“Shit ! Shit, shit, shit ! Don’t screw with me, bastard ! !”

In a country. One day.

In an abandoned factory.

A man in his fifties sat there and watched as dozens of his subordinates were slaughtered without care.

The man was a mafia.

He was a fighter who had made his way in the world through violence.

Naturally, he had killed many people.

Many, without hesitation.

The man was greedy and wanted to rise to the top, and in order to get to the top of a tremendously large organization, he killed everyone who was above him at random.

Such a thing could not be allowed, but no one could match this man who specialized in combat, and finally an assassin was dispatched.

And not just any assassin.

“All of them……w-were killed……! What a woman ! Shit, shit !”

Armed with guns, these men were strong and well-trained in a hundred battles.

The assassin, who disposes of them with a single knife and comes at them with a calm face. The man clenches his teeth as he sees this almost inhuman act.

Everyone in the underworld knows of the existence of the most powerful group of assassins.

Among those who belong to this group, there is a particularly talented assassin named—[Iron Tie.]

She is about 20 years old.

Silver hair and eyes. She has a predator’s gaze like a beast that doesn’t match her beautiful appearance.

This woman is bad news. –The man’s sixth sense told him so.

He had to escape, but his body would not move, and even if it did, there was nowhere to run.

“W-wait, wait, wait ! Wait a sec !”

He thrust his hands out in front of him, desperately calling for the assassin to stop.

“You, what do you wish for!?”


“Money, a man to hold ! Anything ! If you like to kill, I’ll provide you with as much as you want, whether it’s a  child or an old man ! If you let me go, I’ll make anything come true ! !”

The other party is a very skilled assassin.

He didn’t expect such a blatant plea for his life to go through.

The man wanted time.

Time for his men, who were standing by on the ceiling, to snipe Tie in the back.

(Do it now ! Blow this bitch’s head off ! !)

The rifle’s muzzle aimed at the back of Tie’s head.

The man is deeply relieved that he survived, and his face already shows signs of composure.

The rifle makes a sound.

But the bullet landed on the ground without hurting anyone.

The aim is perfect. There was no mistake there.

It was dodged.

A shot from completely out of sight. The bullet, which reached Mach 2, was deflected off only the neck at the very least.

She then immediately threw a knife toward the back.

It cut through the air as if attracted, and pierced the sniper’s brain.

“……Y-you monster……!”

He muttered in a voice that sounded as if it was about to disappear.

The man felt his consciousness fading away, not feeling like he was facing the same creature.

Tie took out a new knife and slashed at the man with a thud.

The man’s skin and hair stained with returning blood.

Dragging out the discomfort that he would never get used to, the assassin quietly finished the job.

“Thank you for your hard work. Tie works quickly as always. I like that about you.”

“Good work, Dorado. I’m not happy about the praise, so get the car out of here. I need a shower.”


A black mini car was parked near the abandoned factory.

The brown-skinned woman sitting in the driver’s seat–Dorado smiled at Tie as she got into the passenger seat.

Tie, however, gave only a minimal response and sighed with a sigh as she wiped her face with a towel.

“You’re so quiet. Are you dissatisfied with something?”

“I hate blood. It stinks and it’s sticky.”

“Hmmm. You shouldn’t be a hitman then.”

“…..I don’t know how else to live.”

Dorado replied to Tie’s mutterings with a light-hearted laugh.

“Just check this out. Because it’s material for the next job.”


Tie received a stack of papers from Dorado and looked down at them.

Tie immediately tilted her head and looked next to her.

“This Inami is a Japanese….just an ordinary person, isn’t it? Why would they target someone like him?”

The people Tie has dealt with so far have varied in degree, but they are all scum who deserved to be killed.  On top of that, they had power in the surface society or the underworld, or both.

The next target, however, is an ordinary person who, as far as the documents tell, is completely innocent. There is no reason for her to kill him.

“I don’t know anything about that. As you know, I’m the mediator between the top and you assassins. What comes in from the right goes out to the left. I don’t know the details of what’s going on.”

“But he seems like a perfectly normal person—“

“Either you do it or you don’t. If you don’t do it, someone else will do it.”

“….. Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll take care of it.”

Some organizations torment their targets relentlessly.

Even though he did nothing wrong, she can’t bear to feel that this is the end of his life.

So, she would end his life with her own hands and with as little pain as possible—Tie’s thought.

“So, do you have any wishes?”

“Eh? W-what is it?

“The target just now had snipers positioned on the ceiling, right? I was secretly watching to see if you would die, too.”

“…That’s a bad habit.”

“Then that target said something about what you wanted, didn’t he? You didn’t answer anything, but I was a little curious if there was something you wanted. We’ve known each other for quite some time, but I’ve never seen you spend money properly.”

Tie shifted her gaze to the scenery outside and said in a small voice, [Something I wished for…..]

A car driving through the city.

Three parents and their children eating together on a terrace at a restaurant. A couple walking hand in hand. A child playing cheerfully. –Tie squinted her eyes and looked down, dazzled by such an ordinary, everyday life.

Longing for that kind of thing.

Wanting to live as a normal girl.

But no matter how much she craves it, it’s a life she can’t have.

A murderer cannot be accepted, she thought, and if she were able to hid it, it will be exposed eventually.

There is no one in the world who would treat her normally after she has been stained with blood.

“…..I don’t want anything. Don’t listen to that nonsense, just dirve me home.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re so boring.”

As they entered the tunnel, a familiar face reflected on the window.

Seeing that pitiful face like a withered flower, Tie let out a sigh for the second time today.

[Y-you failed to kill your target !? Even though the target was an ordinary person !?”

The night she failed to eliminate Inami.

On the phone, Tie told Dorado about her day.

“Ehehe, yeah. I failed.”

[D-don’t give me that. Is something wrong with you? That silence kid Tie—]

“It’s not Tie, it’s Haku. My name is Haku. Inami gave it to me.”

[Haaaaa ! !?]

Dorado exclaimed, not understanding what was going on.

Tie–no, Haku was lying on the bed, her cheeks relaxed with a grin.

And after explaining today’s events from the beginning to the end, Dorado let out a heavy sigh.

[…..In other words, you’ve been charmed by your target.]

“N-no ! It’s just, when I was about to eliminate him, Inami just ate with me, laughed with me, and even gave me a name. And when I left, he told me to be careful…..ehehe, he treated me like a normal girl ! SoI thought I’ll let him slide today !”

[That’s what I call being charmed.]

Dorado gave another sigh and said with a toss of her head.

[Be careful. Something strange is definitely coming to kill you.]


“Because if they hear anything about Tie screwing up–]

“It’s Haku, Haku. Don’t make a mistake.”

[…..I-if they hear Haku screwed up, they’re going to think you’ve lost your edge. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone took advantage of this opportunity to kill you and make a name for themselves. In fact, weren’t you involved with someone like that the other day?]

“Oh, yeah, that happened to me.”

[……You don’t seem to care at all. Well, it’s risky to go wild in a country like Japan, so they probably wouldn’t shoot you in broad daylight. Just in case, don’t forget to be cautious.]

“Yeah, okay.”

She hung up the call, put her smartphone on the side table, and rolled from side to side on the bed.

When she closes her eyelids, she can picture Inami.

He is tall. Looks a bit thin, but has a handsome face.

His profile while he was cooking was so serious that she thought he was cool.

A sleeve of cloth that could still be felt.

Usually, her hands are just bloody and uncomfortable, but today they are unusually warm and comfortable, and she feels restless.

“…I-I’m not being charmed. I’ll do my job properly. Eventually…yeah…!”

She said to herself, buried her face in the pillow, and moved her legs.

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