“Why ……”

“Aside from the fact that I didn’t notice you, I think my attitude toward you earlier was disrespectful.”

Even though we’ve been childhood friends, we should have drawn a line between what we’re allowed to do to each other.

Tsukune doesn’t like being pushed too hard, so I’ve been careful not to do that, and I’ve always kept to the bare minimum. There are many things that I have to be careful about because I am of the opposite sex.

This time, I was cruel as a person.

I should have bowed out immediately upon learning the identity of the person Tsukane likes.

This was beyond redemption.

“That’s….I feel like I did something that Tomose’s heart couldn’t bear. If that wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t have been so angry.”

Tsukane too had lost her composure when we discussed it alone.

But, thinking back on it, I guess she understood my feelings.

Oh yeah, …… I’ve been tormented by you for over two weeks.

I may have been mistaken in my assumption, but I was more hurt by it.

But it hurt me more than that. …… You were right, I was a stupid man.

“Yeah, well, then …… it’s mutual, you know. We didn’t fight a lot, so it’s been a while and I’d forgotten my limits.”

“Yeah, so ……”

“So, Tsukane, can I hold off on responding?”

Does Tsukane get angry of the so-called “keep” method?

I may not be a romantic comedy hero, but it would be a way many times better than adding to the number of misfortunes.

And a little revenge for all the waiting.

“Let’s play the game, Tsukane. We’ve always decided that way, haven’t we?”

The same way we always do it, if we can’t get things done, we’ll postpone and try to solve the problem.

That’s the way it’s always worked for us.

Please, I hope so.

My feelings would also go unrewarded.

“If word gets out about the relationship between me and Kano, I’ll dump Kano at that point.”


The first to voice surprise at the suggestion was Tanba san.

It is natural,……, because it is Tanba-san who will be the most troubled if her own convenience is made insupportable in the middle of the process.

“That’s where it would end if I spread the word right.”

“You have a very narrow perspective. I only said I was breaking up with Kano, I didn’t say I was going out with Tsukane.”


I hope you got the message that I would hate you if you implicitly spread the word about this.

I am sure Tsukane would understand.

The look of silent contemplation on her face shows that she understands.

Is it cheating? Maybe.

I know Sokune better than anyone else.

Yes, …… this is not a serious game, but for Tsukane it’s no better than a game of luck.

“And try to make me fall in love with you again! On this stage, Tsukane’s role is that of an audience member.”

“Yes, I get it. If you give me a chance, I’ll take it. You knew I wouldn’t say no, so you said it. You’re so cunning.”

Until now, Tsukane had never refused to take part in a game I had proposed.

Of course, I knew what I was doing and proposed it.

But I will not allow interference.

All she has to do is just watch and see how things turn out for me and Tanba-san.

All I want you to do is to believe in me.

I want you to believe that things will be restored.

If you show me once again that your feelings are genuine, I will surely fall in love with you again.

“What’s the deadline, Kano?”

“…One week. You’re such a selfish person for something like this to happen… Don’t you have more things to worry about?”

The deadline I asked for was, of course, the time until Tanba-san had dinner with her father.

If the deadline passed, we would break up anyway.

It was a good thing that she insisted on making me her real boyfriend once the problem was resolved, but in reality, Tanba-san was not an easy-going girl, so the hopes are slim.

But the expression on her face was somewhat joyful.

“I can be on stage,……, and that’s enough for me. I’ll allow Tomose-kun’s proposal. I can’t spread the word either.”

“In that case, if things get dangerous, could you please help me too?”

“Uwaa, it’s lame of you to rely on me after all. But if Tanba-san bows her head and asks for it, I might be willing to cooperate.”

“I’ll bow my head honestly then.”

Tanba san said honestly.

If she wasn’t a quarrelsome person, did she still want to get along with her?

Her mind are hard to read.

“But don’t forget. The reason why I make concessions even though it would be advantageous for me to spread the relationship is because I think I can win the game even if the relationship doesn’t spread.”

And Tsukane also reopened the relationship and said back to Tanba san in a vigorous manner.

I think it’s a lukewarm way to get back at her after being provoked earlier, but I realized once again that Tsukane is a kind girl after all.

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