“Here we are.”

As we neared the café, Sakimiya-san skipped ahead, her long pink hair flowing in a dominant manner.

The skirt of her pink one-piece dress swayed softly and her boots made rhythmic clacking noises.

(This is the café she wanted to go to……)

A botanical café about a 10-minute walk from Harajuku Station.

Green ivy, which seemed to be made up, was creeping along the roof, and the name of the shop was written in English on a horizontal signboard under the roof.

(H-how stylish. ……)

A large blackboard in front of the store depicts a parfait served in an oblong vessel that looks like a ship, with pink strawberry ice cream that Sakimiya san seems to like, plenty of fresh cream and pudding, and a pink heart. Chocolate was evenly distributed.

(It looks like something Sakimiya-san would like. ……)

I imagined it was a vertical parfait, but it was actually horizontal. It was also very voluminous.

Is this what a parfait is nowadays?

“Hurry up and let’s go!”


The good mood Sakimiya-san pulls my hand with a smile on her face.

S-Sakimiya san’s hand is …!!

Sakimiya-san’s hands are a little cold, but they’re smooth and smooth like freshly peeled boiled eggs—-oh, nononono!!!

(If you don’t fix the place where such a virgin thoughts come out, Sakimiya-san will think you’re creepy!)

When I was reflecting on it while staring at the hands that were connected, Sakimiya-san tilted her head as she looked into my face.

“What’s wrong with looking at my hand?”

“Umm, …… that! I thought that pink nail polish was cute.”

“Does Kazakiri-kun understand? I had this done at the nail salon this morning.”

T-The nail salon ……
It’s like a nail beauty salon, right?

“”That’s right, why don’t we have matching nails for the two of us next time? Let’s make Kazakiri-kun pink too.”

“Eh, t-that’s …….”


When we entered the store, a female clerk came up to us.

Nice clerk…!

“May we come in two?”

“Y-yes, two people.”

“Then please come to the table over there.”

The waitress led me and Sakimiya-san to a seat at a round table by the window.

“Sakimiya-san, here…….”

“Yes. Thanks, Kazakiri-kun.”

When on a date with a girl, I offer her seat at the back. This is on a case-by-case basis, but it is said to be important. (See online information.)

After Sakimiya-san sits down, I sit down and open the menu.

It’s a good price for an urban café. ……

It seems that cakes and parfaits are popular in this café, and there are about three pages of parfaits alone.

“It seems like there are a lot of things going on…Is that the parfait Sakimiya san want on the blackboard in front of the store?”

“Yeah. Kazakiri-kun, you are going to me a meal ♡.”

Sakimiya san says with a smile of 100 points.

It’s mocking, but it’s really cute. ……

“Here is the cold drink and oshibori (hand towel). Have you decided what you want?”

“Yes, well…”

I give Sakimiya-san’s order too.

I opted for a regular coffee instead of a parfait.

“You drink coffee, don’t you, Kazakiri-kun?”


I can’t say in front of Sakimiya-san that I don’t like sweets much.

“It’s cool that you drink coffee, isn’t it?”

…… Okay, I’ll drink coffee every day from now on.

I realized that the reason why I thought so quickly was because I had a simple personality

“the parfait here you know? The first time I saw it on SNS, I always wanted to go there, so I’m glad I came.”

Eh, SNS ……?

When I heard that, I suddenly remembered the landmine girl’s account from the other day.

Come to think of it, Sakimiya-san’s hobby was making costumes, so I wonder if she posts her clothes online like that account of that landmine girl?

(I’m curious about Sakimiya-san’s account ……!)

Sakimiya-san is passionate about being cute, so she’s likely to put lots of cute pictures of herself and stuff up on the internet.

Not that I would use those photos for anything strange! I-I simply want to see Sakimiya-san’s old photos …….

I’ve decided …… to take the plunge and ask about Sakimiya-san’s account!

“S…., Sakimiya-san!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Since we’ve become friends, I want to connect with you on social networking sites other than lime, …….”

“You want to know my account?”


Yes, I said it. I said it well!

“Hmm. What should I do? I’m embarrassed because I’ve posted selfies and stuff…”

I want to see ……! I’m even more curious……!

“Do you want to see my photos on ……?”

I-I want to see it! Wait, ah!”

I give a stupidly honest answer.

I-I’m not sure what I’m really saying!

Isn’t this just a creepy guy who just wants a photo of S-Sakimiya san?


S-Sakimiya san looked at me with calm eyes.

B-bad……, I definitely got pulled over!

This time, it’s over …….

“….. okay. I’ll tell you my account.”

“Eh? C-Can I?”

“I’m embarrassed to show you my old photos, but I thought it would be okay if it was Kazakiri-kun. Because we’re friends.”


I struck a gut-punch in my heart.

“Ah, But you know what? My photograph…”


“If you use them for something weird ……that’s a no ♡.”

S-Sakimiya san gently pecks the tip of my nose.

The pink nails of Sakimiya-san were right in front of my eyes and nose.

“I-I wouldn’t use it for anything weird!”

“Fufu, …….”

“Mouu! Why are you laughing, Sakimiya-san!”

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s your extra-large strawberry mix parfait and coffee.”

A large horizontal bowl was placed on the round table with a thud…….

“A parfait?”

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