“Quite a few people came today….this much, is this in demand……?”

There’s no point in showing me eating everything I made, so I closed it at a random point and checked the data for today’s stream.

All the numbers are so good, including the maximum number of viewers and average viewing time, that it makes my previous activity seem ridiculous.

The amount of money thrown in is also huge, though not as much as yesterday.

“Come here, Inami. Let’s eat together.”

“Ah, yes, I’m coming.”

I put my phone on the kitchen table and went to sit down with Haku san, who was still eating in the living room.

On the table were leftover french toast and another bread dish made from three loaves of bread.

One was a crispy chocolate sandwich.

The bread is crushed thinly with a rolling pin and filled with chocolate, then baked in a frying pan while pressing down on the top. The surface is crispy and the chocolate inside is melted. Simple and easy, yet very tasty.

Another is the crispy bacon cheese sandwich.

Instead of chocolate, this one has mayonnaise, bacon and cheese in between.

The taste needs no explanation, there is no way this combination could be bad. Haku san wanted something sweet, but I also wanted something salty as long as I was going to eat it, so I made it.

“Mmm~~! Chocolate is so good ! I could eat it endlessly !”

“……It really does look like you could eat it endlessly, doesn’t it, Haku san?”

Three loaves of bread weigh about 1.8 kg.

I made french toast out of that in its entirety, and this person ate up 90% of it. On top of that, she ate the chocolate and the bacon and cheese without any loose ends, and I was worried that she might get a stomach ache later.

“What were you looking at in the kitchen earlier? A recipe for your next dish?”

“I’m a little concerned about the stream. Thanks to Haku san, a lot of people came, and you were very helpful today.”

“Hehehe, is that so? You can be more thankful, y’know?”

Haku san sniffs and makes a smug face.

When I bowed my head and said, [Thank you very much] she puffed out her chest in an increasingly good mood. But her face gradually took on a serious tone and she smiled a cool, beautiful smile.

“But really, the most amazing one is Inami.”

“Eh? No, I don’t really do anything….”

“Normally, you can’t speak well and cook without making mistakes in front of hundreds or thousands of people. I tried to disguise myself by eating, but I was so nervous.”

I was about to say that it was just a matter of getting used to it, so there was nothing wrong with it.

Before I could open my lips, Haku san reached out and placed her hand on top of my head. Then she stroked it slowly and gently, like an adult does to a child.

“Thank you for your hard work. Inami is amazing and very great.”

“I-is that so……?”

“Yeah. I’m the one who said it, so there’s no doubt about it !”

“……Thank you very much.”

“I’m the one who should thank you. Thank you for making me a delicious meal today.”

I was too embarrassed to look up because I was not used to receiving compliments in person and had not seen someone pat me on the head since elementary school.

But when she didn’t stop patting me at all, I gently raised my eyes to check the situation.

Then our eyes met, and her silvery-white eyes twinkled. She shows off her white teeth, showing what makes her happy.

“Ah ! H-Haku san, that’s it ! Your jacket !”


I guess it was because she was leaning forward on the table and paying attention to me. The hem of her jacket was covered with maple syrup that I had been pouring on the french toast. She returned to her original position and said, [Oh, well, nothing to worry about.]

“I’ll just take it to the cleaners. I have many suits just like it.”

“I remember you were wearing a suit yesterday, do you like it that much?”

“If I wear this suit for now, people will think I’m  in some kind of business or something and won’t be wary of me.”

Clothing that proves your identity is very convenient. You’re talking about something like a scam receiver wearing a suit to facilitate the delivery of money.

……I’m having a little trouble reacting to that.

“You know, I’ve seen my mentor wear a suit a lot too. It’s imprinted on me like this is the uniform of an assassin.”

“Mentor….so there’s such a thing as that. Kinda like a normal industry.”

“I just called them that on my own. I used to get beat up a lot, but my mentor always fed me and was like a father to me.”

Haku san’s face was proud as she spoke, yet somehow a little sad.

