The Holy Land of Grateka.

As its name implies, it is a large country that thrives as a country dedicated to the Holy Mother of Goddess Merusana, who is worshipped throughout the continent.

It is about a year old,

A multi-headed black dragon named Galvoron settled in the “Sacred Deep Forest,” which existed in the territory and prospered as a kingdom of the fairy tribe, and brought disaster.

Galvoron had the ability to brainwash and manipulate other dragons, and with this power, it seemed to be plotting to dominate the surrounding countries, including Grateka and the neighboring kingdom of Woana.

Due to its overwhelming fury, Galvoron was recognized as “demon king class,” and a “heroic party” was formed to defeat it, led by Grateka.

–The party consisted of fiancees led by Alta the hero.

Needless to say, however, those who knew Alta’s background were divided in their approval or disapproval.

Even the Pope of the Temple of the Virgin of Mersana, who had given Alta an oracle as a hero, was reluctant to give the oracle at the king’s request.

Originally, the engagement was only an unavoidable offer of the beloved daughters due to the hardship caused by the circumstances in the alliance and in the territory.

Therefore, when they were informed of Alta’s “hiring fake hero,” the parents of the engaged couples clapped their hands and rejoiced.

They accepted the annulment of their daughters without any blame and, on the contrary, complained to the king, Arlos, about it.

King Arlos was embarrassed and disowned his son when he learned that the “fake hero” was a member of an assassination organization and an assassin of the highest rank, and that the organization had a grudge against him because Alta had wrongfully dismissed him.

Indeed, Alta is a lousy fool. There would be no redemption there.

But can we say that Alta is the only one to blame?

The one who had skillfully led him into exile, and who had successfully taken possession of the Holy Land of Grática.

The one who became the current queen and de facto queen.

Eliza von Euken

The sister of former hero Alta.

“…… Eliza. chan The overlords won’t follow my instructions~. What should we do?”

In a room, Rotakka, the current king, is whining.

He was once a barbarian prince who was adopted as a son-in-law as a sign of trade friendship and became a member of the royal family of the Holy Land of Grateca.

He is not a good-looking man, with a fat, bulky build, and he is about twice the height of his wife, Eliza, and considerably shorter.

He is harmless, but timid and petty, and his close associates secretly call him the “King of the Balls,” the “King of Pigs,” or even “Miracle the Pig” because he is not suited for the position of king.

His wife, Eliza, on the other hand, has a different reputation.

She is good-looking, intelligent, and well-liked.

She is also recognized and adored as the “Queen of Shadows” by her relatives and other countries for her devoted support of her husband, who is unreliable in the shadows.

“I understand, Rotakka. Let me condemn them. You will act resolutely as the king.”

“Yes, I understand~. I’m going to eat a snack~.”

No, you were eating earlier,……, Eliza thought, but decided to leave it unspoken.

She no longer cared about her husband.

Her love for him had long since cooled.

Had she ever had any love for him at all?

She had only become Rotakka’s wife through a political marriage.

Eliza herself has never been in love with the opposite sex.

She even cursed herself for being born a woman.

The cause of her unhappiness lies with her own brother, Alta.

Despite his incompetence, his younger brother was the rightful heir to the throne and was always pampered by those around him, simply because he was born a man.

His father and mother also doted on Alta, while he was seen only as a tool in a political marriage.

It’s just that they’re different in gender…she hate him, how disgusting.

If only I had been born a man,…… she thought, and how many times she bit her lips until they bled.

As long as she is royalty, she cannot escape from this negative spiral. She had resigned herself to the fact that she would eventually marry into another country she did not know.

Therefore, at the time she took Rotakka as her husband, she still remembers how relieved she was.

He is selfless except for his appetite, and he obeys 100% of what he is told, partly due to his weak temperament.

She doesn’t care what he looks like. He and his beautiful-looking wife are so unbalanced that the people and the authorities seem to smile at them.

They are always smiling at the simple-mindedness of the couple. After all, just like Alta, they are morons who can only see the best.

