“—Okay. So, good evening, everyone. It’s Inami.”


:I saw the clip for the first time.

:Yesterday’s farce was interesting.

:There’s an assassin  !

“I’m sorry for yesterday’s trouble. This is my friend Haku san, who is in Japan to study abroad. I asked her to come to my house to have dinner with me today.”

“G-good……good evening. Wow, there are a lot of people here……!”

“You don’t have to worry about the stream, Haku san.Please continue as usual.”

When I said that, she made a small fist pump and said, [I-I understand…!]

I know it’s difficult to be told not to worry, but if you’re tense as a clam, you won’t be able to taste the food. I want her to go home with her stomach as pleasantly full as possible.

….It’s amazing, though.

It was only a few minutes ago that I announced the stream, but the number of viewers is already much higher than usual. The flow of comments is so fast that it seems that the past is a lie.

:Congratulations for the 100,000 subscribers !


:It’s the first.

:I was so surprised to see the number of people who have joined in one day.

“Well, I’m surprised too. It’s all thanks to you, Haku san.”

“Eh, me?”

“That’s right. Haku san  came and helped me a lot.”

“H-hmmm. So, I’m useful. I’m amazing……!”

She grinned and showed off her goofy expression, and immediately her face tightened and her chest puffed out.

“W-well, I knew, didn’t I? I knew I was amazing, I knew it all myself, you know? I guess that means the world has finally realized my value. Well, I’m tired of waiting !”

Haku san, with her nose in the air.

The viewers responded in kind, calling her cute and adorable.

Like yesterday, she is full of humanity, for better or worse, with her mysterious rivalry, her unnecessary bravado, and her blatant outbursts.

It’s just my imagination, but maybe she’s not suited for a career as a hit man.

I was seriously scared of her eyes when she came to my house yesterday.

“I’d like to thank you all for subscribing to my channel. Thank you very much, everyone. However, this stream is not a commemoration of that or anything, it’s really just to cook and eat meal, so please don’t expect too much.”

:I’m fine with anything as long as I get to see the two of you talking !

:Food porn is fine.

:What are you gonna cook tonight?

“Well, tonight–“

I reached over to the top of the cupboard and placed what I had bought earlier in the morning.

“I bought two three loaves of bread, so I think I’ll make something sweet with that.”

“S-so big ! I’ve never seen anything like this before ! ……But, hm? Two loaves, there is only one loaf here, right?”

“The other one is already rested and ready to be baked. I’ll bring it out now.”

:Two three-pound loaves, isn’t that a lot for two people to eat?

:Inami san is big eater, too, but Haku san is way bigger.

:I think she ate most of the karaage all by herself.

To be honest, I’m aware that I bought too much.

I can fit about three kilograms, so if it doesn’t suit her palate, I’ll do my best.

“Wow, that’s amazing ! ! It smells so good ! !”

Taking the bat out of the refrigerator and placing it on the cooking table, Haku san was very excited by the sweet smell that took over the kitchen at once.

On the bat, a number of thickly sliced loaves of bread were lined up.

All of them were dark cream-colored, and viewers  who recognized what these were commented in unison.

“If there’s a sweet dish using bread, it would be french toast. Even Haku san, who is a big eater, knows french toast, right?”

“D-don’t make fun of me ! I’ve had it many times ! Well, erm, that’s, hm ! ……S-something sweet and delicious !”

“…..That’s not entirely wrong, but isn’t the description too poor considering how much I thought about it? Have you really tried it?”

“When you get to my level, it becomes simple to go around once. I don’t think Inami can reach that level yet, but I hope we can see the same scenery someday. I’ll be waiting, far up !”

“Yeah, yeah.”

:You guys are good friends.

:Stable idiot child lol.

:This is my first time seeing it.

:I love french toast.

French toast.

One of the most well-known bread dishes, in which bread is soaked in a mixture of eggs, milk, and other ingredients and baked.

Since it was prepared in the morning and soaked all the way through, the bread is so soggy that it looks as if it will fall apart at any moment.

It’s always nice to see this. I’m looking forward to baking it.

“By the way, since it is for three loaves, I have another bat of this in the refrigerator. I took a video of the preparation process, so I’ll upload it tomorrow.”

I placed a large frying pan on the stove and popped in some butter.

When the butter has melted over medium heat, the bread is added.

“It smells so good ! It’s totally different from karaage !”

“That’s because it doesn’t have any of the seasonings used in fried food, except for the egg.”

“When is this going to be ready !? Is it ready yet !?”

“Wait a minute. We need to cook it slowly and thoroughly in the center and cook the ears as well.”

“This is killing me ! Bake it faster ! Come on, Inami !”

“Cheering me up won’t help.”

“Inami is amazing ! You can make delicious food, you’re trying your best even though your restaurant is ruined, and you cook for me ! You’re so cool that you’re working so hard, I love it ! I love you !”

