“Please get back in a good mood.”

“Kill me …… I want to die ……”

She is depressed like a wounded cat, and is currently sipping tea at the Hozuki family’s house.

While it would have been fine to send her back to the Izumi family, I invited her to the Hozuki family because I hadn’t yet sorted out the situation. Rather, it was true that I was forced to go home to the Izumi family by a frustrated young lady.

“Akane, I’ve been robbed, I can’t take it any more.”

It seems that the young lady in the world line was plotting to create friction between me and the witch.

However, despite this, the relationship between the two only deepened.

And eventually, they became lovers and eventually got married. ……

When the young lady realised that her own actions had self-destructed their love, she had become a soulless, speechless ornament.

I call out to the dried, starving, dying young lady.


“Un ……”

The dying young lady came up to me with unsteady steps, and at once she weakens and jumps into my lap.

The girl who is normally a young lady would be in a good mood, but in her exhaustion she has no such energy and plunges silently on her face.

I think about how much easier it would be for her to be in this state, and how much better it would be for my stomach to be in this state all the time.

As I ponder how to fix the young lady’s mood, I realise an astonishing fact after all this time.

I’m married?

I, who, like the young lady, have never been involved in marriage, have found a …… companion and got married?

And with a witch. No, …… witch-san is a temporary name, so her real name is something else entirely.

The witch-san is said to be the person who ranked first in the written examination. In this case, Yuzuriha san-san……. Am I married to Yuzuriha san?

However, there is also the enigmatic statement by her that in the world line, the first place was Witch-san, and the first place is not Yuzuriha Arisu.

“I don’t understand.”

Due to excessive stress, Young lady was on the verge of breaking down.

If the young lady’s self-control collapses, there is a possibility of another sad tragedy.

I have been given the unenviable role of having to moderate the young lady’s lust in order to prevent her from becoming violent.

I thought that a pillow lap would put her in a good mood for the time being. As usual, she has become a machine, muttering nonchalantly “Hisako, Akane, marriage”.

As I struggled to deal with the young lady, she eventually began to mutter about what had happened.

“Who is Yuzuriha Arisu in the first place ……. I don’t know that brainy flower garden whore woman …….”

According to the young lady, Yuzuriha-san was not No. 1 in her world line. Or rather, she was not in Shugetsu even if she went back in her memory.

Leaving aside the question of Yuzuriha san being a mysterious person, it is even more mysterious.

She is an outsider as well as a witch, so why didn’t the witch hunt happen?

“That may be due to my dignity. ……”


The young lady was said to have stood taciturnly in front of the notice board to avoid a repeat witch hunt.

The surrounding students were both admiring and horrified by the graceful, picturesque young lady, and were unable to approach the notice board.

Although some students expressed a sense of discomfort about who was in first place, they were forced to walk away because of the power of the young lady’s eyes.

The students who stopped by soon became fewer and fewer, and when she herself began to withdraw, she felt my presence and followed it, and as a result, she encountered me, as she had not expected.

“There are a lot of things to get into, but you were able to prevent it from happening, weren’t you?”

“That’s right. It’s just that everything in …… attractor field alpha and attractor field beta is different. ……”

“Attractor ……? What is it ……?”

The young lady tells me. She says that the events, humanity and many things are different between the world line α, which the young lady went through, and the world line β, which is now the present world line.

In world line α, the Witch was in first place, and I, the Witch and the Young Lady met our doom.

However, in the current world line β, everything is different.

Firstly, the first place is not Witch-san.

Secondly, there is an interloper called Yuzuriha Arisu.

Thirdly, Tsukishiro Yukihina’s character is cheerful.

Fourth, the witch hunt did not happen and was prevented.

Fifth, Hozuki Akane and I have different personalities.

Based on the above points, I concluded that the young lady had moved from world line α to world line β with a different history, although I had predicted that she had moved back to world line α.

It is surprising that Yukina character was cheerful and not in that annoying mood, but what kind…… is it that my character is different?

“If it’s been altered like this, I suspect someone’s intervention. …… No way, no, that can’t be…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Are there other beings like me?”

I couldn’t say that this was a ridiculous story.

In fact, there is a young lady who has come from the future, so it is impossible to say that there is no such possibility.

However, it would be premature to make such a judgement. It could just be that one of the many world lines was like this, and that’s all.

My head is hot thanks to the epic build-up of the conversation, and I push away the young lady on my lap and take a cup of tea into my mouth.

Then, invited by the young lady who beckoned me to her, I returned to the lap-pillow position and resumed the conversation.

“If that were the case, who do you think ……?”

“A natural and a black-hearted one.”

If the black-hearted one is Yukina, who is the natural? Ah, right, Yuzuriha-san. ……

Yuzuriha san is a strong person who achieved first place despite being an outsider, and she is included as a candidate because she is a person with no trace of her existence in World Line Alpha. 