(Hilarious, really hilarious ……)

For Eliza, Rotakka is a perfect puppet.

She stands up to her husband, advises him, and controls the affairs of state. She can also go to her aides and give them instructions herself.

Everyone disregards Rotakka, but does what she says. She is the rightful royalty, and is commanded to do so by the deposed king, Arlos.

(Delightful, indeed. ……)

Now that she has been humiliated for so long and has the Holy Land of Grateka at her disposal, Eliza is on a roll.

But she must never show it. She must play the role of a good wife and a healthy queen who supports her disappointing husband.

She has been playing the role of a good princess and a good sister since she was a child, so it is easy for her to get by in the eyes of the public.

And then there was her husband, Rotakka. She has a body that is the height of extravagance. He may eventually die of diabetes.

If that is the case, so be it. It’s only a matter of time when she reigns as “queen” herself.

The only legitimate royalty now is her. …… she can change the law if she wants to. No one would oppose her now.

That’s what she was thinking.

“Miss Eliza!”

A man approaches.

A knight in shining armor.

He is a young man in his mid-twenties, with a handsome face.

His name is Euro White.

He was one of the holy knights guarding the queen.

The man knelt behind Eliza, who was standing by the window.

“Euro, is that you? What can I do for you?”

“Yes. The duke of Murand has asked for an audience with Eliza to discuss political matters.”

“…… Haa? As a minister, you should have told the king directly. ……Okay, I have an appointment first, so I will accept an audience after that is over.”

She let out a sigh and inwardly smiled and said, “I guess so.”

Of course, an audience with ministers and other important people is not the role of a queen. Most queens are the organizers of the ladies’ clubs and social circles made up of nobles.

However, the heavy hitters know this. Her husband, King Rotaka, is incompetent. The excellent Queen Eliza is in charge of everything.

That is why they went out of their way to offer an audience to the queen.

As Eliza was about to leave the place without hesitation, she was enveloped by a soft warmth from behind.

The holy knight Euro embraced her from behind.

“Don’t do it, Euro. What if someone sees you?”

“I’m sorry ……, Eliza. I am so in love with you …… that I just couldn’t resist.”

In the past, Euro and she had been in a relationship as a man and a woman through personal protection.

It is not because love

He was popular among the ladies of the court because of his good looks and his behavior as a holy knight, and they called him “good-looking”.

Eliza, who only knew her husband, Rotakka, as a man, wanted to know what it was like to be a handsome man, so she tried to have an affair with him once.

But she was not particularly interested in him, just the atmosphere.

She thought that a Rotakka who still listens to her was much better.

At least her husband doesn’t have these outbursts. Except for the eating …….

But Euro was different.

He is completely smitten and infatuated with Eliza, even though it has only happened once.

As for Eliza, she is really cold, and she even wants to get rid of him.

“But. If you want to seek me, first show me your loyalty as a holy knight.”

“I-I am sorry”

Euro left Eliza and knelt down again. She looked around to make sure no one was around.

But this man is also a problem.

It is so easy to be caught flat-footed by a single mistake.

Even though the rights of men and women are said to be equal, in today’s society, the men’s side is still privileged.

Polygamy is a good example. This is especially true for royalty and aristocrats.

No matter how mild-mannered she is, it is not good for her husbands to know about it.

And if her aides or the public were to find out, it would certainly be the end for Eliza as well.

(I can’t let it drag on like this. What should I do?…..)

Eliza was feeling a bit uneasy about Euros and was thinking about how to deal with him.

Should she reopen the case with a “forceful ……” or something similar? Or should she hire an assassin and dispose of him?

But even though she can be cunning in politics, she has her own conscience and sense of ethics.

That was the only difference between her and Alta.

“Excuse me, queen!”

This time, another holy knight rushes in.

“What’s going on?”

“T-That’s …… the report that that Prince Alta has secretly returned to the territory of Grateca!”

“What!? That idiotic fool!”

Queen Elize slip at the unexpected news.

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5 months ago

As a whole, I don’t think she is much better than Alta. I wonder how author-sama will deal with her.