“Kingo, kiss me.”

The tranquil early morning air gradually becomes hectic at the tide of the day.

Ari san’s thin breath mingles with the high-pitched laughter of schoolchildren coming from outside the room.

After shyly letting her gaze wander, she scooped up her hair from the side and hooked it behind her ears, and looked at me with eyes filled with a strong will.


I question my own ears, and unconsciously ask back.

Just because you’re my fan, or because I’m your idol, would you give me such an order?

“Yeah, Kingo’s challenge is to kiss me.”

She sniffed provocatively.

I was not mistaken.

Ari san ordered me to kiss her……on the mouth.

Kissing, on mouth, sucking. It is an expression of affection between people who like each other.

Is it because she likes me……?

“Come on, come on ! Kiss me !”

Eyes full of energy, like a dog wanting to go for a walk.

Yeah, probably not. She is totally flippant about it, this feeling.

Or, she’s just excited, just like a fan who wants to shake hands and hug the celebrity she’s rooting for. I just said she was like a passionate fan who was excited at the handshake event.

Well, it’s a party game, so it’s kind of a given that these kinds of orders will come up.

Well, if you only observe the top side of the game, you might guess so. But I can read it.

It’s a scheme to get the “truth” out of me in exchange for my sloppy refusal and concession, isn’t it, Ari san?

I won’t play into your hands.

“Okay. Shall I kiss you?”


I lean forward and reach out to touch her chin with my finger. The skin on her small chin was smooth and a little cool.

I lifted her chin, and she did as she was told, looking up at me. Her eyes widened in amazement as she stared intently into my twin eyes.

“Y-you’re going to kiss me…!?”

Ari san’s voice was scratchy.

I can understand that she is confused because her expectations have been betrayed.

“Yes. You’re not supposed to refuse the challenge, right?”


“Then you can’t refuse, can you? Just in case you’re wondering, Ari san, what was your first kiss?”

“I-I’ve never done it. I’ve never been with a boy…….”

I’m going to be your first partner, then.

Ari san was trembling slightly. Both her voice and her body move slowly.

She is a pure and innocent girl who has not yet been dyed by anything. I was touching her body, which had never known a man.

I guess that Ari san ordered me to kiss her with such a careless feeling. She probably thought I would be flustered and refuse, and even if she was wrong, she was probably naive enough to think that she could do it with me.

But when it came time to take her lips, she became afraid and could not suppress her trembling, and her moist eyes were shimmering like the surface of a lake.

“Close your eyes.”


I whispered in a low, growling voice, and Ari san’s eyes were tightly closed. She looks desperate, like a child preparing to endure the pain of an injection.

It’s a little funny and cute.

But I also feel a little sorry for her.

I pressed my lips towards Ari san. ………………..On her forehead.


Ari san’s goofy voice.

She slowly touched her forehead, as if she didn’t know what happened.

After a while, when she realized what had happened to her, she relaxed her cheeks, feeling a little relieved.

“Okay, this completes the mission, doesn’t it?”

“Y-yeah. Complete…….”

Ari san was rubbing her forehead with her finger while murmuring gingerly.

I guess she thought I was going to kiss her on the lips. But I feel guilty about stealing the lips of such a frightened face. What makes it scary is that it might get Ari san entangled in a rockstar’s scandal.

“Please give your first kiss to your lover.”

It’s more memorable that way. Whether it comes to fruition or not, it’s better to have the first kiss of your own volition.

Ari san turned red and looked down.

“Ugh…Kingo, you’re so sneaky. I’m just so embarrassed.”

She thought she was giving me an impossible task, but instead she was taken advantage of and she was overwhelmed with shame. Rather, it was Ari san who was forced to take on an embarrassing challenge.

“Kingo, I thought you’d be a little more upset……”

“Unfortunately, I’m not that much of a child.”

“Is that because you’ve kissed your girlfriend before……?”

“No comment.”

I sip my tea and fool her. It’s still too early to talk about my memories with Yua. It would be more interesting to have something like that as an accompaniment to alcohol.

However, Ari san is not convinced. She stared at me in disapproval, grabbed the coin on the table, and flicked it again with her finger.

“I’ll take head.”


I don’t intend to tell her, but apparently Ari san is determined to get it out of me. It seemed that he wanted to make me tell the truth in a game.

The coin came out on…..head.

“Did I lose again?

“Fufu, I guess I won ! Then, I have a question for Kingo ! Frankly, where was your first kiss and with whom?”

“I haven’t decided to choose [Truth] yet, have I?”

She’s so impatient.

“Then, shall we go with [Dare]?”

“I’ll take dare.”

Maybe a song this time?

“Now for Kingo. [Tell me about your first kiss.] Go ahead.”

“What !?”

Such a surprise strategy !?

But it’s against the rules to refuse a challenge once you’ve chosen it. And unlike choosing the [truth] blurring and embellishment should be allowed. And there’s no “no-holds-barred” requirement.

It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ll take it as a good opportunity to show my maturity and talk about it.

I was enjoying myself in any case.

“It was a morning in the fall of my second year of high school, when it was a little warmer than it is now. I happened to be on the same bus as a girl I was dating at the time, and we were sitting side by side.”

“Yeah, yeah, and then what?”

Ari san’s eyes lit up and she begged me to continue. Girls really like love stories.

“Then she suddenly said, [Would you like to skip school today?]”

Yua whispered mischievously as the students were getting off at the bus stop nearest the school.

I felt guilty about skipping school, but I kept riding the bus, my heart racing for the avant-garde with Yua.

“The last stop, which I had never been to before, was by the beach, and we took a leisurely stroll along the beach, barefoot, dipping our feet in the cold water and playing….”


The scene of that morning when the two of us skipped school comes back to me vividly.

The two of us strolled hand in hand on the empty beach on a crisp, clear autumn morning, bathed in the sea breeze.

It was a lonely scene, as if we were left behind in a post-apocalyptic world, but I did not feel lonely at all.

It was the moment when I really felt that love is wonderful.

My ears were itching. My mouth wriggled on its own, and I couldn’t help but grin.

I couldn’t stay silent forever, so I decided to tell the climax of my story.

“I was taking a break while gazing blankly at the horizon, when my eyes happened to meet Yua’s, and we kissed……”

Whoa, I said it !

I’m so embarrassed !

I’ve never even talked about this with Ryoko !

I didn’t know it was so embarrassing because I never usually talk about my love life.

But talking about it, it’s not as bad as you might think.

Yua and I broke up like that, but apparently I don’t hate her at all.

Of course, I have no desire to start over with Yua. But even if it is a painful breakup, the purity and sweet-sourness of first love is not a lie.

Said sentimental Kingo.

“These are my sweet and sour memories. Thank you for listening.”

Now, what kind of face does Ari san make?

Is she smiling in sympathy with the sweet memories, or is he embarrassed to hear them?

But neither of these predictions came true.

Ari san was stunned, her mouth open, her eyes wide and round, staring at me with a hole in them.

“Kingo’s girlfriend was Yua……?”

Ari san’s lips trembled.

I was unaware that I had slipped up.

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