Apparently, this is because Yukina has a different personality from World Line Alpha. That being said, the truth is that α lacks the ability to make decisions because I don’t know what to do with it.

“What kind of character did the black-hearted woman have in your world line?”

“In the first place, the black-hearted woman was delirious, saying that she and I were best friends, but we didn’t have much contact in the Alpha world line.”

“So that friendly scene wasn’t in Alpha. So that girl over there …… really didn’t have any friends …….”

“I don’t care about my alleged loneliness,……The point is that we weren’t chitchatting, we weren’t sharing a table at lunch. ……”

‘Back on topic,’ the young lady clears her throat and gets back on track.

“In World Line Alpha, the black-hearted certainly had a popular side, just as she does now. But that was the outward side of her, behind the scenes she was ruthless and cruel, a demonic personality destroyer who found her purpose in destroying people.”

I didn’t tell her that it wasn’t so different from now.

“The black-hearted woman is the one who instigated the conflict between the White Rose and Red Rose, and was responsible for the disintegration of Shugetsu. There were even deaths because of her. She is the one who put the responsibility for her misdeeds on others and went into hiding. Rubbish at its finest.”

Putting aside the question of whether the young lady’s story is true or not, the story is too exaggerated and Yukina’s little roots are too rotten.

“I don’t know what happened to her when she graduated, but I’m sure she ended up as bad as she deserved to be.”

“How did he manage to graduate under such circumstances?”

“Well, the civil war involving this society is a long story, but I hate black-hearted people anyway. Above all, I disliked the tragic heroine look in their eyes, as if they were saying, ‘I’m unhappy’.”

As I listened to the young lady’s comments on Yukina, a question came to mind.

In the first place, why did the young lady know that the person responsible for this civil war was Yukina?

When I asked the young lady the question that naturally arose, she told me the truth.

“It was from her mouth that I heard the fact that she had instigated it. As to why the black-hearted told me the truth, perhaps because I was an uninvolved bystander in this civil war.”

“So here, too, the young lady was a silent spectator.”

“At the time, I was at liberty to do as I pleased, and when I found out later that someone had used Akane and the witch as an incitement, I tried to question her, but… it was too late.”

“Too late for what?”

“That black-heart …… had left school voluntarily.”

After that, the young lady, who couldn’t stomach it anymore, rushed into the main Tsukishiro family, but it seems that she was not treated as expected and ended up with nothing.

“It’s quite, you know, horrible.”

“Yeah. …… reminds me that I want to kill that black bastard. I’m going to kill her once, half to death.”

“The Alpha and Beta Yukina might not be the same person, so give her a break.”

“Well, I’ll half-kill her later, but right now …… it’s different like this. The black hearted person now is a different person, a self-loving person who is like, ~I’m too cute, I’m sorry~.”

That is also a factor that leads us to speculate that Yukina is one of the time leapers.

That Yukyna in world line alpha is a tragic heroine, while in world line beta she sees herself as a super genius beauty.

Yukina in Alpha is also annoyed, but she feels uncomfortable with her current situation.

“Now that we’ve settled Yukina’s suspicions for the time being, what about Yuzuriha-san?”

“Natural fool…isn’t it just an opportunistic automaton?”

“In contrast to the previous discussion, it’s a bit of a mess.”

“Natural fool is just horse bones that pop out and there is little information about them, so it can’t be helped!”

Unfortunately, there is little information about Yuzuriha san.

She is a talented person who takes first place, and I only get the impression that she is a polite, normal girl who loves making sweets. ──It seems contradictory when it comes to winning first place in Shugetsu.

What if she can win first place …… and that is because she knew the content of the written test in advance? What if it was a so-called cheat-like act by memorising the answers covered and transcribing them -.

“….. Miss, what was Yukina’s rank in the written exam in world line alpha?”

“Huh? …… er, umm, …… umm, …… umm, ……! I don’t remember, teehee!”

“I see. Well, I don’t have high expectations, since you’re a young lady who can’t remember people’s names as far as I’m concerned.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Can you please stop acting like I am a blatantly unusable person?”

If the transcendent genius Yukina was in 3rd place in World Line Alpha, wouldn’t she be removed from suspicion? It can also be assumed that she was aiming for 3rd place, but it cannot be ruled out that she was aiming for 3rd place.

Returning to the main topic of Yuzuriha-san, it is hard to believe that she has the human nature to take first place by cheating. I don’t have any evidence for that. I don’t even have any proof that the two of them are time leapers to begin with.

But, well, what a habitually strong group of people, Young lady(the time leapee), Yuzuriha-san (alleged time leapee), Yukina (alleged time leapee) and me (the one who knows about time leaps). Well, as for the two of us, we are just saying what we want to say.

“Well, let’s put an end to the theory of who Yuzuriha-san is and the theory of the two of them being time leapers. What did I, the Alpha, do that my character is so different?”

The story goes that in the witch hunt I was a roughneck who caused a brawl.

