I don’t have a particular obsession with my hair, but I used to go to a certain hairdresser every month.

I strangely get along well with the male hairdresser who works there……or maybe he was just trying to accommodate me, but at any rate, I enjoyed our conversations.

“Inami san, please tell me about something interesting that happened to you recently.”

“……What’s up with that pretense?”

“It’s a sign of friendship. Only Inami san talks like this”.

“I’m not at all happy to be told such a thing by a guy.”

He is a man with piercings and tattoos, but when he talks, he is like a puppy and somewhat relaxed.

I’m honestly impressed with how great it is to be a cheerful person.

“I don’t have anything interesting to say. I’m just living a boring life.”

“Inami san, you make your living from videos and streaming, don’t you? I’m sure you have fun every day.”

“That’s prejudice. It’s hard work to find material, viewers always say whatever they want, and I have a sore back from sitting for long hours editing. If I wasn’t making money, I would definitely quit.”

“It’s a really hard world, isn’t it?”

“Well, it’s my job, so I have no choice.”

We both smiled in a grown-up way.

After settling down, the hairdresser asked, [So, there’s really nothing going on?].

“Hmm……I don’t know if it’s interesting or not, but……”

“Yes, yes.”

“The other day, during the stream, a hitman came to my house……”

“Yes, yes……hm? What did you say?”

“A hitman, an assassin. The kind you see in the movies.”

“……I’m just checking, and I apologize if I’m forcing you to make an interesting story.”

“No, I’m serious. A genuine assassin. At least so. She also had a weapon and broke my door.”

The hairdresser looked at me with suspicion through the mirror.

It was a natural reaction.

There is no such thing as an assassin in modern Japan, and even if there were, they would not have come to me.

“The truth is, I got a bit of a strange anti-fan the other day. They hired a hitman and tried to kill me.”

“……Inami san, you’re still alive, ain’t cha?”

“I gave her a meal I made while I was streaming, and she said it was delicious.”

“Did you feed the hitman !?”

“Moreover, my house has been invaded everyday.”

“It’s like a stray cat that’s gotten a taste of home……”

“She seems to be coming here with the intention of killing me, but she leaves when she’s full.”

“So just a person who comes to eat.”

Seeing my serious face, he seemed to believe me at least half of what I said.

“I mean, why don’t you just call the cops? You can be arrested if you have a weapon in possession.”

“I was gonna do that at first, but the video of me eating dinner with an assassin got a lot of buzz. It’s about money, and more than anything, we’re having fun together, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

“But isn’t it dangerous…..?”

“I’m in a lot of debt and if I don’t make money, I’m gonna die anyway.”

“Oh……I-I see…….”

The hairdresser laughed dryly and said, [I’ll give you a free eyebrow cut today.]

I feel bad.

I accept it gratefully, though.

“……Hmm? Ah, I just got a call from the assassin.”

“You’re exchanging contact information !?”

“She says she’s in the mood for fried chicken today.”

“She’s ready to eat dinner !?”

“It’s okay as long as she eats her vegetables too…….”

“You’re giving nutritional guidance to an assassin !?”

“It’s not good to be picky.”

“You’re almost like a mother……”

[Got it !] was the cheerful reply from the assassin.

When I saw that, I snorted and remembered the first time she came to my house.

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22 days ago

Oh boi, i have High expectations for this one ^^