Relieved that Rinen had long since departed, I pedaled my bicycle alone to school. It was probably thanks to that early morning encounter that I was able to go to school with a refreshed feeling that was different from the morning routine of running.

Once inside the classroom, there were more classmates than I had expected, and they were either engaged in conversation about their freshly formed relationships, or having a slightly probing conversation, showing a variety of personalities.

Hanaten has not yet come. Maybe he is the type of person who goes to school just in time.

I greeted Suminodo-san, who had already taken a seat in front of me and was reading a book. Her half-up hair swung beautifully as she lightly bobbed her head, and her voice was clear and clear in reply.

“Good morning, Suminodo-san, are you up early again today? I’m a little late myself.”

“Good morning, Orikawa-san. It was about the same as yesterday, but some of the people here are earlier today than yesterday.”

“I see. Suminodo-san, are your arrival time going to be the same from now on as yesterday?”

“Yes, it is. I think it’s the best time because the trains will be crowded.”

“I see, I can come here by bicycle without using public transportation, including elementary, junior high, and high school, so I don’t have any connection with the city.”

She puts her hand over her mouth and smiles cutely.

“Fufu, I think that would be the best. It’s hard to get up early in the morning, after all. How soon will you be here, Orikawa-san?”

“I did my morning run today, but I’m a little behind. From tomorrow, I plan to come about the same time as yesterday.”

Suminodo-san looked impressed, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I gave her a wry smile.

“Are you going to join the sports club? My friends in the athletic club used to run in the mornings in middle school.”

“Ah, I don’t plan to join the athletic club in high school, but I was in the athletic club in middle school and it’s a habit of that routine. But I’m glad I did it. I take pictures as a hobby, and when I wanted to take landscape photos, it was more physical than I had imagined.”

“Photography! That sounds like fun.”

Smiling, Suminodo san joins the conversation. Unlike the serious, dignified expression on her face when she was reading a book, she was easy to talk to.

“It’s fun. I don’t just leave them on my phone, I go out of my way to carry a camera with me. Even when I look back at the photos in electronic format, I can look back and think how much fun it was.”

“So, are you going to join the photography club?”

“The photography club?”

Yesterday, along with the entrance ceremony, there was an introduction of club activities. There were many introductions of club activities to match the number of students, and among them was an introduction of the photography club, a so-called minor club activity. Other club activities included a fortune-telling club.

The photography club seems to work mainly as a photographer during school events. Broadcasting-related activities are handled by the Broadcasting Club. Of course, outside professionals are also called in, but it has always been a part of the club activities as the photography club.

The female club leader who introduced the club’s activities spoke clearly, but had long, kinky hair with bangs that covered her eyes. Her bangs made it difficult to see her face, yet she spoke with such a crisp, clear voice that it was as if she was trying to create a gap in her appearance.

The uniform was neat and sober, and the mirrorless single-lens reflex camera she brought out for explanation was a magnificent one that did not look like the petite head of the photography club. Although he looked slender, the pose in which he held the camera looked familiar.

“I’ll give it some thought. I started taking pictures less than a year ago, so it’s just a hobby. Which club are you in, Suminodo-san?”

“Well I am. I guess the tea ceremony club. I do flower arrangement at home, and I don’t have much time for the sports club due to family commitments.”

“Oh, you are a lady after all.”

“Fufufu, it’s not like that. I just like it because my mother likes it.”

In my imagination, Suminodo san in a kimono seemed like a good fit. She denied it, but I guess she is a young lady. Speaking of Suminodo san, I thought about it, but I quit searching my memory because I didn’t want to bring strange cares into the school.

As she was explaining to me about the flowers used in flower arrangement, Hanaten showed up just in time to tell me that the chime was about to ring.

“Well, just in time. Good morning, Orikawa!”

“Good morning, Hanaten. Just in time.”

The chime rang as he returned the greeting, and the homeroom teacher showed up with a little time to spare. Come to think of it, when I glanced over, I saw a conspicuous blonde girl, Namazue Yuisa, sitting in the back seat of the classroom.

It seemed that we really were classmates.

I looked around the class to take another look and found that she was the only one with blonde hair.

Looking at her. Isn’t Yuisa san having a little too much fun?

As if to affirm my opinion, my homeroom teacher’s voice rang out.

“Namazue san …… correct?”

“Yes, yes, it is correct!”

“….. is it? Yes, well, it is unusual to start from the first semester of the first year, but it is okay. Yes, then I will take your attendance.”

With such words from the homeroom teacher with a puzzled look on her face, the class understood that dyeing is indeed allowed without any problems under the school rules. However, because I saw the bewildered homeroom teacher’s reaction, I also understood. I knew she was playing too much.

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