The interior of the dining room is as luxurious and magnificent as a hotel restaurant.

The menu offers a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, and it is said to be prepared by chefs from famous restaurants abroad and cooks who served famous families.

I had expected the prices to be expensive in this school where many upper class people gather, but I was relieved to find that the prices were also considerate to outside students from ordinary families.

Yuzuriha-san ordered the mackerel miso set meal (with a large serving of rice) plus steak set meal, and ordered apricot bean curd and cake for dessert, which still cost less than 1,000 yen.

Yukina ordered vegetarian food and returned with Yuzuriha san pushing her wheelchair with a tray on her lap.

My lunch was a bento box specially made by the young lady, and although I had a good appetite, I felt my chopsticks getting heavy in my hands.

It is a three-tiered stacked box. The lunch box, which seems to be filled with the young lady’s love, is as heavy as it looks.

The young lady looks at me expectantly. In response to her gaze, which was urging me to open the box, I gave up and opened the forbidden lid.

“…. this is…”

“Yes,…… even for Izumi san.”

Yuzuriha-san and Yukina, who were looking at it with great interest, open their mouths.

The contents are fried chicken and shrimp, meatballs, sausage, dashi broiled egg, broccoli, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Contrary to my expectations, the first tier was filled with a colorful assortment of delicious-looking side dishes.

I opened the second shelf with trepidation. There were fruits, cakes, and other sweet dishes.

“Wow,…… that looks so delicious,…….”

“Fufufu,…Prostrate yourself. Can I give you at least one?”

When Yuzuriha-san let out an exclamation, the young lady puffed out her chest with a satisfied expression, but on the other hand, Yukina,

“It doesn’t look very fresh for that Izumi-san. I was expecting a murder weapon so fearless that people hesitate to put it in their mouths. Are there any cicada shells in there?”

“Hey, ……, don’t you misunderstand me as some rowdy bratty tycoon? In the first place, for me, who has been working on self-discipline in order to train to become a bride with Akane, this level of self-discipline is nothing to be sneezed at.”

I had feared that it would be a bizarre lunch box because of the deep darkness of the young lady, but it seems that my fears were unfounded.

My skeptical mind calmed down and I lifted the third level.

At first glance, it looked like an ordinary bowl of rice, but to me, who knew the young lady, it was a sight of disaster.

The rice was garnished with nori seaweed, which had been formed into a black heart, as if to embody the young lady’s feelings.

I felt a sense of crisis when I saw it.

“You didn’t put anything weird in there, did you?

“I didn’t……., okay?”

The young lady, who had been so pleased with herself, turned her head away from my question.

Her reaction suggests that there is something dangerous mixed in with the secret ingredient.

“What did you put in it?”

“M-mou! A-Akane, you are too paranoid, aren’t you? Well, if I had to say, I’d say affection. ……”

“What did you put in there? Spit it out.”

“Hii ……! Today, I really didn’t put anything in there! It’s a real love-wife bento! If it’s not true, I’ll bet my life on Akane!”

One person was begging to eat me with a desperate look on her face.

Feeling a sense of fear, I quieted the young lady and said, “I understand. I’ll eat, so please don’t hug my waist.”

The mysterious series of exchanges settled down, and I went over to them, saying, “Thank you for waiting.

The four of us greeted each other with a “Itadakimasu”, and finally we were able to enjoy our meal.

I notice that there is only one bento box. I ask what the young lady is going to eat for hers, and it seems that she intended to split her lunch with me.

The amount of food was certainly too much for one person, so I guessed that the young lady had planned to split it between the two of us from the beginning.

I cut a small slit in the center of the rice to divide the rice between myself and the young lady.

The young lady, noticing the crack in the heart, said that she was trying not to eat carbohydrates, and the rice was for Akane.

That long exchange is really over, and I put my hand on the fried chicken.


I certainly have faith in the young lady’s cooking and housekeeping skills.

