“Ah, Pasha, you’ve done well. You are one of the top executives of the organization, one of the ‘Four Pillars of Hell.”

Rumpe smiles with the corners of his mouth lifted.

As previously mentioned, this old man’s true identity is the “One with a Thousand Bodies.

He was Mors, the boss of the assassination organization “Hades”.

Pasha let out a deep sigh.

The wound in her abdomen, which had been pierced by Alta, was closed and healed in an instant.

“…… 《Biological Function Amplification and Enhancement》, huh? Not as good as Seti’s, but still a great ability.”

“Your children all have this skill, don’t they? This is not unusual. …… It’s just that Seti is too crazy, too monstrous.”

“It’s my one and only masterpiece. Of course, the four of you are also exceptional. So you’re getting a lot of care and attention, right?”

“Well, …… back to you, were you happy with that monkey show?” 

“Yes, it’s good enough. Alta will be a good vessel …… for me to make Seti, the God of Death, mine.”

“You are a scoundrel, aren’t you? Was it always that way?”

“…I don’t deny it. But you guys, the Four Pillars of Hell, can’t be bothered. If we keep fighting each other forever, Alta might get the better of us. He’s full of negative thoughts and there’s something to see. ”

“We’ll have a meeting for that next time …… it’s been 20 years since the four of us got together at the same time? We’re going to kill each other the moment we see each other.”

“I don’t want to get involved in your business. But Alone can’t beat Seti. The four of you were originally one …… so don’t forget that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. …… I will. I’m going to ask you one more question, okay?”

“What’s that?”

“About Pomple. He’s a piece of work, but he’s my little brother. …… If anything happens to him, I’ll kill Alta in a heartbeat.”

Pasha’s tone is light, but her small body is filled to the brim with an overwhelming will to kill.

She definitely had the ability to do it.

The square was still littered with the bodies of other Hobbits that Alta had slaughtered.

Despite this, Pasha made no mention of it and seemed to be obsessed only with Pomple.

Mors, on the other hand, nodded unconcernedly at the transformation of such an executive.

“That ‘bad-luck’ dwarf should have no problem with that, right? He may have gone with Alta, but he didn’t betray the organization, so there’s no problem. It’s a direct order from me, and if you’re that worried, I’ll have a spy raven deployed until the next phase.”

“Then why do you need Pomple? Why didn’t you just let Alta go alone? ……”

“Pomple is supposed to be a course corrector. To keep Alta from going in the wrong direction.”

“Down the wrong road?”

“Conscience. When the avenger is a family member, there is a possibility that it will suddenly sprout. We need Alta to always have a ‘darkness’, a ‘vessel’ …… “

“Pomple is weak. Isn’t he still a lowly assassin?”

“It doesn’t matter if he’s a good fighter or not. But I hear he’s a good enough companion. In the unlikely event that he can charm Alta’s spirit with his “poetry magic,” …… I can give him instructions through the secret raven.”

“I’m starting to feel sorry for Alta, who’s being played so well by this elaborate scoundrel ……. He was the only one who put his trust in you. ……”

“Trust, …… is an unnecessary word. I want only two things: …… one, worldwide domination by the organization.”

“World domination. Do you know what that is? That’s what people call it, The demon King.”

“The Demon King. …… may be right. The other one is Seti, the God of Death, and I really want him.”

“You loves him huh”

“Yes, I love him. …… with all my heart.”

Pasha looks coldly at Mors, who speaks of his love as if deluded.

He looks like an old man, but his eyes are ecstatically pursuing and obsessing over “Seti, the God of Death.”

“I can’t keep up with you….. I’m leaving now, boss.”

Pasha’s figure suddenly disappears.

Like a dream, it was as if she had never been there in the first place.

Simultaneously, several black-robed figures arrive.

These men are the “cleaners” of the organization that collects the bodies scattered throughout the plaza and cleans them back to their original state.

The gruesome scene disappears with their deft work.

After the event is over, the “cleaners” leave.

Mors stood alone in the clean square.

“……Seti. You should always have insurance, fufufu.”

