“Are you the one who sent me this letter of misfortune?”

I show the cursed letter to Yukina, who is reading at her leisure.

She closes the book, takes a breath, and speaks out with an air of being disappointed.

“Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d mock a maiden’s love letter. ……. I am heartbroken ……”

“Where is the romance in that sentence? It’s just a threatening letter.”

“Ara, it was clearly spelt ‘I adore you’.”

If it’s just a love letter, I don’t think it needs to be a statement of unhappiness.

As for Yukina, who is crying a false cry, I move on to the main topic.

“So, what in the world were you calling me for?”

“You’ve changed your tone and atmosphere a lot, haven’t you? I prefer it that way.”

“What did you call me in for?”

“……, you seem to have been put on your guard. I don’t mind if you treat me in a natural way without being so constrained.”

It would be foolish to believe all the young lady’s testimony, but I hear that Yukina is a cunning person. It’s a lie, but Yuzuriha-san is being insulted by the young lady for being cunning, and other than Yuzuriha-san, there are only black hearted people around me.

Now that Yukina has turned out to be a person with a peculiar character, I have to find a way to deal with her.

“I am a frail, fragile, sickly, beautiful girl in a wheelchair. Do you think I can make you surrender to me like an opponent? Unlike Izumi san, I am not in a position to use violence against you. …., so please don’t be so guarded and be natural.”

“I understand. Then, excuse me.”

Yukina says, ‘Standing up must be tiring,’ and urges me to take a seat.

She served hot tea to me as I sat down. I Take a sip and let the bitter taste spread in my mouth.

“You don’t need honorifics. But… you’re also wearing a cat mask.”

“I don’t mean to be a cat, it’s just easier. On the contrary, I’m more careful with my tone.”

In hierarchical relationships and social relationships, honorific tone is the norm, so perhaps it’s because I’m dealing with people who are in a higher position than me, including the young lady, that it’s ingrained in me to use honorific tone.

If you have a trusting …… relationship with someone you are close to, it would be fine to use a casual tone, but unfortunately I don’t have anyone close to me.

“You must be very tired. Nobody will call you rude. You don’t need to use honorifics in front of me, do you? Aren’t we friends?”

“Yukina is an insider. As an outsider myself, I think this kind of approach would be against the grain. Besides, I don’t know the definition of a friend.”

“I agreed that the fence between insiders and outsiders is good, so don’t hesitate. Besides, we are both people who call each other by name. Isn’t this more than just being friends?”

Considered, I decide to stick to this tone.

Then I cut to the chase again.

“What is the intention of this letter? You and I don’t know each other well enough to be intimate. It’s too much trouble, so expose your true feelings.”

“Isn’t there a line of thinking that it’s love at first sight?”

“I’m a fool, I’m not good at psychological warfare, reading the depths of other people’s feelings. That’s enough, I’m going home.”

When I tried to get up, Yukina stopped me.

I was told, “Are you sure?” I had no choice but to follow her words.

I thought that she would probably let it slip while she was talking, so I started to talk about something else.

“You’ve been wearing a catsuit too right. But I don’t think it makes much difference to me.”

“Akane-san, do you know what I’m called here?”

No, unfortunately not at all. I was not told.

I can only say that she is a competent person who puts an end to the struggle between the young lady and Okashira. She is one of the most popular people on campus, as she is constantly spoken to by other students on the road.

“They call me Snow White, ……. Isn’t that just like me?”


“Yes, I am an extremely beautiful girl who has been compared to a princess, the embodiment of Snow White, and the embodiment of the word beautiful girl! Who is the beautiful girl? The answer is Tsukishiro Yukina”

Yukihina begins to speak passionately and passionately. I decided that there was no room for me to interrupt her narrative, and decided to listen in meekly.

“A manifestation of the Virgin who redeems others and listens to people! The only one on campus who is overwhelmingly attractive and one of the most popular! If you conduct a survey asking who the beautiful girl is, the answer of 100 million out of 100 million people is ‘Tsukishiro Yukina’! Isn’t that right?”