At first glance, she may appear to be a useless master who leaves everything to the servants, but she has a caretaker side

I think she was saying something disturbing about bride training ……, but she certainly has a glimmer of possibility as a good wife.

While listening to the small talk of the three of them, I quietly proceed with my meal.

The conversation is about classes, club activities, and various other topics.

I feel a sense of relief that the young lady is able to join in the conversation.

I finish my meal, and as the side dishes are getting low, I feel a little full.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

The young lady smiles with satisfaction when she hears my answer.

As I was drinking tea and watching the young lady bring the dessert to her mouth, she noticed my gaze and broke down, pressing the dessert to my mouth.

A faint sweet taste spreads in my mouth.

“This is not on the market, is it?”

“Fufufu. …… I’m surprised you noticed. I actually started preparing it yesterday.”

I was impressed by the skill of the young lady who had prepared the dish in a very short period of time yesterday.

After finishing her meal, Yuzuriha-san was looking at the dessert with greedy eyes, so the young lady reluctantly shared it with her.

“Wow,…… oh, it’s delicious. Did Izumi san …… make this?”

“Yes, Exactly, I can teach you how to make this Izumi family’s special chocolate cake, as a pastry chef.”

“I’m actually at home—“

The young lady, who was flattered by Yuzuriha san’s honest praise, began to talk about her secret recipe with great pride.

The two were on edge. Or perhaps the young lady just hates her. Anyway, I like that they are getting along well.

“Excuse me.”

I tell the three people, who are blooming flowers, that I have some business to attend to, and get up from my seat.

I watched as Yuzuriha san and Yukina stopped the young lady who was about to accompany me, and then I headed for the restroom.

While I was doing my business in the restroom, someone came up next to me even though there was no one but me and the urinal was empty.

The person peeked at me while I was urinating and called out

“Nice to meet you.”

“Please don’t greet me while staring at my crotch.”

“I’m sorry. You were so graceful that I couldn’t help myself.”

Alarmed that I’ve been spotted by a nasty person, I quickly leave the urinal.

I wash my hands in the bathroom, and my eyes meet those of the pervert standing behind me in the mirror. As soon as he notices this, he smiles while playing with his bangs.

Scary …….

“W-What is it?”

“No, it looks like it’s time. …… Don’t look like that. I’ll see you again, Akane-kun.”

He disappears from my presence, leaving me with many questions.

When I walked out of the bathroom, horrified by the fact that my name was known by a mysterious pervert who appears and disappears, I found the young lady standing there with her back against the wall.

I thought she must have been restrained by …… Yuzuriha-san and Yukina.

“At last we are alone. Now we have no one to disturb us.”

“So what is it?”

I murmured while holding the forehead of the young lady who was approaching me with flushed cheeks.

“Operations meeting …… to get the situation in order.”

When I asked the young lady if she had time to do so, she told me that it would not be a problem because the club activities would be introduced in the gymnasium near the cafeteria in the afternoon.

I asked her if Yuzuriha-san and Yukina were going to be there, and she didn’t answer my question but forcefully pulled her hand away.

I was seated on a bench overlooking the fountain, and as I had expected, I was forced to sit close to the young lady.

The combination of the celebrity young lady and me, her servant, attracts the attention of the students who pass by.

The young lady is apparently popular among some because she appears to be a beautiful girl. In addition, there is the matter of Yukina, who has the power to admonish the head of the school.

Will the jealous young lady and Yukina admirers take notice of me and strike me down in the dark? The outside student surrounded by three beautiful girls may well be regarded as cocky.

“Why are you holding my hand?”

I tell the young lady who is naturally holding my hand.

She looks me up and down as if she’s trying to force me to do something.

“No. ……?”

“Of course not. Let go of me.”

“It won’t work at all……Why, why……?”

In the end, I were pressured by the complaining young lady, and while we continued to hold hands, we decided to have a strategy meeting, which was our original purpose.

