On my morning routine run, I stopped in the middle of a bridge over a river. Normally, I would not stop at such a place, but the morning breeze was so pleasant and the river so sparklingly beautiful in the morning sun that I naturally stopped.

I also remembered that I had been dumped here by the way. Even now, when I think back to that time, my heart beats wildly.

I walked slowly to calm myself down and heard a bright dog barking.

“Good morning, Hisa-kun.”

“Good morning, Yuisa san. Wanna walk with me?”

“Don’t you have to run?”

“Oh, sorry, despite your amazingly solid outfit, I’m in the mood for a walk today.”

Different from yesterday, she was firmly dressed in an outfit similar to the running style we sometimes see. She has a leash in her hand, which is a little bit disconcerting.

“Don’t tell me if you notice mouu!”

“Woof woof.”

“Sorry, sorry. It’s Saturday, and I won’t be late if we take our time. I just thought it might be nice to take a walk once in a while.”

“Well, that’s good!”

Kontarou, the Shiba Inu, also squeals to cover for her, and I can’t help but laugh. We walk at a speed that will keep Kontarou occupied.

“You didn’t reply last night, did you manage to find a good part-time job?”

“Sorry I couldn’t reply! I’m embarrassed, but I went to buy these new clothes and shoes and didn’t look at my phone at all.”

“You’re really into your new clothes, aren’t you? I understand.”

“Hahaha, how embarrassing~”

“That’s not true. When I was in junior high school, I would buy a new pair of shoes and wear them all night long.”

“Thanks! But I’m sorry I didn’t look for a part-time job because of that.”

“Oh, well then, why don’t you go downtown with me today and see if there are any good places to get a part-time job? Actually, I was thinking of looking for a part-time job too.”

“Eeh!? U-umm”

“Sorry, if it’s not good for you, I’ll go alone.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, I’m fine! But Hisa kun, are you looking for a part-time job too?”

“Yeah, I’m going to join the photography club, and I wanted to go on a photo trip during the long vacation.”

“Great! That sounds like a lot of fun!”

She praises my casual hope with a body full of fluttering and fluttering. Kontarou, of course, didn’t quite understand what she was talking about, but he was jumping up and down with delight. I was a little embarrassed, but replied, “Thank you.”

“But I’m going to go to the photography club during the week, so I’d like to find something where I can work only on weekends.”

“So you’re going to look around the stores! Okay! I’m looking forward for it!

“Okay, 11 o’clock in front of the station?””

“No problem! I’m looking forward to it!”

After we parted in front of her house, I headed back down the street to my house, this time running as fast as I could. When I get home, I tell my mother I’m going out for lunch and don’t need lunch. I casually replied, “Well, I’ll go to a nearby restaurant,” and my mother didn’t care who I was going out with.

After finishing breakfast, my younger sister spent the time until she had to go to cram school, lazily watching TV. Slackly, my sister nodded her head.

“Where are you going?”

“Downtown. I’m going out.”

“Hmm. With who?”

“I’m alone.”


“You want something?”

“Well, pudding from this place a little off the station.”

I write down the store she showed me on her phone. If she agrees, I’m lucky. I’m relieved that my sister is happy without probing too deeply.”

“Onii san, you know…”


“Why don’t you go to Shijonawate’s party?”

“I’m not invited.”

“That’s true, but you know. If the need arises, you can go, can’t you? When you were in elementary school, you still went with Rinen onee.”

“The purpose is different.”

That’s all I said and cut the subject. The meaning of participating as a small child with almost no understanding is too different from what it means to be seen from the outside now. There is no way that the Shijonawate family’s lord would allow such a thing now.

Moreover, it is too much of a landmine that someone from a family who is not under the group umbrella or blood lineage under the name of Shijonawate, should participate in such a delicate timing.

Though it is a land mine, I thought I was a person in that land mine when I was in junior high school.

Time approaches. I dress as simply as possible and head for the station where I will meet up with Yuisa. Rinen and Ageha are probably on their way to a party at a hotel with a scenic garden in a slightly off-the-beaten-track location.

The frequency of bi-weekly or weekly parties for the wealthy and the business community is frightening. Moreover, the preparation for the parties is almost always controlled by Shijonawate or Suminodo in this region, so the power relationship is terrible.

When the Shijonawate family invites the daughter of the Suminodo family to the party, it’s obvious that they are going to be in trouble, even though they talk friendly on the surface.

The old man who is considerate may not care about it, but people around him may feel pain in their stomach. Especially Rinen’s parents.


Self-mockery spontaneously overflowed.

I was disgusted by the fact that I had just thought about it, even though I had told Ageha that I didn’t care about the house. I let out a long, long sigh and looked at the sky and saw that cloudy skies were prevailing, despite the morning news saying that there would be more clouds, but the chance of continuous rain was low

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