The channel has 100,000 subscribers.

And every time I update the page, the number increases rapidly.

I had never seen such a phenomenon before.

“Ah…..I see, that’s how it is…….”

I found out the cause of this phenomenon, and it seems that someone clipped last night’s stream and posted it on YouTube and social media.

In particular, the short video of me and Haku san’s exchange and her reaction when she ate the karaage already had more than a million views.

In conjunction with this, the number of views of the karaage recipe video was surprisingly increasing, as people wanted to try the karaage that Haku san had shown a perfect reaction to. The other videos were also increasing in views, making me realize how amazing Haku san is. ……With that said, shows that programs in which comedians and actors eat food and react to it are meaningful.

“It’s even trending on Twitter……”

Haku san has been praised by netizens as a foreigner who is too cute.

I wonder if she’s okay as an assassin, but who cares.

“She’s a bit on fire. That’s right.”

The netizens thought I was just trying to get their attention and reacted to the fact that I told them to call the cops during the stream.

I put that on the feed and pointed out that if someone really did call the police, it would be a problem for the police.

But at the time, I was really hoping to get someone to report it.

Also, apart from those reasonable and rational demands, I could also confirm the demented slanderous slander against me. I guess they were jealous of me next to Haku san because of her good looks.

The anti fan may be hoping that I would get hurt a little, but unfortunately, I’m not so fragile that I can be damaged by the kind of bad language and backbiting that they are talking about. I can laugh off most things compared to the time when the store I had longed to start was crushed by a truck, ransacked by robbers, and reduced to ashes in a fire.

“……Speaking of which, where did that anti fan end up?”

That guy who has been sticking around for a long time, who I think is the one who sent Haku san to me.

I think back, he hasn’t appeared in the comments section since she came to my house.

I wonder if he was satisfied with hiring a hitman.

I mean, what kind of person could contact a hitman in modern Japan? At least, not an ordinary person.

I will ask her more about this tonight.

“Wow, the super chat is blowing up. I didn’t know they gave me this much……”

Super chat is a so-called “giving-away” money system.

Usually, it’s a few thousand yen at most per stream, but last night it was about 300,000 yen.

That’s amazing. That’s more than I make in a month.

“…….With the number of subscribers and the number of views growing, would I be able pay off my debt?”

I shook my head to myself.

When I told Haku san that I was streaming, she forgave me because it was my job, but she didn’t say she wanted to be in the stream.

Both this spat and the subscriber are one-night-only bonuses.

She doesn’t have the benefit of exposing her face to the world, and she shouldn’t have to do so anymore.

“She said she wanted something sweet. What would she like?”

As I found out last night, she is quite an eater. She ate more than 80% of the karaage by herself, and she ate almost all of the three bowls of white rice.

Even if I were to make something sweet, I can’t satisfied her with half the amount.

“……Okay, here we go.”

I pulled out the recipes I had written down from the cupboard, flipped through them, and found one that looked just right.

Once that was decided, I had to go shopping immediately.

If the fridge is full of ingredients, I’ll be able to successfully beg for my life for a while, so I’ll stock up on a variety of extra items.

“Good evening, Haku san.”

“Good evening…….”

It is past seven o’clock in the afternoon.

She came to my house at the same time as yesterday.

Her clothes were the same as yesterday. A businesslike, expensive-looking suit.

However, her expression was different from yesterday’s, and she looked somewhat awkward.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

“I’ve never been greeted so warmly when entering a target’s house. I wondered if this was okay……”

“I don’t think it’s a big deal. You came here to eat today. This is to avoid killing lives in vain.”

“…..I-I see. You’re right. To avoid unnecessary killing ! In other words, it’s part of my job !”

“That’s right.”

She’s so easy, isn’t he?

But no wonder the netizens are so enthusiastic. Haku san is really cute, with her adorable smile.

“Then Imma make—“

“Hm? Aren’t you gonna stream today?”

She interrupted me and tilted her head, noticing the absence of the streaming equipment that was in the kitchen yesterday.

“Is it okay if I do it? Actually, the number of viewers has increased since yesterday, and many people will be watching you, Haku san.”

“Ah, I see. But well, I’m here to do my job, so why don’t you do yours?”

“….Are you sure? Won’t it make your job harder?”

“Oh, I don’t mind. If that happens, I can do whatever I want.”

I don’t know what he meant by  that, but I was scared to pursue it any further.

…I mean, is it okay? Even if it is streamed.

I’d honestly be more grateful if she does. I don’t want to be in debt forever.

“I’ll take your word for it, but I’ll introduce Haku san as my friend who is studying abroad in front of the viewers.”

“F-friend !?”

“Yes. I don’t think anyone would understand if I explained that you were an assassin who came barging in. ……What’s wrong?”

“……I don’t have any friends. I-I see, Inami is my friend. Ehehe.”

Haku san grins happily.

I was so fascinated by it that my cheeks almost melted, and in order to disguise that feeling, I started preparing for the stream.

……Come to think of it, I haven’t had a friend since high school. It’s weird that the other person is an assassin, but I guess it’s okay if it’s Haku san.

“Then, I’ll start the stream.”

“Yeah !”

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