Jingle bells echo through the city.

The eaves and signs of department store tenants are full of Santa Clauses and Christmas trees. The town is in a Christmas mood, and the stores are all in the Christmas shopping frenzy.

I was shopping at the department store on the day when the children began counting down the days until Christmas Eve.

I had finished my university lectures and had no part-time job scheduled, so of course I wanted to buy that item.

After purchasing the item I was looking for at the boutique on the women’s clothing floor, I was about to leave before it got too cold.

“Is that……Misumi senpai?”

Just as I was about to get on the escalator, I saw a familiar figure on the floor and stopped.

The woman’s shiny black hair, porcelain-white skin, and gentle face.

It was not a remarkable face, but it was a face that had become so familiar to me recently that I recognized it immediately.

I turned on my toes and started walking toward her.

“Hello, Misumi senpai.


She looked back at me with a surprised voice. At the same time, her eyelids widened and she stared at me with her beautiful obsidian eyes.

But I paid no attention to that. That’s because I noticed the paper bag that Senpai was holding in her hand.

“Are you shopping, too, Senpai? A present for your family perhaps?”

The bag in her hand was a shopper of a mid-priced brand. The store offers items that are a bit pricey for the younger generation, so I guessed it was a gift for her parents. I should learn from her.



“Who are you? Have we met before?


She looked at me with her eyebrows in the shape of a c and asked me who I was.

I was caught by surprise by a face I thought I was completely familiar with, and I froze, my eyes darting to the point where I couldn’t believe it.

Senpai, have you forgotten my face?

No, no, no, that’s absurd. I had seen her many times during tutoring sessions, and yesterday she had approached me at the library.

Could it be that she had amnesia last night !?

“Erm….you are Misumi senpai, right?”

“Yes, indeed I am Misumi. But I don’t remember a young male junior like you.”

Hm !? What do you mean?

How is it possible that you are Misumi senpai and you don’t know me?

And she says I’m young, but there must be only a one year age difference between us.

I don’t know how we can be on the same page.

When I began to think that way, I finally began to feel uncomfortable with her atmosphere.

Senpai, who is now in front of me, has a somewhat solid atmosphere.

She is usually free of makeup, but today she is properly using makeup, and her clothes are formal. In addition, her voice is louder than usual, and her tone of voice is taut and easy to understand. She is Misumi senpai in appearance, but she looks like a solid adult without the laid-back atmosphere.

I finally understood after acknowledging that much.

This person is not Misumi Senpai. But she is Misumi sensei.

So this person is……

“Nee san, sorry to keep you waiting. Hm, that person over there is…..”

A familiar voice echoing gently from right beside me. As if my chin had been pulled, I turned around to find Misumi senpai standing there.

“Kobayakawa kun !? Why are you here with Nee san?”

I gasped when I saw her face. I was like a kid who saw a ghost…or, at the right time of the year, a child who’s surprised by Santa Claus coming to their house.

“Oh my, you were Shino’s friend.”

The other Misumi san realized.

“Let me introduce you, Nee san. This is Kobayakawa kun, a freshman at the same university. And this is my sister.”

This was her sister after all.

And this is Ari san’s homeroom teacher.

“Nice to meet you, I am Kobayakawa from the Faculty of Literature at Hokusei University. I’m sorry to have startled you earlier.”

“No problem at all. Thank you for befriending my sister.”

The older sister smiled cheerfully and bowed.

“My name is Fumino, her older sister. I am a Japanese teacher at Atago Girl’s Academy. I hope you will continue to take good care of my sister.”

“No, it’s my pleasure to be of help to you, Fumino san……”

As expected, she is a school teacher and is very strict. However, within her disciplined nature, there was a softness that made her approachable, and it was easy to understand why Ari san admired her.

“Senpai, are you two going shopping today?”

“Yes, we’re shopping for Christmas presents for our parents.”

“That’s very filial.”

Of course, it was not only Senpai, but also her sister.

“By the way, what kind of relationship do you two have?”

“I met Kobayakawa kun at the October pre-seminar. We’ve had a relationship since then.”

