I was so relaxed and full of gaps that I was taken by surprise by a flood of incoming call logs.

I had left my cell phone at home and was out of the house, so I was unaware of the 100 or so incoming calls that were nothing but harassment.

I could only think of one person who could be the culprit of such an aggressive harassment, and I shuddered and checked the name of the recipient, but it was not the young lady.

……not the young lady, but who? Driven by such doubts and fears, I turned off my cell phone for the time being, my blood having been raised by the ringtone that still rang out.

“Well, I’m going to take a bath.”

I was relieved to find that nothing had been resolved, but then the landline phone rang next.

I picked up the receiver, fearful of the ringing, which showed no sign of stopping.

“Who is this ……?”

“It’s me.”

“No, who am ‘I’? Who are you?”

“…..I’m the one whose beautiful voice is said to be sold out on the same day of the sale of this rare ASMR! Listen and shudder, then hang your head and prostrate yourself, it’s the super genius beautiful girl Yukina.”

I put down the receiver and ended the conversation.

I had no energy left to take care of Yukina after finishing with the young lady.

After a while, the phone rings noisily.

I reluctantly pick up the phone, releasing a sigh from the pit of my stomach.

“What is it?”

“You …… hung up on me so abruptly! You’re so rude!”

You can imagine how angry Yukina was from the end of the phone call.

I felt that it was indeed a little rude to end the call, so I had no choice but to offer a sincere apology.

“Tch, noisy. Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

“Nnnnna ……! That rude behavior, that rough attitude. Do you want your picture… published?”

“-I beg your pardon, Yukina sama. So, what can I do for you?”

I gave in to Yukina’s threats and sincerely changed my attitude.

The question of how Yukina knew my cell phone and the Hozuki family’s phone number came to mind in the first place, but I decided to accept it as a mysterious power of the Tsukishiro family.

“I wanted to hear your voice. Can’t you …… do that?”

“No. If you have nothing to say, please come back later. I wish you continued success in your endeavors.”

“I’m impressed with your attitude ……. You don’t know this as an outsider, but I’m pretty awesome, right?”

Yukina…yes, she is the one who caused the civil war in World Line Alpha. I have heard that she is a ruthless and cruel person with a corrupt personality.

At the same time, she is a talented person who ranks third in the school compared to other students. Above all…I know that she has a hard-working side.

“All I have is the impression of a selfish young lady, but what’s so great about that?”

“Mouu, I’m sorry to disappoint you! I’m one of the most talented people on campus, belonging to the ninth seat of the Committee of Ten of the White Rose, remember?”

The young lady also mentioned several times, what is a white rose in the first place? It is hard to grasp the dignity of the committee of ten when she keeps mentioning the word “committee of ten”.

I could have asked a question to the young lady, but since the lady herself was there, I decided to ask her about the white rose.

“I would appreciate it if you could teach me, this Shugetsu novice, what a white rose is.”

“I can’t help it. I am not busy either, but as an exception, I, a super genius and beautiful girl, will give you a lecture on what is the white rose! I’ll give you a step-by-step lecture.”

I hung up the phone to transfer the call from the landline to my cell phone to take notes on Yukina’s explanation.

With my cell phone on speaker, I listen to her voice as I run my pen across the line.

The insider students are basically of superior family background and wealth, and only the best among them can join the privileged group, the White Rose, officially known as the White Rose Society.

Those who belong to the White Rose Society have preferential use of the school’s facilities, which are free of charge. They also receive free meals and special treatment from the university.

They are praised with dignity by insiders and outsiders who do not belong to the White Rose, and they are also feared by them.

If you get into a dispute with them, not only will your position on campus be in jeopardy, but you will also suffer socially devastating damage, so you should avoid getting into trouble with them.

When I was given the explanation of the White Rose in this way, I began to feel uneasy about my irreverent manner and attitude toward Yukina-sama, who belongs to the White Rose.

Although she herself has given her permission, she must refrain from doing so in front of other people.

“——That’s why I’m so great. So praise me.”

“Long live Yukina-sama, Long live Yukina-sama, Long live Yukina-sama”

Praying for my health and long life, I followed my master’s order and sang three cheers for Yukina-sama.

“Not with a simple reading, but with emotion. ……”

After accepting it with a grumble, Yukina continued with an explanation of the Committee of Ten.

The Committee of Ten is an organization made up of ten of the most prominent members of the White Rose, with the highest family background and financial power.

They have the authority to decide the management policy of the school and to solve problems, and they also have the right to kill or be killed by new members or withdrawals from the White Rose.

The First Seat is usually both the president of the White Rose and the student body president, and is the most outstanding person in the school.

The current first-seat student body president is a third-year student, Tachibana senpai, who is said to be “tiny and cute” according to Yukina.

She said that she still respects and admires her, though she was not sure how she should evaluate her against such a dignified person.

“The first seat is natural, the second seat too, but pay particular attention to the persons in the third and fifth seats.”

The second seat is Mikado-senpai, the current vice president, who is Tachibana-senpai’s boyfriend (according to Yukina).

