“made up?”
“Yes! making up!”

Hearing my reply, Sophia tilts her head slightly and makes a “?” mark on her face. Reconciliation. The word has a positive connotation, and those around us breathe a sigh of relief. Then they started to zigzag to their respective destinations.

“Yeah. ……”

Sophia thinks with a thoughtful look on her face.

The reason I came here is to make up with you, get married, and prevent war. But if I told you that in front of all these people, there would be a huge uproar. Fortunately, Sophia doesn’t seem to know who I am yet.

It is impossible, from Sophia’s point of view, for such a tyrannical Eric to come to the Kingdom of Halkeginia dressed as a lowly nobleman.


Sophia, who had been thinking quite a bit, called out my name, as if she had just thought of something.

“I have never seen a nobleman with such a great personality as yours among those of the Kingdom of Ilas.”
“Haha …… I am not such a great one.”
“By the way, have you found that person you want to make up with yet?”
“That’s right. ……”

It’s right in front of me right now….

As I was wondering how to respond, Sera came closer to me. Even though the number of people in the group had decreased considerably, it was not a good idea to stay here all the time. But I had just met Sophia in this way. It would be a waste to just back out like this.

Sophia, who was looking at me anxiously as I was pondering what to do, made a suggestion with a smile on her face.

“If it’s all right with you, I’ll help you.”
“Am I interrupting?”
“N-no. …… would be a great help.”

So, Sera and I came to the royal palace, protected by the beautiful knights.

If I were to come here as a prince, I would have to be accompanied by my bodyguards and other bureaucrats, who would look down on the Kingdom of Halkeginia and would probably cause trouble and throw cold water on the restoration of relations.

But I am different now. We can talk to each other as human beings, not as prince and princess, but as man and woman.

However, Sophia is deeply wounded by Eric’s words in the past. I don’t know if she will forgive me, but I have to try.

As I was thinking about this, Sera and I were led through a large castle gate to a guest room at the far end of the castle, where few people come.

There were no gorgeous decorations, but the atmosphere was quite nice. The smell of old wood.

“Sit down at your leisure.”

Pointing to an old but expensive-looking sofa, Sophia sat down on her own private sofa. So we nodded and then sat down on the sofa.

Soon after, the royal maid brings the tea, sets down the saucer and cup, and pours the tea. The royal palace maid’s movements were so sophisticated that Sera was staring at her and observing her so intently that it made a hole in her eye. Incidentally, this maid looked to be in her late twenties. In contrast, Sera is 16 years old, two years younger than me. In spite of this, she was devoted to me, even though she had been treated badly by Eric in the past. I will definitely make her happy. And Sophia, too.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

After the palace maid left, Sophia, who had changed into a dress, grasped the handle with her slender fingers and examined the taste of the tea.

She looks very elegant.

“I use this place for my mentors and close friends. So, consider it my home.”
“Thank you for your hospitality. Sera chan, let’s have it.”

I was a little nervous at first, but before long the place was filled with the aroma of tea and the sweet smell of dessert.

“By the way, is the person you’re looking for from our country?”
“Yes. ……”

Sophia, it’s you, …….

“Why does Eric want to make peace?”
“I said terrible things in the past that hurt. So I want to apologize honestly and make that person happy.”
“That’s surprising. It’s surprising that you, a very gentle person, would say something so hurtful to someone. ……”
“Haha,……, looking back, I recently realized that I have done a lot of terrible things,…….”
“I see. Usually, even if you realize your mistake, it is human nature to pretend that you don’t know because of your pride. Surely, that thing will forgive you once it understands your kind heart.”

Will she forgive you? ……

“I’m very happy to hear you say so, Sophia-sama,…….”
“I was only speaking my truth,…… and by the way, when you said you would make her happy, was it a woman you were talking to?”
“It’s not often that a man of the nobility is as kind as Eric. I envy that woman.”
“Lady Sophia ……”

Sophia drinks her tea with a lonely expression on her face and stares far away. It is true that the nobles and others in this other world are not kind.

They wield their own authority and treat women like tools. Of course, there is no love or kindness there. Royalty is no different. In the past, Eric was a terrible person who added all the ugliness of such men.

That’s why,

That’s why,

I want to change such irrationality.

“Sophia chan.”

Sophia, who was puzzled by the unfamiliar way I called her, looked at me and gave me a puzzled look. While watching her cute reaction, I pulled out a badge from my pocket to show her that I am royalty,

“I want to make things right with you.”

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