“Hmmm, fate, huh…….”

The older sister smiled slightly and gave Misumi senpai a somewhat mischievous look. Then, Senpai braced herself with a slightly frightened face, like a small animal whose natural enemy had appeared.

“I wonder if he really is just a junior?”

Oh, dear sister, what’s going on?

You seemed like an intelligent, mature woman just a moment ago, but now you’ve suddenly turned childish, haven’t you?

“W-what are you talking about, Nee san? I told you earlier, Kobayakawa kun is a junior in the pre-seminar class.”

“Oh, that’s right. But you seem to be very close for a one-month-only pre-seminar relationship.”


When my relationship with her was mentioned, Senpai’s gaze wandered. She glanced at my face and moved her lips as if to convey something, but no words came out.

“Fufu, there’s no need to be shy.. You’ve come all the way to a co-ed school. It’s not all reading and studying, it’s fun to interact with boys, isn’t it?”

“Hey, Nee san ! Kobayakawa kun is not like that !”

Misumi senpai desperately denies it. It’s unusual for Senpai to show her emotions with her ears completely red. It’s funny and a little cute to see the normally ladylike Senpai being taken advantage of by her older sister.

Anyway, what have Senpai been talking about since a while ago?

Her older sister seems childishly preoccupied with a certain thing. Senpai hurriedly denied it.

The keywords are [boy] and [interacting]…….

Haha, I see, I get it now !

Her older sister is under the mistaken impression that her little sister has romantic feelings for a junior boy.

It is natural for a man and a woman who know each other in a small seminar group to develop romantic feelings if they are close to each other. I heard from Ryoko that there are many seniors who started dating because of the seminar.

However, I can assure you that this is not the case. Misumi senpai and I are just seniors and juniors at the university, and we don’t get involved beyond that on campus. Of course, we have a relationship outside of the university, but that’s about it. There is no element of developing a romantic relationship.

I have heard that Senpai students don’t like men. I’m able to communicate with her without any problems, but that is because I’m always conscious not to see her as a member of the opposite sex.

I’m a very perceptive person when it comes to love affairs like this, so I understand the reason for her older sister’s guess. However, she is way off when it comes to me and Misumi senpai.

“Just like Senpai said. We are just friends in the seminar. I’m sure we will be in the same seminar next year, and I’m sure we will be of great help to each other.”

“Oh, really? I thought you two would make a good match.”

“Oh my God, Nee san !”

Senpai is quick to bite back at her sister’s flattery. Maybe it’s because she hates men and has no experience in love that she reacts too sensitive to jokes like this.

But that kind of joke bothers me, too. I want to be in the same seminar, so I don’t want things to get awkward.

I would like you to pay more attention to my sister’s personality because you are sisters. Or is it because you are relatives that you don’t hesitate?

“I’m thankful for your flattery. But a woman as intelligent as Senpai is too good for me.”

“I don’t think so. I want Shino to be with a kind boy like Kobayakawa kun.”


You’re quite enthusiastic when it comes to jokes and flattery. Or maybe she’s seriously worried about her sister’s love life, who hasn’t introduced to a boyfriend even after she turned 20?

“I’m sure she’ll find someone more wonderful than me. She’s such a kind person that she even agreed to tutor Ari san together with me.”

“Ari san?”

The older sister’s expression, which had been smiling until just now, turned suspicious.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t offered to be Ari san’s tutor yet. Since she was her student to begin with, I guess it makes sense to properly report that as well.

“I’m sorry it’s late, but I’m working as a tutor for Azekura Ari san School with senpai. But it’s not a part-time job as a tutor, it’s just that I watch her study on weekends……”

I’m sure that to a teacher in his/her own right, what I’m doing is just a lark. 

But that wasn’t what the older sister was paying attention to.

“What do you mean you’re tutoring Azekura san, Shino?”

She wrinkled her brow, her eyes flashing, and her gaze shot sharply at her sister. They are similar sisters and have soft features, but she still has the dignity and power of a teacher.


Senpai who was stared at with such a face let out a faint scream and shrunk her shoulders.

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