I listen to the voice echoing from the direction of the door.

“Kano~, did you get a love letter again?”

“Shion, good morning. As usual, this envelope is from Kajita-kun.”

Chihara Shion – the central figure in the class with blonde hair and flashy make-up.

I mean, after all, this is Tanba-san’s original tone of voice. …… I’m glad it’s not my imagination.

I wonder why she’s so polite to me and Tsukane, I wonder if there’s a …… reason for it.

She walked past me and got to Tanba san, took the letter she was given and looked at it, but pulled it away.

“Uwwa, how many times has that guy done that?”

“Seventh time? Do you think I should read what’s in it?”

No, it would be better to read it, but I wonder if it is possible to do so lightly.

But, well, …… surely Tanba-san seems to be seriously liked.

It’s very strange that he approached her seven times, but there may be a problem with the specific reply that Tanba-san gave her.

And then, as if Chihara sparked something, she grinned and laughed with her mouth in the shape of a crescent moon.

“Think of it. Can I put it in Chiharu’s place?”

It’s a bold move for harassment, but everyone knows that Chihara and Chiharu don’t get along.

If you show a poor sense of justice, you won’t be so vulgar as to bully someone, but you’ll become a target to be avoided.

Such is the influence that upper caste has.

In particular, rumours about obscure matters are passed on as truth to the year group students.

For example, even if a student’s grades are not that bad, if a rumour starts, everyone will look at him in a degrading way.

Grades can be proven, as they are not always obvious, but will they make the effort just to dispel the rumour?

It is almost impossible to develop a situation where a student originally had poor grades and hid his abilities.

A little motivation from someone who doesn’t work hard can only be a hardship as they are not used to it.

In fact, that is what happens.

This was especially true today, when information flies around so easily.

However, there are exceptions.

That is Chiharu, who is also a high caste member, and her companion, me.


“… ah.”

Chihara saw me changing my shoes.

Do not look at me. …… I’m close by, so I can hear what you’re talking about.

I’m not sure about Tanba-san, who told her about my presence, but if it means stopping the mischief, I guess it’s something I’ll have to endure.

No, if possible, I don’t want to get involved either, so don’t do anything unnecessary.

I wouldn’t mind at least saying hello to her in the morning, but there’s not much interaction between me and Chihara, if anything.

If I talk to her in a friendly way in this situation, it might seem like I’m trying to stir things up.

But from Chihara’s point of view, she sees me as a coward, and that’s why that conduct is spreading, so it’s only natural that I should be careful.

That means I’m creating a hole for myself to let Chiharu poke me, and there is only risk.

“‘I’m joking. Throw it away.”

“Yeah, do that. Surely I don’t need to read it again.”

“Hmm? huh, that’s that thing you were saying before ……, wasn’t it? That thing you said before about ignoring everything when you get a boyfriend.”

That’s right, Tanba-san, you’ve reaffirmed that you had a bad character.

I mean, what is it about …… if you get a boyfriend? Is ignoring love letters a signal that you have a boyfriend?

Eh, it’ll spread, won’t it? I braced myself, but …… thinking about it, even Chihara wouldn’t want to do anything that would disrupt the class, and she clearly likes the idea of Tanba-san having a boyfriend in itself.

“Yes. Well, It’s been enthusiastic so far, and I guess it serves as a kind of report. If I don’t read it, it should let him know that I’m no longer interested.”

Apparently, it can also be conveyed to the person who has confessed to you that not reading the love letter is a trigger.

Hearing these words, Chihara looked very evil.

“Kano, you really have a bad character~. You’re totally stirring things up. So, who is it?”

“It’s a secret.”

I see, you cannot to let the other party know……. That would be a good recognition that Chihara cannot be passed the secret, either.

No, I won’t be involved in the future, so there’s no problem.

However, Chihara seemed to be able to find it without any problem, so I made sure to memorize it in the back of my mind.

“Jeez, that’s cold~. But I see…… it’s finally happened.”

“Yeah, you guessed it.”

“Then, I won’t interfere any more – good luck.”

“If Shion says so, I can’t not do my best, can I?”

From Chihara’s dialogue, it seems that she knows about the situation at Tanba-san’s house.

Well, the two have been together for a year now and are probably trustworthy friends.

At the same time as the two of them headed for the classroom, I walked behind them, keeping a certain distance.

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