The third seat is Hououin-senpai, who has an amazing last name.

The fifth seat is Chitosehara-senpai, who is said to have large breasts.

I don’t know where the danger lies in these elements – small people, boyfriend, great family names, and big breasts – but I was nailed to stay away from getting involved.

Looking back at the notebook that recorded Yukina’s commentary, the face of the Committee of Ten looked like this.

First seat Tachibana-senpai. Small and cute but scary.

Second seat, Mikado-senpai. He is unfriendly and scary.

Third seat: Hououin-senpai. The surnames are scary.

Seat four, Hozumi-senpai. A tyrant who calls himself a king and is scary.

Seat five, Chitosehara-senpai. She is scary because of her big boobs.

Seat six, Rindou senpai. Strict and scary.

Seat seven, Kanae-san. Scary and stupid.

Seat eight, Tsukimiya-san. Serious, affectionate and scary.

Seat nine, the extremely gifted and beautiful girl, Yukina-sama. She is a very cute and popular person with excellent academics, good manners, and good looks.

Seat 10, Izumi-san. She is bad-tempered and scary.

-Like that

Although this list of people seems useless to me, it would be worthwhile just to know their names.

The low numbers indicate the ranks: the first and second seats are for third-year students, the third to sixth seats are for second-year students, and the seventh to tenth seats are for first-year students.

Committee seating may fluctuate. Basically, they are moved up when seniors graduate. On the other hand, it can also fall due to blunders. In addition to the change of seats, it is also said that they are sometimes exchanged with someone outside of the committee.

My fake girlfriend, Yukina-sama, is the third highest ranked first-year student. The result of the academic examination is the third place, and it seems that she is loved by the number three.

I guess that’s about it for now.

I vowed to myself that I would never get involved with the White Rose and the Committee of Ten.

Reexamining the names of seats one through ten, I feel that there is a name in seat ten that is familiar to me.

It must be someone else’s illusion. However, I became concerned and decided to check with Yukina.

“I’m the person in the tenth seat. ……”

“Ah, the super violent Izumi san right? She belongs to our Committee of Ten, too.”

Unfortunately, it seems that I was not mistaken, and it was definitely the young lady.

Is the young lady among this distinguished group of people ……? No, I have heard from her mouth that she has nothing to do with the white rose and some kind of civil war …….

What does it mean ……? It could simply be that she was expelled from the White Rose and the committee when the civil war broke out, so she had nothing to do with it, or it could be that she was misremembering because she is a forgetful young lady to begin with.

I was in over my head.

I, who had sought a peaceful school life, had been contracted as a slave to a fake lover by Yukina-sama, the ninth member of the Committee of Ten, and was now being proposed by Hisako-sama, the tenth member of the Committee.

Surrounded by people who would have me expelled from the school or socially ruined if I disobeyed them, my daily life was already in ruins.

It was only natural that the other students would take notice of me because the young lady in the tenth seat was so conspicuous. The country boy

After all, I regret that I should have gone to Fujihama High School, where Fukami attends.

A few days ago, I wanted to crack my brain open when I said, “I don’t regret this choice (smug face),” full of baseless confidence and hope.

Should I have stayed with the school of my choice at that time, even if I had disobeyed the young lady’s order?

But you know what? Continuing to escape reality will not solve anything. I have no choice but to accept the tragedy I am facing.

“Suddenly I have good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first, Hozuki san?”

“I don’t want to hear either.”

“Then let’s start with the bad news.”

My polite refusal was turned down, and Yukina suddenly started talking about a troubling event.

It seems that the fact that Yuzuriha-san won the first place in the academic achievement test is a problem for Shugetsu.

Every year, internal students have won the first place in the academic achievement test, but this year, an external student, Yuzuriha-san, as you know, won the first place, and it is said that it is a matter of honor for the internal students of the White Rose.

─ ─ Is this a reoccurrence of the witch hunt?

Originally, the witch hunt was supposed to happen in front of the bulletin board, but it was supposed to have been successfully prevented by the intervention of the young lady.

However, as expected, it seems that people do not like Yuzuriha san who is an outside student as well as the witch.

“It is no exaggeration to call her a good opponent who regrettably lost her place of glory, but we cannot let her fall into the situation we fear.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I don’t want her to be sad because she is pure and innocent. …… above all else.”

Yukina had been speaking out in an indifferent manner, but once she had kept her words, she opened her mouth again.

“Those who are arrogant enough to belittle her are not needed in Shugetsu. I cannot describe the idiocy of those who would trample on her efforts. It is those who ridicule the achievements of others who should be ridiculed.”

Yukina spoke in a low but emotional tone of voice.

I was so surprised to hear Yukina’s words that I wondered if she was the same person I had heard from the young lady after the incident at World Line Alpha.

“If there are any unjustified rumors or people who try to attack her, I will stop them. But it will be tough for me to protect her by myself. Of course, since you are my boyfriend, you will help me, right?”

“Even though I am your fake lover, I am still under contract. I have no choice but to obey you.”

