“Nezuko chan〜 ! Wait, don’t leave me〜!”

“Lightning type, Ichi no Mai –Raiku Issen !”

This is a room in the apartment where Akari and I live together.

I was having Akari watch me practice for an anime that was about to be recorded.

“Akari, how did you like it?”

“Hmm, I feel like it’s a little off. I feel like, you’re not putting a lot of emotion into it, I mean, like your heart is not there?”

As Akari said, I felt that I was not putting my feelings into it at the moment.

“I see, thank you.”

“Did something happen at school?”

“Well, a little bit.”

I know the cause.

The other day, the incident with Hazuki san. Since then, I feel like I’m being watched no matter what I’m doing, so I can’t focus on voice acting.

“I see….., talk to me when you feel like it. Onii chan.”

Akari smiled a little sadly.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Akari.”

Although it’s not my fault, I can’t say it.

Even though it’s just that we’re living apart from our parents, I don’t want Akari to worry unnecessarily. Even so, it’s disqualifying to make such a face.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back to normal soon, okay?”

“Yeah……, wait, Onii chan !?”

In front of me was my sister who was upset and confused.

When I came to myself, my right hand was unconsciously stroking Akari’s head.

In the past, I used to pat her on the head to cheer her up, but that habit seems to have come out.

Oh shit, maybe she doesn’t like it…….

“S-sorry, Akari !”

When I panicked and tried to put my hands down, Akari’s hands gently wrapped around me to stop me.

“I was just a little surprised. I-it’s not like I hate it……”

I can’t quite tell because she’s looking down, but Akari’s cheeks seem to be dyed red. Is it because of the lighting?


Just like that, I continued stroking Akari’s head.

Maybe 1 minute. The time that felt very long was over, and Akari reluctantly let go of my right hand.

“–Yeah, thank you. I feel better.”

Saying that, Akari showed her usual bashful smile.

I’m worried about Hazuki san’s case, but I’ll do my best at the site.

In order not to cloud over this smile.

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