I met up with Kazakiri-kun at the station and we took the train to Harajuku.

The train was so crowded that we couldn’t sit down, so we stood side by side holding the slats.

Today Kazakiri-kun had waxed his hair, and he looked confident and tall.

Even though he was so shabby yesterday,…….

“What’s wrong, Sakimiya-san? Perhaps I’m acting weird today? Is my hair a mess or something?”

“No. It’s nothing like that.”

“Then I’m glad. I was worried that I had made a mistake waxing my hair again.”

Wax …….

I know that the wax was bought on the advice of the bitch from yesterday.

Haa….I remember that bitch again.

I hate bitches as much as I hate men.

To speak out is no different from vomiting without a care in the world.

Therefore, I take my complaints to SNS (a.k.a. the toilet) and never speak them out.

“S-Sakimiya san You can eat as many cups as you want today!”

“many cups…I’m not that big of a eater.”

“I-I see. Ahaha”

I get the impression that Kazakiri-kun isn’t really used to going on dates with girls.

From the way he talks, it doesn’t seem like he’s playing around with girls, and I don’t think he’s interested in me physically either.
However, even though I’m saying that, this is my first time going somewhere with a boy.

(This is what it feels like to have a boy in my class next to me. ……)

All the guys in my life have always been nothing more than trash, and I’ve never had any interest in them.

That’s why this is a really new feeling for me.

Even though I went to a co-ed school until middle school, I never had a boyfriend.

I was rather bullied and teased by boys, and men were my enemies.

That’s why I have no interest in love, even now.

As long as there is something pretty and pink, my heart is satisfied.

…… but Kazakiri-kun is special.

From the first time we met, he recognized my favorite outfits, and even today he complimented me on my favorite pink dress.

Until now, I’ve been compensating for my need for self-affirmation and approval with “likes” sent from complete strangers on social networking sites, but I’m happier to receive compliments from Kazakiri-kun alone than from hundreds of thousands of followers.

But I was embarrassed to grin in front of him, so I …… just turned my face away.

He is special in the sense that he makes me feel this way. ……

I want to know everything about him.

(And one day, I hope I will be the only one to fit in his vision, …… and I will take the time to look at him ……)

I was going to gradually turn my love for Kazakiri-kun as much as my love for my favorite pink.


I-I feel like Sakimiya-san has been looking at me awfully since I got on the train. …… Is it my imagination?

Maybe I’m already boring her!?

If that’s the case, as a man, I have to give her something to talk about.

“C-come to think of it, where does Sakimiya-san work part-time?”

“Part-time job? Well, I work at Snow Tops, one stop away from the university.”

“S-Snow Tops? Amazing!”

“Eh? It’s not that great you know? They’re all college students.”

No, no, no, it’s great.

Rumor has it that Snow Tops hires for facial features, and if someone like me was a no-good guy, I’d be turned down just based on my resume photo alone.

Sakimiya-san, she’s cute ……

She may be a little strange, but if it’s just her looks, even Snow Tops would probably hire her immediately.

(I’m sure she gets along well with her co-workers, the handsome college boys. …… Haa)

“Hey, Kazakiri-kun? we’re getting off at Harajuku next, okay?”

“Eh …… ah, yeah!”

I’m sure a boy who is liked by Sakimiya san, who has such strong feelings for what she loves and never wavers, must be happy.

(I’ve always wondered if Sakimiya san has a boyfriend,……?)

On the way to the cafe, I couldn’t stop thinking about such things.

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3 months ago

Things are progressing waaaaay too fast. Is that how kids do things nowadays?

girth lord
girth lord
3 months ago
Reply to  amogustimestwo

nope, only in Japanese web novels

Brian Guy
Brian Guy
3 months ago
Reply to  amogustimestwo

Neither one of them has the slightest idea how any of this should go, so it could go all over the place.