“Well, actually, I wanted to be alone with Akane, so I just took you out for a reason that seemed serious.…Tehe!”


“Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don’t stand there in silence! Don’t leave me…!”

I shudder at the frantic look on the young lady’s face, and reluctantly return to my original position.

“If you honestly tell me that, I will obey you.”

“……? Hnn……? When I honestly asked Akane to be alone with me (cat voice), Akane normally agreed…? ”

“That much is fine.”

“What about… marriage?”

“That’s a little ……”

“Why didn’t you agree to that! Akane’s meanness! Stingy! embarrassment!”

The young lady tapped my shoulder, pulled my cheek, rubbed my thigh, and finally pressed her face against my chest plate and took a deep breath.

I pushed her back, hoping that she would give me a break from the raging action that was going on without being afraid of being seen.

The young lady looked satisfied, licked her tongue, and said, “Thank you for the food”.

“Aside from the young lady’s eccentric behavior. Since the young lady is also famous in a strange way, can you please explain it to me?”

By letting the young lady’s eccentricities dissipate in moderation, we have been able to avoid further prohibitions, but that would be bad for the reputation of the Black Rose Maiden and would accelerate my mental and physical exhaustion.

It would be unbearable for me to be forced to go out with her on campus, even if it were on the grounds of the Izumi family and the Hozuki family.

“I didn’t demand it before, but from now on, every time the young lady behaves this way, there will be a price to pay. My, what a clever idea. I’m almost smitten with myself.”

“I don’t want to hear such a foolish idea! Listen? Think carefully about what will happen if you adopt it, okay? Akane will have to take responsibility, right?”

“I don’t like that.”

“Right?…… Hey, what do you mean you don’t like it? …… Anyway, Akane, you know, just accept my act of love. …… On the other hand, if Akane wants to do it, I am fully prepared, so don’t worry!”

There is no such opportunity.

In the end, it was only a matter of time before I thought nothing would change.

“…… Well, I am aware that I have to exercise a bit of restraint too. So, I will refrain from kissing and caressing on campus.”

You were going to do that on campus, weren’t you?

But, however,

“The day the young lady came to me, she told me not to show off, but as you can see, she’s the center of attention, and I’m not sure what to think about that.”

“Ah, …….”

The young lady looks away from me like she’s in a bad mood.

“You got into a stupid argument with Okashira in the morning, and now that we’re sitting on the bench with a sense of unnecessary distance between us, our relationship has become more obvious. If this happens, I’m afraid I’m going against what the young lady was worried about.”


“I don’t know how the worst future will come about, but I can tell you that in the present situation, it is better for me and the young lady to keep our distance.”

“That is! Refuse! I refuse!”

The young lady made a batten with her arm to indicate her refusal.

“Why, young lady? Isn’t this the best choice for the best future?”

“Akane ……, I’ve noticed something.”

The young lady continued to speak with a mysterious look on her face.

“Akane and I are mistaken for lovers, and it feels so good to be mistaken for each other!”

“Haa ……”

“During the morning Q&A, all the people around us must have recognized us and thought, ‘Oh, those two…are dating.’ In fact, Okashira misidentified Akane as my boyfriend.”


“It’s true that we are not lovers at the moment. However, if the people around us continue to misunderstand it, it will eventually become true…listen, Akane? If you tell a lie a hundred times, it will become the truth…”

…… Is that why my good idea has been kicked out?

If the young lady accepted this proposal, I would be able to distance myself from her and alleviate the pain in my stomach.

“And I don’t have to do anything, even if it’s noticeable. I don’t have to go out of my way to intervene in events. If I get involved, I just have to turn around. I’m so in love with my own intelligence…… it’s like I’m the god of strategy.”

I look at my wristwatch with the young lady who is constantly praising herself.

Then the time for the introduction of the afternoon club activities was approaching.

I took the delusional young lady along with me to the gymnasium.

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