Today’s weather is said to be perfect, with the scent of spring in the air. Yet, I woke up feeling very uncomfortable in my bed.

For some reason, I felt uncomfortable in my own bed and had nightmares.

I remembered that the other day, a young lady used my bed as her sleeping place. I think that’s why I ended up falling asleep with her scent on me.

The nightmares were probably caused by a grudge against the young lady. I must send her out for an exorcism.

“Fufufu, Good morning.”

“Uwa …… again?”

The young lady in front of me strokes my hair and smiles.

It’s funny. Yesterday, I had told her that I was going to pick her up, but she was already right in front of me. The woman is already in front of me, keeping the same close distance as ever.

I want to ask her many questions, but I don’t feel like it because I’ve just woken up from sleep, so I get out of bed and try to change into my school uniform.

I grab the young lady by the collar, who has an expectant look on her face as she hugs her pillow, and kick her out of the room. Then I lock the door.

The door is unlocked, she enters again, and I kick her out and lock the door. After repeating this process about three times, I put a sword to the forehead of the young lady who is my master.

“Ouch! Ah, this is your responsibility now! You are responsible for damaging a maiden’s lovely skin…”

“Get out.”

“Ah, yes. …… I’m sorry. ……”

She wasted my energy on peeping. I wonder what the source of the young lady’s spirit is. I want her to share some of it with me.

I, dressed in the same Shugetsu uniform as the young lady, quietly open the door.

The young lady sits on her knees, looking at my face.

“I really wanted to see Akane change clothes, and I couldn’t stand it. …… Do you hate me now, ……?”

“Well, I don’t really like you that much to begin with. So no matter what happens now, it won’t change, so you can rest assured.”

“Ugh (a painful blow).”

After receiving the shock, the young lady’s profile is distorted as if the drawing is collapsing.

If you want to improve your reputation somewhat, you should quit your eccentric behavior. Reading this, the young lady tells me.

“I can’t stand it,……, I can’t control myself when I see Akane!”

You don’t have to say it with such confidence.

“Think about it and look at it, Akane. That my outburst of love has a more restraining role than that. Hey Akane …… what do you think would happen if I were forced to dam up this colorful emotion? Well, remember that.”

I recall that painful, unbearable, disgusting incident.

The young lady at that time had completely lost her reason and had become a wild locomotive. So, in other words, if I don’t want to be disturbed, I should vent in moderation.

Too disgusting. It would be too miserable to include this as a natural part of my daily life in my dealings with the young lady.

“If you keep doing that, you won’t improve my opinion of the young lady at all.”

“I can’t help it. If I accidentally attacked Akane and then isolated myself from him, I would have no hesitation in preferring to die a violent death. And it is said that endurance is bad for the body, right? That’s why I have to vent my feelings toward Akane in this way.”

I wonder if she would be concerned about getting involved with me.

“First of all, it’s Akane’s fault for making me fall in love with you.”

Isn’t that too unreasonable?

“I don’t want the tragedy that I can’t marry Akane. I, being loved by God and Akane, will overturn the future! Let’s both of us resist to that end as much as we can! HeyHeyhou!”

“Please do your best alone.”

After wasting a great deal of time arguing with the young lady, I finished getting ready in the morning, told the now still sleeping Akari san in a small voice that we were going, and headed off to school.

On the way to the school, there was a battle between the young lady who tried to hold my hand and me who shook her off. In the end, I give in and am forced to hold the young lady’s cold hand.

As I am walking my heavy feet, led by the pleased young lady, she stops abruptly.

Then, the young lady tells me with a mysterious look on her face

“—we are quitting school.”

“I can’t quite wrap my head around this sudden turn of events.”

“In the first place, there was no need to face the worst outcome head-on. So we should have avoided the option of going to school.”

I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but to summarize, our worst future happens when we go to school.

The young lady was trying to avoid the event by getting around it, and she thought it would be better if we did not get involved in the event in the first place.

What could we do? She thought that the best thing to do would be for both of us to quit the school together. Then we could avoid the event, and we would not be involved in the second event that would occur in the future due to the alteration of the world axis.

“I’m going to go and file an withdrawal form for Akane and me as soon as I can! I’m going directly to the school!”

“No, wait. The exchange of deciding one’s own course of action requires the consent of one’s parents or guardians, doesn’t it? I mean, please don’t involve me in this. Please leave the school by yourself.”

“Well, I’m sure father and Akari-san will never agree to that. …..Gununuuu!——Ha…!”

This time she puts her hand on my shoulder with a serious expression on her face and tells me.

“─ ─ Let’s disappear together.”

I try to leave the young lady alone and head off to school, but she grabs me by the shoulders and restrains me.

“I’m going to be late, can you let go of me?”

“Certainly it’s going to be a struggle at first. …… There will be fights, too. But eventually a child will be born between the two of us, and we will run a nest of love for the three of us. I long for such a love escape. ……”

“Let go.”

“Ah, yes. …… I’m sorry …….”

The shriveled young lady has tears in her eyes and she shakily and stubbornly lets go of her grasping hand.

The young lady walks quietly behind me, looking like a newborn baby bird.

Seeing her weak attitude, I let out a sigh and grab her hand.

“we are running late, so I’ll be going.”

“After all, you are deredere?”

“Don’t get carried away. I’ll crush you.”

“The way you’ve been treating me, isn’t it a bit harsh ……?”

