Episode 10



On my morning run, I ran into Yuisa, who was walking her dog. Her happy wave of her hand was very similar to the wagging tail of Kontarou, the Shiba Inu dog that was trying to run up to me next to her, and my cheeks relaxed.

We exchange cheerful greetings, and I slow my pace to match hers. Perhaps because of the increased pace of our walk, Kontarou’s movements had become more nimble. Kontarou walked in front of us as if he was jumping up and down with a thump.

“Sorry to interrupt your running! I was surprised at how fast your pace was!”

“I didn’t increase the distance, I just kept up the routine and gradually got faster and faster. Do you always take the same route?”

“Well. If I leave it to Kontarou, we might already be on the same route together now!”

Did Kontarou called me?! Since he glanced at us like that, when Yuisa-san said “cute, cute”, he looked satisfied and led us forward again.

The route was different from usual, but we decided that it would be okay if we took a turn along the way.

She and I chat and jog a short distance together before parting ways. She seemed reluctant to leave me, but when I asked her to let me keep up the pace of my routine, she pulled back. I think it’s important to get to know her better, but it’s not the same as relaxing this routine. Because.

The scenery flows by. I ran through this road today, where the only thing that keeps changing is the hue.

On my way back home, I see my childhood friend Rinen just coming out of the gate. I slowed down and stopped to greet her.

“Good morning, Rinen.”

“Good morning, Hisanobu. I see you are with me today as usual.”

“No irregularities today, so I was able to keep up with the pace.”

“I see. Then, I’m going”

She said that and got into the black car parked right in front of her. She told me that up until junior high school, she went to school like a normal student, but after entering high school, her parents instructed her to take the car both to and from school.

This is another area that has changed since middle school. The driver was a different, slightly younger woman than the one I met last. I think she was a woman, but she was dressed in a crisp suit and was more fittingly described as cool than beautiful. She looked at me, then gave a small bow and started the car with Rinen in the back seat.

I saw the car off and quickly headed back to my house to get to school early too.

It was a little early in the morning at school, and the sparse crowd made it seem as if there were naughty fairies making little noises. On my way to class, I would pass by a gathering of people, eavesdropping on their conversations, and then I would pass by without hearing the end of it.

That girl was cute, the senior I saw yesterday was cool. The boys in class 8 are cool, etc., etc. And then, a more in-depth conversation about the school caste, which has been formed in various ways. For me, there is no need to stop, and the noise is left behind as I continue on my way.

When I entered the classroom of the second year class on the third floor, I found Ageha already seated in her seat, quietly reading a book. The morning sunlight softly shone on Ageha’s figure, and it looked like a beautiful painting cut out of the morning classroom. If I had been allowed to hold up the camera in the bag on my back, I would have taken a picture. But that would have been too impolite. I am not an artist photographer.

“Good morning, Ageha. Sorry for calling so late last night, did you sleep well?”

When I called out a greeting, she slowly put the bookmark between the pages of her book and slammed it shut, looked up at me smiling, then opened her mouth and uttered a crazy voice

“O-Oooo-oo! Go”


When I tilted my head, she looked embarrassed, as if she herself had been terribly startled by the voice she uttered, and then she started again.

Kohon. Good morning. Yes, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. Although it was late, did H-Hisanobu san get a good night’s sleep?”

“I understand. If you don’t get enough sleep, even simple things will stop and you won’t be able to move unless you think about it. I slept well enough to complete my daily running routine today as well.”

“I-I see.”

Ageha looked a little sulky at my response, then immediately put on the calm expression I’ve often seen since yesterday. I told Ageha as if I had just remembered.

”Today’s class committee member’s section, there’s a meeting at lunchtime during the school year, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s unusual to have a meeting during lunch instead of after school, isn’t it?”

“Yes, although I think I’ll have more free time after school.”

“I go to the tea ceremony club after school, so it’s much better than having a meeting with no definite end time. By the way, have you prepared lunch? I heard it’s supposed to be a lunch meeting to deepen our friendship.”

“I couldn’t ask my parents to pack a lunch box yesterday, so I was thinking of buying some bread at a convenience store or in the store before the lunch break.”

Ageha interrupted the conversation a little bit at my words and opened her mouth in a hesitant manner.

“Well, when I asked for lunch, my family prepared a little too much for me. If you don’t mind, would you like to share my lunch?”

“That would be great. I’d like to join you if you don’t mind.”

“! I’m glad to hear that! I would feel bad if I left behind a lunch that I alone would not be able to finish by myself.”

“I’m grateful too, because I have nothing but high expectations for the lunches from Ageha’s house.”

“I-if you expect that much from me. It’s quite normal, you know?”

“Suminodo” is definitely not normal, I say only in my mind, talking about the book she was reading and the morning news. Ageha seems to be checking the current affairs as well as the house, and she would talk about what she had seen and heard with Ageha herself digging deeper and sharing her opinion on the matter. That’s why the flowers bloomed with topics that were not typical of high school students.

When Yuisa, who had arrived at school at a slightly later time, came into the mix, she didn’t join in with our conversation, so I asked her to talk to us about her favorite things.

In particular, she powerfully explained that although she sometimes watches dramas, what she likes most is watching videos of cute dogs on video sites. Yuisa then explained the cuteness of the Shiba Inu.

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