Waking up fresh in the morning came true.

Sleep, it seems, is a kind of comfort drug that alleviates some of my worries, although I do get a bit of a headache thinking about yesterday.

“Ara, what a coincidence. Tomose-kun.”

When I arrived at school, I was approached by Tanba-san on the street where we had parted yesterday.

I don’t want to think of her being waiting for me to show up…., I’ve never met her on my way to school before.

I rudely suspected that she was waiting for me.

“How long have you been waiting?”

“No, no, it was really just a coincidence, okay? If things go well, I honestly wanted to meet Tomose-kun or Yukimura-san, so I changed the route.”

The part that says Tsukane makes the words more true.

I guess that means she really wants to get to know me.

Or maybe the reason she originally showed her attachments to me was because her true goal was to befriend Tsukane.

Walking side by side, I quietly watch my surroundings.

At this time of the day, I don’t see a single student from the same school.

I, a well-behaved person, always arrive at school at this time with time to spare.

I have a feeling that Tanba-san is always in the classroom early in the morning, and what she says must be true.

“Tanba-san shouldn’t be particularly interested in me, but she was strangely preoccupied with me yesterday.”

“Yes? I’m interested. There were many people who were as aggressive as Tomose-kun, but no one was as serious as Tomose-kun.”

So she was at least interested in …… me.

This fact makes me feel a little better.

I knew it when she made me her boyfriend candidate, but it makes me happy when she says it.

“Did you know that others wasn’t serious?”

“Yes, because the others had ulterior motives.”

“I think normal boys are like that.”

“That’s why Tomose-kun, who is not normal, is special.”

The face that smiled at me meaningfully was cute.

So I am being treated special in Tanba san’s mind.

It …… feels a little embarrassing.

“The special treatment should be given to the hero who solved Kano’s problem.”

“What is that. You’re not going to solve it?”

“It depends.”

“I see. That’s very encouraging.”

“Ha? I didn’t say yes willingly.”

“I’m sure Tomose-kun will solve the problem. You are suited for that kind of thing, aren’t you?”

Is it because you know I’m a competitive child?

But that doesn’t mean I should stir up the Tanba family’s affairs,…….

“Do you know the rumors about my winning percentage?”

“Was it 40%?”

“Yes, usually in a match with equal rules, the balance is set so that the winning percentage is 50%. But I’m 40%. I’m weak.”

Tanba-san has the kind of personality that you would not believe unless you actually see it with your own eyes, nevertheless, you should at least try to determine your superiority or inferiority, even if it is just a matter of calculation.

“Tomose-kun is playing against the odds, isn’t he?”

“I’ve played on equal footing and lost. I’m often ridiculed by my peers.”

“So, you are not confident?”

What’s the point of playing a game you have no chance of losing?

Have you been reading too many novels? Do you enjoy winning from ……, where you are bound to win from a meta point of view? I just don’t get it.

If you make a mistake and it doesn’t have a bad ending, it doesn’t create tension.

And because you lose, you want to win the next time.

You devise tricks and traps.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, even if it’s a close game, it’s meaningful to win as a result.

Therefore, playing games with Tsukane has become a daily pleasure for me.

“No, I have it. Anyone who plays a game he plans to lose without confidence is a fool.”

“That’s true, too. And yet, it depends?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to raise the bar too high, because if you raise the expectations, the damage will be much worse if you fail.”

When it comes to the game you are playing for someone else, it is even more so.

I will do my best, but there are absurdities in this world.

Laws, laws of physics, and other unforgivable things cannot be overturned.

And the most troublesome of all the connected things is the atmosphere.

A privately created, unspoken rule may not work for everyone, but to the extent that it does, it deserves to be absurd.

“The rest is…….”

“Are you doing this for my sake?”

“No. It’s for my confidence in the next round. Everything else is left to your imagination.”

“I see.”

I deceived her appropriately, and she replied curtly.

Well, Tanba-san, who is at the center of the problem, may feel that it is difficult.

Caste in this school is similar.

There is a hierarchical relationship within the school, but as long as you are a student there, you are forced to be a part of it.

I don’t know about the popularity of such a trend, however the important thing is that it is a fact.

The absurdity cannot be overturned, and if you object to it, you will only be strangling yourself.

“You’re not going to tell me about the circumstances?”

“Are you curious? I’ll tell you at the last minute because I don’t want you to run away.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if I could escape at the last minute, so you wouldn’t have time to persuade me?”

“I’m just kidding. I am being mean because I want to talk to Tomose-kun.”

Yeah, it seems that the reason I was having such an honest conversation was because I wanted to know the situation as soon as possible.

I don’t feel good about it, but I can’t say I’m completely wrong, and that deliberate smile is cute, so I let it go.

While we were conversing, we came to a point where we could see the school.

We parted to go in a little later, since going in together could have caused the discovery of our relationship.

“Well then, would you like to join me again after school?”

“Well, …… I’m sure I won’t be suspected of having met you for a little while, so let’s do that.”

As I enter the school building a few minutes later, yesterday’s events come to mind, but I try not to think about them instantly.

But as I headed in, Tanba-san was standing in the shoe box.

–Why is she still in the shoe box?

The distance between us was a little awkward, and I superimposed it on yesterday’s scene.

In her hand was a love letter that I could see with a single glance. I see, that’s the reason.

I try not to keep staring at it and head for my shoe box.

I open the shoe box with a rattling sound, followed by the sound of the school door opening.

I catch a glimpse and there she is – Chihara Shion.

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