Tsukane is good at this kind of quotation.

Perhaps Tanba-san is mistakenly thinking that …… Tsukane has confessed to me.

The current exchange made her eliminate the possibility that I had not received a confession.

Furthermore, she blocked the counterargument to escape that the conversation was over because I had not received a confession.

Next, she made her feel guilty for interrupting her when she was supposed to confess first.

Apparently, Tanba san’s salty response backfired.

“Tomose may have decided to go out with Tanba-san. But it’s a feeling that grew out of fake affection.”

If we were just affable and friendly, we wouldn’t be at the top of the caste.

We had our own ways of getting around that always gave us the upper hand.

In Tsukane’s case, she is the type of person who, unlike her personality, is logical and can look at the current situation from a bird’s eye view and come up with a winning strategy.

“Why do you think that?”

Tanba-san’s voice became trembling, as if she had begun to break out in a cold sweat.

She appeared to be losing her face, as if her plating was being peeled off.

I wonder if she really saw through her.

Even though she knew it couldn’t be true, Tsukane’s calm words became more truthful and made her more upset.

“I announced my confession, but I didn’t say that I would do it to Tomose, so Tomose misunderstood. When he thought I was leaving, he felt pessimistic, as if his heart was broken.”

That is a factual explanation that blocks any rebuttal.

She could accuse playing with me here, etc., but I’m sure that’s factored in by Tsukane.

I mean, I’m glad she knows me so well.

If I had not been in this situation, I might have been more pleased.

However, it was the wrong person.

Tanba-san, with a reassuring look on her face and out of the danger of being taken charge, responds with a half-tone higher response.

“I see. Ah, so that’s why Tomose-kun looked like he was in despair about something. I’m glad there was just enough room for me.”

Her tone is polite, but she has a way of making a mess of things.

Her elegant, yet prickly, way of stirring things up is proof that she, too, is capable of standing at the top of the caste.

It is a tasteful way of doing things.

In the clear correlation between the three of us, she effectively showed that my connection with Tsukane has been severed by using a substitute piece, herself.

She seems to be trying to say that Tsukane is out of the loop.

She does not condemn Tsukane’s selfish ways, but only says what is convenient for her.

Objectively speaking, it is a boast of being lucky, but it must be more damaging than one can imagine to the person to whom it is directed.

However, Tsukane also has a strong and determined spirit.

It’s not as if she was beaten in a battle of tongues, and she is not so soft that she will break.

“I don’t care what Tanba-san thinks, but I am telling Tomose. Hey Tomose, why don’t you reconsider? Surely, now that you know everything, you can make the right choice.”

Tanba-san’s face turned serious at those words.

Even if she was willing to take the advantage, it would only be about the conflict between Tanba Kano and Yukimura Tsukane, and once the judgment of my existence intervened, the advantage would be a tower on the sand.

You’re the one with the strong core, …… Tsukane.

Even now I – I’m attracted to your strength.

If you can forgive me, there is no reason not to choose Tsukane.

And yet, I’m lost. …… I’m sorry I’m really a helpless lousy man.

Still, I’m not sane enough in my heart to choose.

So I want you to tell me one last thing.

“Tsukane, what’s the right choice? I don’t know. You know, I don’t have it all figured out yet. I still don’t understand everything. I can’t organize it all. So, ask what you want to know most. Why did you do it in such a roundabout way…please tell me.”

What difference does the answer make?

But I had to know the trajectory.

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