“That’s a good answer. I was sure you would nod your head.”

To be frank, Yukina, the ninth seat of the Committee of Ten of the White Rose, might be able to solve the problem on her own, but it is only within her reach. Outside of Yukina’s reach will be me, and it will be my role to support her again.

After concluding the agreement to protect Yukina and Yuzuriha san, I felt uncomfortable because of the difference from the world line alpha, and asked her a certain question.

“Why are you so devoted to Yuzuriha-san? I don’t think you, who are a personality defective, would help her like a holy mother.”

“What do you think I am!? By the authority of the nine seats, I will spread your unjustified notoriety.”

“Please don’t do that.”

“Well, jokes aside, there is no deep reason. I just don’t want to see my friend sad.”

The evil and clever Yukina is not interested in profit, but only in saving her friends? I couldn’t believe my ears at this truly unbelievable statement.

I was stunned into silence, and then Yukina said something I had recently heard someone say.

“Do you need a reason to help someone?”

—I couldn’t help but listen to it. At the same time, my unfounded worries disappeared. I was convinced that I could trust this Yukina, that she was a different person from the girl from World Line Alpha.

“Well, If you, a false lover and slave, were in trouble, I would not hesitate to give you a hand, would I? I am a merciful saint who saves others regardless of their status.”

“Please be kind to me a little.”

For now, Yuzuriha-san’s problem will be handled by me and Yukina. The bad news is over. What is the good news?

“Kanae-sama, who came second in the academic achievement test. Do you know about him?”

“No, not at all.”

“Well, your ignorance is not a problem, but Kanae-sama made a declaration before the exam.”

“Will you quit insulting me all at once?”

“Kanae-sama said, [Izumi Hisako! When I win the first place, you will be my girlfriend!] …… “

Confessing to a young lady whose personality is as twisted as or more than that Yukina’s, Kanae-sama is not a good judge of what he sees, and it was proven that the statement of the young lady who claimed to be quite popular was not a falsehood.

The fact that the young lady, whose personality is devastating, also has good looks proves that people are only as good as their looks.

“In response, Izumi-san said, [Haa….It’s laughable that a brainless person like you …… should win the first place. You should not joke around too much. If you were to win the first place, which is equivalent to an astronomical probability, I might consider it].”

There she was, the same old foul-mouthed young lady. [I will consider it], she didn’t say she would go out with him, but she was quick to put down roots.

“But unfortunately,…… Kanae-sama pathetically lost the first place to Arisu-sama, and the declaration which he had sworn in public came to nothing. The arrogance …… of the person who is sure to win the first place ……. And yet, the white rose, the pride of being the seventh seat of the Committee of Ten. Hilarious and pathetic.”

“Have you got no human heart?”

“Thanks to Arisu sama, his pride has been shattered to pieces, and I can’t help but be excited because I can’t wait to see what kind of attitude he will take tomorrow.”

It still makes me feel that the fundamentals of this woman have not changed.

I let my guard down and said it was okay to put my full trust in her, but I still should back out and continue to be wary of Yukina.

“Such is Kanae-sama’s love for Izumi-san, but interestingly, Izumi-san loves …… you very, very much, and it will develop into such a startling development.”

…… hmm, wait?

If you said that–

“Have you figured it out? In this composition, Kanae-sama → Izumi-san, Izumi-san → Akane-san, Akane-san → Yukina-chan.”

Ignoring Yukihina, a troublesome composition of a mysterious love triangle between me, the young lady, and Kanae-san was born.

Looking at the recent behavior of the young lady, it is only natural that he, who seems to like the young lady, would turn his enmity toward me. It is the outbreak of a shuraba.

The number of troubles with the young lady, Yukina, Yuko-sama, and Kanae-san had increased to the point where my stomach was reaching its limit.

“Please help me, Yukina-sama!”

I threw away my pride and got down on my knees and pleaded with Yukina-sama

“Do you want to live a peaceful school life?”

“Yes. ……”

“Then you must continue to worship and pamper this me, the super genius beautiful girl Yukina-chan. If you do that, you will surely be saved.”

I, who was looking for salvation, decided to blindly believe in Yukina without thinking twice.

I don’t need a reason to help someone – if that is the doctrine of the Yukina sama, then she will guide me.

“..Then I’m getting tired, so I’m going to take a break. See you then”

And without time to hear my reply, my lord ended the call.

Now I’m cornered, and I’m going to trust Yukina with all my heart.

I had no choice but to get ready for tomorrow, and after I had done various things, I went to bed early.

And at night…,

I felt a heavy pressure on my body, and my body tightened, and I moved my eyes to check the time.

It was 3 am. Eventually, I was able to free my body, but I felt suffocated because I could not free myself from the heavy pressure.

It seems that I had a mental breakdown from all the pressure.

I decided to take a drink of water and go back to sleep …… and rolled up the futon without thinking about it.

Then, I met the eyes of a pair of blood-red eyes that had creep into the futon,

I fell down and passed out from fear.

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