There was an atmosphere of nodding in wonder at Yukina’s passionate argument.

Indeed, what is a beautiful girl? If asked what a beautiful girl is, I would certainly reply ‘Yukina’. That’s how dignified she was.

“Even such a super genius beautiful girl Yukina has her shortcomings. As you can see, she is physically weak.”

Certainly, Yukina is in a wheelchair, which shows that she is suffering from some kind of illness.

“On top of that, she doesn’t have much physical strength, so when she talks for a long time like this, she quickly runs out of breath. Take a break.”

Yukina pours her own teacup into her mouth. She continues to speak, not showing any sign of fatigue.

“I am disabled, but I did not fail, I worked hard at self-improvement and obtained a fitness level below that of an average person. I am an untiring hardworking person, that’s who I am. So…”

As she continued, Yukina left her wheelchair and stood up, resting her weight on the top of the desk.

I don’t know the condition of Yukina’s condition, but her sudden movement made me involuntarily move my body to support her.

“─ ─ Assistance is unnecessary. You, please wait ……!”

No need to support me, she said. I stop moving at the tone of Yukina’s controlling voice.

The movement was more like walking, lifting the whole body with arm strength only and dragging the lower limbs.

Throwing herself against the top of the desk and reclining, she closes the distance between us.

Perhaps because her arms had become numb and unable to support the weight, Yukina kneels on the floor.

…., haa,…… haa, I wondered if I could stand up today,……. “

The woman who is out of breath and slumped down, Yukina clutches her skirt tightly, perhaps out of frustration that her legs do not work as well as she would like them to.

However, the color in her eyes had not faded, and her determination was evident.

“……… If I were a normal person, I would suppress the act… …… But I… ……, Tsukishiro Yukina…! …! This much, easy ……!”

I felt again that it was beautiful-
The melancholy that had made me hesitate disappeared, and I got down on one knee on the floor and reached out my hand.

“I’m here.”

Crawling and using only the strength of her arms, Yukina approaches me.

Eventually, my hand reaches and clenches tightly.

As soon as I feel the touch of her hand, I pull Yukina closer. Her whole body relaxes and she surrenders herself to my body.

Her body was not able to keep up with her own unexpected behaviour, so she slipped and fell down together.

“Are you safe, are you hurt?”

“…. don’t worry about me. …… Uh, yeah. It seems like the hard cushioning material has become a substitute for me…”

If word got out that I’d hurt the princess, I could be erased from existence.

Yukina, regulating her breathing, slammed her fist into my chest.

“Don’t you think of comforting a sickly, beautiful girl in the middle of a heartbreak with a few words?”

“I don’t think so. It’s too heavy. Now get out of the way.”

“Well, …… what a terrible man! How could you so coldly tell a maiden to move …… out of the way of me with this disability? So little consideration……!”

“I’ve decided you don’t want to be treated that way.”

I, numbly, pick up Yukina and try to sit her down in her wheelchair. Just before I do so, she makes a selfish offer.

“Can I stay like this? princess holding is a maiden’s dream. It’s one of my dreams.”

I reluctantly obeyed, thinking it was as easy as that, and decided to continue for a while until she was satisfied.

“I get to enjoy the princess hold and you get to feel the maiden’s soft skin. Both sides have their advantages, don’t they?”

“Not fleshy enough to be attractive, though…”

“Again! Next, a physical sexual insult! I’m going to report you to a human rights organisation for human rights violations, okay?”

“Please stop the nonsense.”

It may have been an exaggeration to say that the well-face Yukinais unattractive.

It would be a disaster if she used her power to eliminate me, so I sincerely apologize.

As I agitate Yukina, who is in a bad mood, she eventually improves her mood with words of praise and whispers in a thin voice

“Have you in love with me?”

“No, nothing.”

“Did you fall in love with me?”


Yukina seemed unconvinced and started pinching my cheek. It’s not a very painful attack, but it causes swelling, so I blame it.

What kind of words does this lazy and troublesome princess want?

“Well okay, I’ll rate it favorably.”