“L-like I said, why are you cheering me up !? I mean, you shouldn’t say, [I love you] even in jest ! You should choose the right person to say those things to ! !”

Thank you for the lovey-dovey scene.

:He’s so red in the face lol.

:Inami san, you act so cool, but you’re surprisingly naive.

:What kind of friend is that lolol.

:I think you mean for [now] that you are friends.

:Congratulations on your wedding !

Viewers are saying whatever they want, but let’s ignore them for now……

For the first time in my life, a member of the opposite sex told me she loved  me, and to my own surprise, my heart was racing.

……Oh, calm down, me.

Haku san is fluent in Japanese, but she was born and raised overseas. The reason why such words come out is simply because of the different culture in which she grew up. There is no special meaning.

“Calm down,……I’m a french toast machine,……I’m a french toast machine of steel,……! !”

“What are you talking about?”

Haku san was trying to shake off my thoughts by making a self-imposed suggestion, but I made a cool-headed comment from the side. I let that go and mechanically finished up the French toast.

“……Yes, it’s done. It’s finished, Haku san.”

“Really !? Yay, you did it !”

I arrange the french toast on a white plate.

The smile on Haku san’s face becomes brighter as I add one, then two, then three more pieces of french toast.

“Then, let’s dig–“

“Wait a minute.”

Haku san’s stomach tells me that she is hungry.

When she saw me stopping her, she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“Don’t look at me like that. There’s actually still a piece missing from that french toast.”

“Missing piece……?”

“Wouldn’t it be great with warm, moist, soft, flaky bread?”

What I took out of the freezer was the vanilla ice cream I had made in advance.

As expected, she seemed to understand this as well, and as soon as she saw it, her eyes widened and she sat down. ……No, um, isn’t your reaction too perfect? Where did you learn that?

“I-ice cream, you put it on it…..!? On french toast !?”

“Please feel free to put it as much as you want. I made a lot of them.”

“As much as I like !? I-I’m really gonna do it, y’know !? I’ll do it ! !”

:Why is this girl so cute?

:I wonder if I can get close to the silver-haired beauty too if I start cooking…..

:I’m sure you’ll have a chance if you extinguish the restaurant you started like Inami san did, right?

:Don’t forget the truck and the robbery.

:And in debt on top of that.

:I’m sorry, I can’t afford a silver-haired beauty…….

Don’t cook for the purpose of meeting people in the first place, I said to myself…….

When I saw Haku san happily serving the ice cream, I couldn’t help but smile at her innocence.

“L-let’s eat now ! It’s fine, right !?”

“Yes. Go ahead, eat.”

“Bon appétit ! !”

With a knife and fork, she slices the french toast in half.

Put the ice cream on one side, and stick the fork in as it is.


Eh, you’re going to eat that as is? It’s about the size of a small rice ball.

Despite my concern, Haku san opened her mouth and chewed it with her mouth full.

Hm, munch, munch. After a few chews, she said [Nnnnn—-! !] and fainted in agony while twisting her body from side to side. Instead of uttering a word, she pounded her chest while shaking her head.

“It’s so good, so good ! It’s delicious, so delicious ! It’s warm and cold, sweet and happy, and I don’t know what else to say ! It’s just too good ! !”

She looked up, her eyes shining with a dazzling light.

Delicious–no matter how many times I’ve been told, that one word makes me unbearably happy. I’m embarrassed, and I can’t stop the loosening of the corners of my mouth.

“I actually bought some strawberry syrup as a further topping.”

“It’s delicious ! It’s really delicious ! You can tell even if you don’t eat it ! !”

“Ah, you don’t have to eat it. Then I’ll put it away.”

“……Why is that?”

:Hey, Inami.


:Hey, you son of a bitch.

:Take this outside.

Her big smile instantly faded and the comment section was filled with abuse.

It was only meant as a joke, but I didn’t expect such a reaction from her, and I felt a bead of sweat forming on my forehead.

“No. I was just kidding ! It was a joke, just a joke ! Don’t take it seriously—“

As I said that.


Haku san stuck a piece of french toast on her fork and shoved it into my mouth.

Warm and elegantly sweet French toast and milky vanilla ice cream.

If happiness had a taste, this would be it.

When she saw me eating, she grinned and peeked her white teeth at me like a child who had just played a successful prank. Her innocent smile made my heart jump painfully with relief.

“What? You’re so simple, acting like this and getting so impatient. You love me too, don’t you?”

“……W-well, that’s……haha……”

:Say it clearly, man!

:Die with envy

:Don’t be such a wimp.

: Die.

:Live happily and be healthy!

:Pay off your debt and die.

The anti fans who were clinging to me are gone, but after this stream, the number of harsh comments towards me has increased significantly.

If you enjoy our content, feel free to donate, Thank you in advance !

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