What should I do in this situation?

While I was lost, Tanba-san was really getting closer to me.

Tsukane could only watch her actions while wiping away …… tears.

“Was it a lie that you were going to leave in a hurry?”

“I’m sorry, I said it at random.”

“I see. I’ll forgive you. As an apology, will you go home with me?”


I understand the meaning of the words.

But that suggestion in front of Tsukane’s eyes would be a no-no.

I don’t think Tanba-san can’t read the air

But it’s too much like a proposal to pick a fight.

I want you to consider my position.

Tanba-san, who is not supposed to have any contact with me, has appeared on the stage.

Tsukane knew what that meant.

Tsukane is smart.

She could find the answer on his own.

“Wait a minute! What is it? Could it be that Tanba-san is Tomose’s girlfriend?”

“Yes. As you can see.”

Sokune Tsukane upset and said something bold.

In response,Tanba san answered smoothly.

Why does she remain so calm?

She seemed like a different person from the Tanba-san who was talking with me.

Did she get over it after our earlier conversation?

No, no.

It must be a change in consciousness triggered by the presence of an enemy.

“Tomose-kun and I went out just now.”

And then she entangles her own arm in mine.

I am a little nervous, but I shudder at the more sombre atmosphere.

Even I can tell. This is – this is a shuraba.

It’s a vague fact, except for the details.

But I wonder if it’s okay for that much to be known.

It’s hard for me to decide whether or not it’s okay for me to say it.

“Kano, you don’t hide it, do you?”

Calling her by name while hiding the truth.

I signaled to Tanba-san that I was going to talk to her.

I could only hope that she could fix the situation.

Then Tanba-san took one look at my face and smiled.

“Yes, she is a friend of Tomose-kun’s and it would be good for her to know about it. It looks like you were in danger earlier, right?”

Since I am expected to act like a boyfriend, I probably don’t want to be noticed.

The rumor-mongers are very troublesome.

However, I haven’t responded yet.

It’s actually troublesome to be looked at with suspicion about something like that.

“Besides, she won’t spread it around unnecessarily. She would rather help us hide it, wouldn’t she?

“You understand perfectly. If I spreads the word, it would cause a lot of trouble in addition to approving the relationship.”

It’s going to be a lot of trouble ….huh

Concerns about cracks in the current grade caste?

In our class, there are two cheerfull groups.

Our group is led by a girl named Oinuma Chiharu.

The gal group, led by Tanba-san and Chihara Shion.

And as they say – there exists a reason why my class is more affected than the other class.

Thanks to Chiharu and Chihara’s antagonism, there is a balance.

Hence, we are not at odds with each other in our class, but we are at each other’s throats.

If the topic of my relationship with Tanba-san were to come up, the balance would be broken.

There would be nothing but problems whether Tanba-san comes to this group or I go to the other group.

In the first place, such a thing is impossible since our groups are different in color.

It would be an easy gap for the other classes to exploit.

There are a certain number of people who don’t like the fact that we stand out.

The group that will be poked first will probably be chiharu’s group.

Chihara’s group will be the first to be pounced on, since she has a wide range of interactions with them due to her natural ability as a communicator.

Therefore, it would be impossible for her to end things without making waves when she found out about the relationship.

“So, Tanba-san? Can I ask first? No, I have the right to protest, don’t I?”

“I want to be alone with Tomose-kun as soon as possible, so please make it quick.”

Please stop talking like you are trying to pick a fight.

I could feel her arms tighten, as if she really didn’t want me to be taken.

It’s probably just an act, but it’s getting harder and harder to understand.

The autumn change of clothes has made me wear long sleeves.

The feeling through the cloth not being able to touch my skin.

Still, Tanba-san was close to me, and my senses became sharp.

The warmth of her neck is transmitted through the air.

This is the heat of Tanba-san’s breath.

The closeness hit me.

It was not only warm but also a little ticklish.

…… my mind is going to be preoccupied with that.

In contrast, Tsukane’s eyes look as if she is looking at a thieving cat.

“You know, I announced my confession two weeks before the exam. That’s why I came first before Tanba-san.”

“Does it matter whether it comes first or not? That’s fine, I admit it. Yukimura san was the first to confess. Is that all you want to say?”

“You admitted it, right? Then we have the same chance.”

Tsukane says nonchalantly.

In contrast, Tanba-san looks as if she wants to say, “Oh shoot.”

She seemed to have realized her mistake.

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