“That’s a red mark for the answer to the maiden. I’m sure you’ll study this, right?”

I ask permission to drop off Yukina, who is convinced, and sit her in her wheelchair.

The time is dusk. The students have all gone home, and the area outside the clubroom remains quiet. The light coming from the dim sky lights up the room. She soaks up the somewhat lonely scenery and tells them.

“I want to fall in love.”

“You should.”

“Don’t talk about it as if it’s someone else’s problem. You are a party to this”

The question that comes to mind is why me?

“I’m the one who wrote the love letter.”

“It’s probably a joke.”

“Maybe it’s not?”

Yukina put her finger to her lips, overflowing with mischief.

This provocative gesture makes me have mixed feelings.

At this school, there are many people more attractive than me, an outlaw outsider.

I don’t understand why Yukina, who has received so many confessions from them, would choose me over them.

“To be able to love someone so much – to be told words of love, to have the colour of their eyes shine …… love changes people. I …… saw it, heard it, envied it, wanted to take it away, wanted to fall in love.”

“I see.”

“Would you like to fall in love with me How does it look where we’re going? ……Would you like to paint a view of the two of us? Till death do us part.”

Yukina, with a serious expression on her face, held out her hand to me.

The somewhat mischievous tone of her voice is distinctly different from the falsehood of her voice.

I want to fall in love—my reply to such a dream of hers is,

“No, as expected–“

“Ha…? Wasn’t that just a sign of acceptance? My once-in-a-lifetime confession was kicked out as impossible! You shake me, a super genius and beautiful girl, ……! It shouldn’t be, this shouldn’t happen ……! Answer me, what is your complaint ……!”

I find myself remembering some similar scenes.

Yukina can certainly be described as an attractive person. Any man in the world would surely agree to her reply.

But to go out with someone..,

“I think that dating someone means loving her for life, in other words, marriage. That’s why I don’t want to go out with someone with such a wild feeling.”

My resolve has not caught up with Yukina’s resolve.

I don’t love her, even though I have a favourable opinion of her, as if we were meeting for the first time, and I don’t know her inside out.

“Haa? Are you an idiot? Love in middle and high school is a part of play…! What are you going to do if you get so serious at this point? ? ”

“I don’t know. I don’t care if people say I’m heavy or make fun of me, this is my belief. I’m not going to let anyone sway me.”

“You …… have reopened……!?”

You can go ahead and stir me up to your heart’s content. My firm conviction will not change.

And you can give up. My spirit, trained by the young lady, will not be intimidated.

“I have no choice. I didn’t expect you to take such measures…”

Yukina fishes around in her bag as she mutters. Eventually, she picked up something.

“I have 100,000 yen on hand right now. If you go out with me, I will pay you this amount every day.”

If I go out with Yukina, I will be paid 100,000 yen every day. ……! In a month, that’s roughly 3 million yen……! 36 million a year……!

It is an attractive proposition. I should become her lapdog even if I have to throw away I own pride – no, there can be no such sweet talk.

I was almost brainwashed, but I kept my ego on paper and shook my head.

“No? There’s nothing I can do…is that okay? If your choice was wrong, you’ll end up regretting it later, right?”

“Do you think you can threaten me?”

“Regret that your barbarity will come back to haunt you in the worst possible way. I personally don’t like the idea of taking such a hard line…”

Yukina played with her mobile phone and showed me something.

“You idiot, I don’t know what you’re going to do, but you’ll never be able to shake my head for ever…!”

There was a photo of me lying on the floor with Yukina, and a photo of me holding her in my arms.

Taking this photo as a hostage…….it will bring out the biggest chill in me.

“I’ll show it… to Izumi-san.”

This is a bad, very bad situation.

This is a very bad situation… If this photo gets into the young lady’s hands..,

I will be killed by the young lady. ……!

No, before that, when did you get this spy photo from ……? As if to settle such questions, she revealed the truth.

“There is a hidden camera in this room. The photos taken are stored on my mobile phone at all times. Ah, you can’t delete the photos on my phone, okay? Because… they are also stored on my computer.”