I may be uncomfortable with that denunciation, but I am not a beast without reason, so there’s no way I would have been driven to violence.

Yes, the person who went on a rampage in world line Alpha was not me, but someone else. The young lady must have falsified her memories.

What about the witch and her isolation, but it was something else who caused the violence, and I must have ended up that way as a result of seeking a verbal solution. Convincing.

“Akane in Alpha was the picture-perfect juvenile delinquent, with his hands out immediately, underage smoking, drinking and gambling! The part where he showed no interest even when other women made advances towards, and he never showed a single-minded feeling for me, is still a high point in my opinion! He was even suspected of being homosexual because he didn’t respond to other members of the opposite sex, but I knew it was because he had my best interests at heart! Well, in Shugetsu where ladies gather, Akane’s existence was a rarity, or in a sense, he was the centre of attention, and it was true that I, who had such an Akane as my companion, had a high nose, or rather, I was laughing my nose off at the idea that a nobody were going out with Akane, but…Well, the fact that he thought of me was all just my fantasy, and as you know, I’m just a pathetic clown who was get stolen away by another woman.”

“Eeeh. ……”

“But, but, but! That’s only! That’s just what happened in world line alpha! In this world line beta, I can successfully fulfil my primary schools dream of becoming Akane’s bride. ……”

“Eeh. ……”

“Even if the witch-hunt recurred naturally, I’ve safely dispelled that flag, and above all, she’s gone, so it’s not like I’m guaranteed to win. …… This is all part of the plan. I can finish now. ……”

The young lady declared her victory and performed a high laugh.

I tried to pull off the scary girl who was rubbing her face against my chest, but I was firmly secured through her arms behind my back, so I couldn’t escape.

It’s me, but not me, but it seems to be true that I was tied to the witch in first place.

I know in my head that it is another ……, but I still have some mixed feelings about the person I seem to have married and that person is missing at the moment.

Rather than being married to me – and having an unhappy future together – wouldn’t it be happier for her to enrol in a different high school and marry someone else?

It’s not that I don’t have a desire to at least know her name, but I’m not prepared to marry a young lady, so I’ll refrain.

──However, if I were to ask a young lady who is currently in a good mood about what kind of person she was, she wouldn’t have to ask for anything in return. I asked the young lady with such faint expectations.

“Hmmm …… yes, an innocent, sunflower-like smile. She had an indomitable, positive personality. She was a hot, sunny woman, very different from me.”

“That’s an awfully high praise.”

“….. Even if it’s true, she’s the woman who won Akane over. I hate to admit it, but I’ll admit it. I hated that kind of personality of her.”

Young lady laughed bitterly as she said this.

“But by the invisible hand of God, she’s gone now! Thanks to her, I now understand what Akane likes about her, and it’s been proven that if I imitate her, I can marry Akane!’

“Eeh. ……?”

“Hnn……? If she and I were to change positions…if Akane and I were to become isolated, would that possibility greatly increase? I see, that’s what it was…!”

The young lady seems to have come up with a funny idea, and enthusiastically says out of her head with a screwed-up proposal.

“That is, on the contrary! Akane and I can be isolated together! As for my role in World Line α…I can just ask Okashira or the black heart! Ah, I’m so in love with myself that I’m such a genius…! ”

“Do you even know you’re talking nonsense right now?”

If things continue like this, the young lady will take me with her, so I tried my best to persuade her, but it didn’t work on the young lady whose mind was filled with love.

Just when I was thinking that I had no choice but to bow down to Yuzuru-san and ask him to correct the young lady’s head, I received a call in Yuzuru-san’s name – either by divine help or by coincidence.

After exorcising the young lady and exiting the room, I answered the phone.

“Yes, this is …… Akane. How can I help you, …… Yuzuru-san.”

“Your voice is sounding rather tired. Well, I sent a car to your house because I thought Hisako was coming up to your house again. …… No, that’s fine but. ……”

Yuzuru-san choked on his words. From what I can guess, the main issue is not to bring the young lady back.

“….is something wrong?”

“─ ─ Yuko is going back home at short notice.”


“I informed her that Hisako has become a fool and she said …… that she is going back home because it sounds interesting. She said she’s going back to Narita this Sunday. …… I’m picking up Yuko and she wants me to bring you with me. I’m sorry it’s so sudden, but I’d appreciate it if you’d accompany me. Also, please don’t tell Hisako about her return.”

“Ah …… yes.”

Izumi Yuko. She is that young lady’s mother. Since she’s her mother, she’s an incredible person, and one of those people you don’t want to meet.

When Yuzuru-san informed me that such a terrible person would be returning to Japan in a hurry, it was confirmed that my Sunday would be a dark Sunday.

However, it is a good thing that Yuko’s mother is going to give her daughter a good scolding.

I stood there, holding the silent phone in one hand.

By the way, Yuzuru-san is a son-in-law to the Izumi family.

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