, or rather cared for, me, Noto, Murakami kun’s sister, and Satsuki san, the idol.”

“The four of us……you’re in a complete harem.”

“Is this what you call a harem?”

When they call it a harem, I feel like a scumbag all at once,…….

“…Hmm, after hearing stories like this, I wonder if there is a way to do it while still retaining my memories. It seems like that world is harsh for women, but since I have memories from this one, I might want to experience it.”

“I know,…’s like an adventure in a way, and I wonder if I would want to attack Sukui with these feelings in my heart.

“That might be…..unstoppable, right?”

“Well, I’d rather embrace you than attack you.”

Um… it would be helpful if you don’t say it in a round-about way.

Just as I was about to say that, the world suddenly changed, as if God were testing me.

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