After that, as I was walking on the way to school while calming down the young lady who was still complaining, I saw a suspicious person with her upper body stuck in a garden tree. The person covered her head but did not cover her butt, leaving the lower half of her body unprotected.

My crisis avoidance skills kicked in, and I realized that the person was as dangerous as a young lady, so I tried to walk by without incident,

“Don’t look at anyone but me…!”

“Wait, My eyes…”

The young lady’s mysterious jealousy caused me to injure both of my eyes as I caught a glimpse of the suspicious person’s lower body in my field of vision.

As I was crouching in unreasonable pain, wondering what in the world I had done, the suspicious person noticed our presence.

“—ha! Someone is there, right? I’m sorry we’ve never met before, but as you can see, all is not well, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me!”

“No, what’s going on here? ……”

“I saw a cute cat and decided to touch it!  I did and it got stuck!”

I don’t know what happened at all. The young lady seemed to agree with me and let out a sigh as she stroked my eyelids.

“The point is, you got caught on a branch of a garden tree …Haa, so embarassing.”

“No, it’s embarrassing… Hmm…! Ah, umm…! I’m weak, umm! Hnn, haa, grab me somewhere else! Ahhhn!”

“Don’t let Akane hear your charming voice! Akane, ears!”

The young lady gave me the order to cover my ears, and I obeyed.

What in the world am I really doing, shrinking back on my way to school in the early morning, meditating and covering my ears?

When my eyesight recovered and I opened my vision, there was a young lady pulling on the buttocks of a suspicious person. What in the world are these people doing?

“…… You’re stubborn, aren’t you? Akane, will you help me? I’m going with a big turnip theory.”

I guess I should pull the young lady who pulls suspicious people. I complied and grabbed the young lady’s waist.

“Ah,……, the sensation of Akane holding me by the waist. It’s as if—”

“Please be quiet, young lady.”

Pushing away the useless pervert who suddenly got into heat and lost her strength, I put my hand inside the garden tree and untangled the branches from the clothes one by one.
“Can you get out?”

“Hnn! Haa! …… No, no. …… Hmmm, I think I can do something. ……Oh, there! coming…I’m coming!”

“Hey, what are you two doing each other for? Let me in too!”

The restraints are released and the rehabilitated young lady forcefully pulls her, finally accomplishing her escape from the garden tree.

Similarly, I pull the hand of the young lady who has fallen on her buttocks, and then the head and shoulders of the mysterious figure who is now covered in sand and leaves.

“Are you all right?”

“Ah……, yes.”

I offered my hand to the mystery person and she took it, and for some reason, the young lady brushed our hands away.

The young lady, cheeks puffed out, forcefully takes my hand, intimidating her upset.

“Um, Well, that …! I’m very embarrassed …… to have shown you something very unflattering. Thank you!”

“……, Haa, really. That uniform you’re wearing, you’re a Shugetsu student, aren’t you? People from shugetsu shouldn’t do that.”

The good-looking young lady fixes her messy hair and straightens her uniform.

“Uh, are you two also students at Shugetsu High School?”

“Yes, we are. Izumi Hisako, freshman.”

“Ah, Izumi Hisako san is also a new student at Shugetsu High School, right? What a coincidence! I feel as if we are destined to be together!”

To be precise, the young lady is an internal student who went straight from junior high school. Apparently, she is an outside student like me.

As I feel familiarity with a fellow student, I notice her staring at me. When our gazes meet, she looks away and asks me.

“Um, what is your name?”

“His name is Hozuki Akane. We’re both freshmen who will be attending Shugetsu as well. And he and I are lovers who have sworn to marry each other.”

“We didn’t vow to marry each other, and we are not lovers. Please don’t falsify my history.”

I immediately deny it, but the young lady declares with a bold and confident voice, almost as if she is about to focus on me, while holding my arm.

“We’re lovers.”

“Will you please shut up for a minute?”

“Ah, yes, …… I’ll be a stone by the side of the road.”

After neutralizing the young lady, I introduce myself to her again.

“I’m Hozuki Akane, a servant of the master who is a bit of a liar. Let’s get along well as external students.”

“External ……? Well, I am Yuzuriha Arisu, a first-year student, and I am now enrolled at Shugetsu High School! I look forward to working with you for a long time to come!”

After we greeted each other, there was a silence. What is this uncomfortable atmosphere like an arranged marriage?

However, I had a good impression of Yuzuriha-san who responded politely and normally to my initial caution. Perhaps it was because I compared her with the young lady, but I had a very good impression of her.

While playing with her hair, Yuzuriha-san muttered to me

“I am glad to have met you two. I don’t have any friends, so I was a little worried. But I feel relieved.”

I was struck by Yuzuriha-san’s pure heart that never doubted anyone. Aside from me, the young lady is a diabolical black rose maiden. I felt a slight sense of guilt for her putting her full trust in such two people.

The young lady purifies the dirty heart. If the young lady is also a good girl like Yuzuriha san, the pain in my stomach would be eased.

“Let’s enjoy our school life, shall we? Heyheyhou!”

─ ─ Is that a popular thing to do, even though the young lady was doing it too?

Anyway, I feel a great sense of solidarity. A sense of passionate solidarity that I have never felt before.

The wind of spring …… is surely blowing.

Let’s refrain from taking care of the young lady. Let’s just enjoy our youth.

I’m sure the head and the young lady will get in the way, but don’t let them get away with it.

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