I Was Rejected by a Childhood Friend, so Next Time I’d Like to Be at a Good Distance With Girls and Not Misunderstand

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I – Orikawa Hisanobu and her – Shijonawate Rinen had been childhood friends since long time ago with our houses next to each other, and we had been keeping half distance from each other in a conventional way. In order to blow it out of the water, in the last summer of junior high school, I confessed my feelings to my childhood friend who was like family to me, in order to take a step forward from the relationship we had had so far. However, the childhood friend’s response to my confession was to reject me, saying that I am not her boyfriend because we are family.

Depressed, the protagonist throws himself into his studies and new hobbies to fill the empty time he has left, and is able to enroll in a high school above his parents’ school. While trying to jump into a new school with a fresh start, he meets a different type of girl from his childhood friend and is confronted with a new way of thinking about himself and his relationship with them. There are three new classmates at the high school: a young lady named Suminodo Ageha, a wild classmate named Namazue Yuisa who wears her hair blonde as soon as she enters the school, and Marumiya Kasane, the head of the photography club who is always pushing him around. and his childhood friend, Shijonawate Rinen, who is a friend of mine.

I wonder how I should deal with them, and they smile at me when I point the camera at them. High school life begins, where obsession, jealousy, and tenderness intersect.

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Episode 1 – Childhood friend dumped me

Episode 2 – Morning Rescue

Episode 3 – Blonde classmates

Episode 4 – Morning School

Episode 5 – head class representative

Episode 6 – H-Hisa kun!?

Episode 7 – Head of the Photography Club

Episode 8 – To Yuisa’s house

Episode 9 – Homemade meal by a childhood friend

Episode 10 – My lunch together

Episode 11 – A-A friend

Episode 12 – Because we’re friends

Episode 13 – The distance is weird!

Episode 14 – Alone with a childhood friend

Episode 15 – Too many landmines

Episode 16 – You’re gonna get stabbed someday

Episode 17 – Fiancee of the daughter of the Suminodo family

Episode 18 – Outing with Suminodo Ageha

Episode 19 – It’s no fun taking pictures of me

Episode 20 – Ageha’s Photo

Episode 21 – Why are you

Episode 22 – Morning greeting childhood friends

Episode 23 – Share the photos you have taken!?