If the young lady discovers these illicit photos, she will be so angry that I and Yukina will both be killed…

A tragic death for both parties… No, if the young lady now, she should be able to clear up the misunderstanding if I try hard enough to persuade her. She’s come to accept it if I talk to her. Haste makes waste.


Yukina, who was playing with her mobile phone, shows the photo again. It was no ordinary, unremarkable photograph – it wasn’t.

For some reason, the photo is composed as if I am pushing Yukina down on the floor. A view of an assailant attacking a girl in a wheelchair, trying to rough her up.

Editing in such a short amount of time — How could such a question arise, but for a moment, she gave off a nice smile.

“What will happen to you if these photos become public on campus? Wouldn’t you risk not being able to stay at school and becoming a national embarrassment?”

“That’s not…”

“Who would they believe, me, one of the most popular students on campus, or you, an outsider?”

There is certainly a difference between Yukina and me. ……

If I were to use an analogy, the relationship between us is like that between an ant and a statue ……! If Yukimina’s combat power is 530,000, my combat power is 5……! There is no way I can compete with her. ……

The victory was already decided from the beginning. From the time I was lured out,……! I had no choice but to follow Yukina. ……

What makes you think you can make me give in?…!! You are a witch woman who marinates in people’s weakness. ……

“My dream is over, boil me, bake me, do what you want.”

“Tsukishiro Yukina chan’s great victory. You have earned the title of Tsukishiro Yukina’s boyfriend. This is a great honour.”

“I’m not happy about such a temporary title.”

I was completely humiliated, and from today onwards I’m Tsukishiro Yukina’s boyfriend.

If this matter gets to the young lady, it will be a very grave situation. Now that both Yukina and I were holding a self-destructing bomb, I was worried about my own safety

Then, a quote from the young lady passed through my mind.

─ ─ There was no need to face the worst possible outcome head-on.

So that’s what it was all about.

This was the best option for me to avoid.

Disappear and hide out in the north-east. It would be a long journey, pursued by the lady’s assassins, but, well, I could manage.

“…… But if the relationship becomes public, I could be stabbed to death by a jealous Izumi san. It can’t be helped, let’s say that our relationship is a secret between us.”

“Our secret?”

“When I think about the fact that Izumi-san is forcing unnecessary expressions of affection on you, and the fact that you and I are actually in love…it’s pathetic and pitiful, and it makes me very excited…”

Have you no human heart?

“However, that heavy woman is not good at love. She’s an excellent girl, but maybe she wasn’t good enough in that area? Is there a possibility that actually behind the scenes…? Could I hear the opinions of the parties involved?”

“I don’t know.”

Yukina continues to ask me, ‘I see’

“Why didn’t you go out with Izumi-san?”

The reason for not accepting the young lady is not only that her love is heavy.

The young lady has become a disappointment. It is true that she now has a charming side, albeit a small one. The fact that I adored her before her transition makes it impossible for me to say that there was no possibility for me to expose my true nature to the young lady as she was.

A fact that I will never divulge to the young lady or to anyone else.

A dreamlike tale of a forgotten past.

Wouldn’t it be nice to dwell on such a faint dream?

“There’s someone I want to meet. That’s why I don’t want to date. That’s why I refuse to have a relationship.”

“That’s a very beautiful dream.”

“A beautiful dream?”

“Yes, you like her, don’t you?”

Do I like her?

Do I want to be in a relationship with someone whose face and name I can’t remember as far as I’m concerned and whose events I have only recorded?

“I see. I hope so.”

“Well, from today? Putting that other person aside, this is me! Is Tsukishiro Yukina your girlfriend? It’s like she was dumped even before she confessed her feelings… Ah, I feel sorry”

Does this woman once again have no human heart?

“From today onwards, I’m counting on you, okay, Akane-san?”

I shook back the hand she held out to me.

I had one foot in the hell that would lead me to a miserable end.

My eyes suddenly shifted to the cover of the book that Yukina was reading.

The title of the book was [The Divine Comedy Hell Edition].

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