I was curious as to the reason for her expression, but somehow I felt it was better not to ask. I took the french toast in my mouth.

“Oh, that’s right. Actually, there is something I was gonna ask Haku san today.”

“Me? It’s okay, just ask away !”

She puffed out her chest with confidence, as if she was happy to be relied on.

……She really does act all cute, doesn’t she?

“Who requested you to kill me? In today’s Japan, it would be impossible for an ordinary person to make such a request, right?”

“I see. I’m sorry, I don’t really know. I only came to Inami’s place because I was told to do so by my superiors.”

The superiors must mean that there is some kind of organization that manages the assassins.

This is starting to sound like a movie.

“Then can’t you go to your superiors and ask the client to withdraw the request…..?”

“I can’t do that. We assassins promise to kill the target in exchange for a high fee.”

“Even if the client says they don’t want to do it anymore?”

“Yes. When you ask for it, it is the same as pulling the trigger of a gun. It’s too late to say to a bullet that is flying straight ! Just like that, you can’t say that they were wrong or that you want to stop.”

“……Thanks for the clear explanation…….”

If you request it, the other person will definitely die. As an assassin, this would be the perfect branding.

…..As the other party, I can only despair, though.

“But don’t worry ! As long as you have the ingredients, I won’t do anything to Inami !”

“……On the contrary, it’s a deadend when I run out of foodstuffs, right?”

“Well, in that case, you should just go shopping ! Yeah, I’m a genius ! Haku san is smart!”

I also went shopping today, but I didn’t expect to hear her talk about this backhanded life-prolonging measure. I was slightly concerned, wondering if that was okay with her as an assassin, and a dry laugh escaped my mouth.

“So, what are you gonna cook tomorrow? I wanna eat more and more of Inami’s cooking !”

“Tomorrow? Is there anything you want to eat, Haku san?”

“Hmm, I wonder what. If you;’re streaming anyway, I want it to be something that everyone will be happy to see.”

I can’t believe that she understands what a review is after the second time of stream……

She’s not stupid.

“It’s hard to stream every day like this, so why don’t we have a normal meal tomorrow? Since we’re celebrating 100,000 subscribers, how about some Yakiniku at home?”

“Y-yakiniku !?”

She smiled like a child who had just received a toy she had always wanted, and my cheeks relaxed. She has to know this. Everyone loves yakiniku.

“I’ll buy whatever kind of meat you like, Haku san. Do you like ribs, or do you want tongue, or something like that?”

“My favorite meat…..I don’t really know the names or anything. Can I go shopping with you?”


The plot is that you can’t kill me because of the ingredients, and then you go shopping with your target for even more of those ingredients, is that okay from an assassin’s point of view?

……No, well, it’s not my concern.

If that’s what Haku  san wants to do, I should let her do it

“Fine. Then let’s go.”

“Yay ! We’re going shopping !”

“I’m sorry to interrupt your fun, but a butcher store is not a glamorous place like a theme park, okay?”

Haku san’s joy is tremendous.

I thought that she might have a strange misunderstanding,

“I know that much. But it’s the first time in my life that I’m shopping with a friend ! Of course I’m excited !”

She smiled as if she was about to fall off.

……Shopping with a friend.

It’s been a while since I’ve been like that either.

“From the first time I met Inami, it was all new to me, and I’m really enjoying it. Thank you for being my friend ! “

“Since we met, we’ve only known each other since yesterday, right?”

“That means we’re going to have a lot more fun together ! I’ll give you all my firsts !”

“Goo-hoo ! Gohoo !”

I’m sure she doesn;t mean it that way, but my mind is so dirty that I couldn’t help but chuckle. [Are you okay?] Haku san worried, and I took a sip of water and regulated my breathing.

“I-I’m fine. I’m looking forward to going out with Haku san, too, and I got a little excited.”

“That so? Ehehe, I see. Inami is a helpless child.”

With a friendly smile on her face, she stretched out her legs under the table and nudged my knee.

It’s not painful, but the silly banter made me feel strangely happy, and I got back at her lightly.

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