“Hmmm…aggressive for a —– Saku-kun.”

Shiina blushes as she lowers her voice.

“This is the only way I can be thankful.”
“Thank you,………,”
“You’re surprisingly kind and think a lot about things, you know.”
“I’m actually very kind~”

The woman’s cheeks puffed up.

“It’s a bit of a personality, but it’s also a way of thanking you for being so kind to me.”

I patted her head.

Then, a complicated expression appeared on her face, whether she was happy or dissatisfied,

“Well, if you want to thank me, all you have to do is go out with me,”
“That’s absolutely impossible.”
“Saku-kun, you really don’t understand the heart of a girl, do you?”
“That’s why I went out with Chisato, right?”
“If you say that, I can’t say anything back to you, and it pisses me off.”

I was a little smug.

“Ah~, I’m getting annoyed with Saku kun’s smug face! I’m going to sing now!”

Shiina suddenly picked up the microphone and shouted into it,

“Hey, you’re being so loud all of a sudden!”
“That’s enough! Saku-kun, you bullying virgin, you’re a coward!”
“Suddenly you’re talking out of your ass!”
“I’m going to put those feelings into a song!”

A moment later, the intro to the song begins.

The title of the song is “When I Called Delheru, You Came'”.
Shiina sings it enthusiastically with a light headbang.

“This scene is kind of chaotic.”

The room was filled with the sound of Shiina singing, “Delheru koraku ki ki~migakita~! Shiina’s singing voice echoes in the room.
I was in a complicated position watching it.

“Hahaha ……………… how was it!”

After she finished singing, Shiina wiped the sweat from her forehead, chugged her melon soda, and made a smug face.

“Thanks a lot …………, I felt kind of bad.”

The lyrics ‘girl with short hair and good at attacking’ and ‘petite girl’ sound too much like this guy.
I didn’t call Derihelle, but yes, it’s complicated.

“Well, I’m going to play one more song!~ Next, I’ll play a calmer song.”

Shiina chose the next song,

[Kimi ni dakoretai feat. Ina Wonichi]

The words in the chorus of this song:
“Hey, in your world, am I breathing properly?
Ah, just a little more, I want to hold you close and drown in a dream of just the two of us.”
This also sounds like something from Shiina’s mind, which I don’t like.

Wait. If the conversation is over, I can leave, can’t I?
There’s no reason for me to be here, right?

“Um~ can I go home?”

When Shiina finishes singing, I raise my hand in a small gesture. Then,

“Of course not! I’m going to entertain Saku-kun with my singing today!”

She immediately replies

“I’m not having fun at all though?”
“From now on! I’m going to entertain you! You’ll see!”
“No, I’m leaving. —-“
“Yes, I’ve already put in six songs, and I’ll make sure you listen to them~”

As she typed at high speed, the songs appeared one after another on the screen.

“For real, ………?”
“I’m serious! Now please listen to —-.”

Shiina takes a deep breath and starts singing again.

“Well, this much is ………… okay.”

Today, I’m going to go along with Shiina as a sign of my gratitude to her.

I blurted out, my voice drowned out by Shiina’s singing.

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1 year ago

Shiina all the way. She may be a bit crazy but she’s devoted.