The “one with a thousand bodies” smiles wryly, and no one knows what’s in his heart.


“Welcome~! The lunch wagon is open~!”

After killing the Black Dragon, the boss of the assassination organization “Dark Nine Dragons” on the Eurus continent, we were doing business as usual in the next kingdom we headed to.

In effect, we had wiped them out from the Grand Line continent.

However, the “Dark Nine Dragons” themselves are still alive and well. We cannot let our guard down.

However, it was significant that we got rid of the Black Dragon, which had the “Transfer Skill”.

They would not bypass the Grand Line continent to sneak in and appear as if they were out of the shadows. And as long as the organization is in power, they will not be able to take bold actions on this continent as they have in the past.

Even if the organization were to infiltrate, the information would be passed down the tubes and I would be able to hear about it.

Through an assassin from an organization who is after me… 

It might have created a strange balance.

But I don’t care if it’s to protect Hina. I will fight with all my might, no matter who the opponent is.

I am also thinking of continuing Hina’s gun training.

It is because I know that she is an important and dangerous position for Japan, from what the black dragon told me.

In the worst case scenario, there may be a situation where Hina has to defend herself.

That is why this is a skill that she needs to learn.

“Seti onii chan! The customer at table 9 wants three plates of dumplings!”

“Okay, I’ll make them now.”

Hina’s smile, as bright and lovely as a sunflower, soothed me again today.

That night, at the inn.

I was asked for advice by Karina and others

“Eh? You want to go back to the Holy Land of Grateka?”

“Yes. I would like to introduce Seti san to my mother ……is it not good?”

Fiala told me shyly with a tinge of embarrassment in her cheeks.

Her mother is in Grateka and is the Pope of the “Great Temple of the Virgin Mersana.”

I had heard that she had been raised by a woman without a father.

“There’s nothing wrong with that…even if she meet someone like me.”

I am a former assassin, and I am aware that I am a man who has no connection to …… a clean place.

“I’m thinking about returning to my homeland too. If I do, …… I would like to introduce my parents to Seti dono.”

“Eh? Karina’s parents are …… the kings of the Woana Kingdom, aren’t they? I am very much afraid of them. ……”

That’s why their status is so different. If I’m not good at it, I’m afraid I’ll get my head cut off for taking her daughter.

Well, I ran away quickly, though…

“I also want my mom and dad to meet you in the Elven Kingdom of the Sacred Deep Woods. We don’t have to worry about prestige or anything, as long as they are ‘strong children’~ Seti will definitely have no problem with that!”

Miriel is apparently the fifth princess of the Elven Kingdom. I heard that she became a political fiancee with Alta, a hero, for the sake of a “strong seed”.

I get nervous when I hear the word ‘child-bearing’ from her mouth.

“My father and I are both common people living in Grateka, so it’s no problem for us. I’m sure they’ll think you’re a rarity and like you as a research subject.”

Manisa says flatly. That’s a laboratory animal thing, isn’t it?

Her father used to be a sorcerer in a heroic party, a great man known as “the legendary Great Sage Magus.

Although she says he is a commoner, he is actually the president of the Mage Academy in Gráteca, so apparently he has a higher status than a lowly nobleman and has as much say as a court magician.

Apparently, they want me to meet their parents.

I have some idea why.

But I’m not sure if they are that serious about me …….

I guess it’s up to me after all. ……

If so, then,

“I understand. The day after tomorrow, we’ll head for the Holy Land of Grateka.”


The four of them nodded with kind smiles in response to my reply.

Yeah, this is good

I want to spend time with …… everyone.

I’ll always …… be here.

The next day, while opening the lunch wagon, I ran into someone I didn’t expect.

“Karina, Fiala, Míriel, Manisa! Why are you all in this country! What are you dressed like maids! And who is that man, ah!!!?”

Yes, it’s Alta the hero.

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5 months ago

Wao, I didn’t expected her to be such a big shot. The story is truly interesting, the mystery regarding Mors and the future fight with Alta. I wonder how badly will he be defeated.