Click, I thought I heard the sound of the devil.

I’ll never forget that sensation,…..this is the sound I feel when the world switches.

(……Haha, I’m already feeling weirdly calm)

Is it because there are two people beside me?

The fact that the world has switched is….well, it’s obvious that it’s going to be embarrassing just to imagine it.

The two of them are going to do that whether I want them to or not, and their eyes have changed colors to prove it.

“……Fufu, Sukui kun♡”

“Sukui, come here.”

No,… might be bad in many ways after all.

Minase hugs me from the front, Noto hugs me from behind…Minase is not satisfied with just hugging me, as if she is faithful to her desire, and my body is rubbed smoothly, and Noto doesn’t do anything like that and just wraps herself around me.

“…..A room with only two girls and one boy, that’s not good.”

“Yes, Sukui But don’t worry, I’ll protect you from that vixen.”

“Eh? Vixen?”

“Maybe that’s not right?”

“How can you say that about someone else?”

“All I want to do is wrap you up in my arms and make you feel safe.”

“That means…you’re going to depend on me as much as you want, and you’re going to have me do whatever you want, and maybe even do something naughty with me, right?”

That’s what they’re saying while glaring at each other.

I’m sure it must be because Minase is looking at the back of my head, but the feeling of this body makes me so happy.

…Ah, if you think of it as a compensation that you can get from this side, or rather, a naughty reward given to you without permission…yeah ! If you decide to think that way, you will feel better.

“Hey, you two.”


“What’s wrong?”

How much do you remember?

I asked them, and they both tilted their heads as if they had no idea what I was talking about.

Although I wasn’t disappointed by that, the words I received back made me extremely happy.

“I don’t remember anything…..but I’m aware that something happened.”

“I don’t know why I really feel this way….it’s so weird. But don’t worry……I won’t say it didn’t happen.”

As expected, they don’t remember anything…but they do have a slight inkling of something, including what was said on the other side and what I called earlier.

…If that’s the case, I decided to talk to them, even though I’m in this state.

It’s complicated to put it into words, but what happened over there.

“…….So they’re making fun of us because we’re beautiful.”

“Heh…  there were some people who liked us.”

“No, no, no, I don’t mean that they like you, but you’re really popular.”

If only this world existed,…..normally this praise would be too ridiculous for them, and they would think I was making fun of them for being in a good mood.

But since it was me, of all people, they took me seriously.

“…Well, after hearing that story, I think it makes sense. But, you know? You’re the only one I can see anymore…Sukui kun.”

“So do I…all I can see is you now. I only want to think about you.”


The world over there, both Minase and Noto would have their treatment and reputation turned upside down.

I told them that there were many more people they could rely on than me, but in the end they never changed their minds and only looked at me.

(I don’t think it’s going to get any less complicated, if anything it’s going to get more and more complicated… the end they are completely unaware that the world is going to change between them and I’m the only one who knows how far this is going to go.)

I’ve always felt alienated from the world because of it.

I still feel the same way, but I’ve been able to alleviate some of that alienation by telling them, who I’ve become friends with by chance, and they’ve been understanding.

“… Thank you. Minase and Noto… I’m really glad I talked to you. Even though nothing was resolved, I was still really happy.”


“……I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m going to go get the mattress out.


Suddenly someone said a mattress, and a strange feeling appeared above my head.

Not only me but Minase looked at me wondering what she was saying, but Noto, who had spread out the mattress in the middle of the room, started saying something like this.

“Hey Sukui…..from what I’ve heard, that MInase and I over there are with you, aren’t they? If that’s the case,…..why don’t we do this over here to get to know each other better?”

“Oh my… that’s what you mean. I’m all for it, Sukui kun.”

“Erm….sorry, what are you saying?”

I wonder if she’ll do it…I can predict it, but that’s not possible.

“Let’s relax and talk while the three of us sleep together. Let’s relax…okay? Me and Minase will hug you as much as we can.”

…I immediately tried to apologize.

It’s vulgar, or rather, I suddenly had a strange imagination…but apparently Minase was like me.

“Hey, what are you talking about, cuddling or what? This is sex, right? Not only did he take the trouble to accept us, but it also meant we were able to relax with Sukui kun, who has become close enough to us to be able to talk.”

“I-I’m interested in that and I want to do it ! But you know, there’s an order to things after all, right?”

“There is no such thing. We’ll never be able to have loving sex… but with Sukui kun, we can do it. Fortunately, Sukui kun also seems to be interested in our bodies, so if we’re going to get to know each other, we’ll have to get naked.”

And so the two of them began to argue.

The content of the argument is a lot of words that make me want to leave right now, but the sight of Minase, whose brakes are completely broken, and Noto, who unexpectedly keeps her ego in was a little interesting because I would never see it over there.

(But I can’t imagine what will happen next. I wonder what will happen to us.)

Speaking of which, I tried to check social networking sites.

Satsuki san’s visit to the location was also on the record, but again, the positive comments were almost completely replaced by malicious ones.

Even the things recorded are changing as if by magic, but daily life is running without any glitch….the gears should definitely stop meshing at some point, but the fact that nothing really happened shows that this is abnormal, as if to say that it never happens.

“Hey, Sukui kun, let’s have sex.”


“Eh…is that okay? Then let’s do it.”

“Ah, me too !”

I was deep in thought so I answered randomly.

In front of me, the two of them take off their clothes all at once…they don’t even try to hide the bulges that show their excitement, and they stare at me with anticipation in their eyes.

“Hey, you two…stay ! Stop it, both of you !”

I have to clear up the misunderstanding !

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