“Mmmm, the parfait is delicious

After taking pictures of the parfait, Sakimiya-san held a spoon with a long handle and began to eat, smiling the whole time.

The parfait was a large horizontal bowl with strawberry pudding and whipped cream in the center, strawberry and chocolate sherbet on the side, matcha green tea straw rice cake and raw chocolate zolotls on the side, and strawberry jam dripping from the top.

It’s a pink pink pink …… parfait, just like Sakimiya-san.

“The big sherbet pulp is really tasty, and the volume is great for a photo.”

Sakimiya-san, who had suddenly become very talkative, excitedly explained the importance of the parfait to me.

A crazy sweet-savory marriage of sweet and savory.

(I’m going to get diabetes someday if I keep eating this stuff.)

But girls have these kinds of desserts in their stomachs every day, right?

I’m sure Sakimiya-san eats a lot too, but …… she’s so skinny for that, she’s not fat at all.

I wonder if she exercises or something?

With this in mind, I idly watched Sakimiya-san eating deliciously in front of me, and suddenly Sakimiya-san’s gaze turned from the parfait to me.

“Kazakiri-kun ……? What’s wrong with staring at my face?”

“Y-yeah, I’m sorry!”

Bad! I unconsciously stared at Sakimiya-san again,…….

“Could it be–Kazakiri-kun?”

Gulp …….

Bad, this time it will be considered creepy!

“Do you want me to ahhh?”


Of course I want you to do that!—not that

“That’s not what I’m thinking!”

“Hmmm… ……?”

I drink a coffee to muddle my tea.

Watch out watch out

No matter how cute she is, I can’t just stare at her.

If Sakimiya-san thinks I’m gross, I’ll have to go back to living alone.

“That’s right. You wanted to know my account, didn’t you, Kazakiri-kun? Well, if you don’t mind, I’ll just use my TwiX account.”

Sakimiya-san returned to the conversation as if she had just remembered and opened her phone.

“Ah, ………, just a moment, okay?”

Sakimiya-san’s face twitched a little as she flicked through something.

(Huh? Isn’t it something you can do right away if you just show your account? )

Maybe there was some urgent contact?

Like…. boyfriend, or something?

“S-Sakimiya san, if it’s …… urgent contact or something, no problem”

“I’m sorry. I’m just switching accounts.”

“Account ……?”

“Yeah. It’s fine now.”

You have two accounts, Sakimiya san?

Well, I also divide it into Otaku and Normies, and I guess Sakimiya-san does the same.

(I’m sure she has an account dedicated to looking at pretty pink things.)

“Here’s my account, okay?”

Sakimiya san shows me her phone.

The account shown on her phone was called [♡karen♡], and the icon was a photo of a selfie taken while holding a Snow Tops drink, with a light pink filter on it.

It was very girlie and had 4,000 followers even though it was a normal account.

I was only 30 followers, which is a world of difference from me, a shady guy. ……

With my shoulders drooped, I searched for Sakimiya san’s TwiX account and followed her.

“I followed your account, Sakimiya-san.”

“Thank you, Kazakiri-kun.”

I’m the one who should be thanking you. ……

But anyway, I got to become a FF with Sakimiya-san and I can see her private photos as much as I want …….A-again and again that I won’t use it for anything sinister.

“I’ll look at your posts carefully, okay, Kazakiri-kun?”

“A-all of my posts are worthless, right?”

“Don’t say that. I want to know more about you too.”

“H-hee ……?”

If Sakimiya-san would see it…I might try posting more than usual…joke

I pretended to drink coffee and hid my grin.

“Kazakiri-kun’s personal information… I’d like to see your private posts, huh? Like Photos with your friends, oh, yeah! Photos with your girlfriend!”

“girlfriend? N-No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

When I said that, Sakimiya-san’s complexion changed.

“Hee,……, you’re a good talker, so I thought you had a girlfriend in your hometown.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t even have many friends. Ahaha”


Unlike me, who says that and laughs with self-deprecation, Sakimiya san looks at me with an extremely serious look.

Oh no, did I make the atmosphere bad?

“Oo! The opposite! Sakimiya-san!”

“Eh, me?”

“Well, ……, Sakimiya-san…….”


“…… nothing, after all.”

I wanted to ask Sakimiya-san, “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”, but decided against it.

It’s not a good idea to get too deep into private life, right?


After leaving the parfait store, we walked back to Harajuku station.

“Thanks for buying me a parfait today, Kazakiri-kun! It was very delicious.”

“It’s not a big deal. Today was just an apology for the other day.”

Sakimiya san walks in a good mood, rocking her pink hair and her landmine style fashion.

I’m glad she enjoyed it.

I was actually going to ask her out somewhere after this, but she has a part-time job in the evening, so I decided not to.

(I wonder if Sakimiya-san has a lot of part-time shifts. ……)

Well, my original purpose was to apologize for the last time, and Sakimiya-san seems to be satisfied, so it’s fine.

“Umm….., the next time I’ll be in a lecture with Kazakiri-kun will be at next week’s seminar, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Tomorrow is Saturday and there are no required lectures at the beginning of the week, so that’s automatically going to be the case.

Seminar. …… I still don’t belong to any group, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.

“Well, I’ll see you at next week’s seminar, okay?”


I still feel like I’m missing out, but I’m patiently enduring.

I saw Sakimiya san off at the subway ticket gate and parted ways.

“Well,…… I’m going to sip Jiro (Ramen) and then go home,…… hmm?”

I got a lime on my phone at about the same time I left Sakimiya-san.

I haven’t exchanged lime contacts with any of my friends other than Sakimiya-san, so it must be my parents or my high school friends, Suzuki and other

—Who in the world would give me lime?


[Hinata: Yahoo, Kazakiri! It’s the day of the seminar next week, but before that, can we have a little chat in the cafeteria?]

Hi, Hinata?

(TL/N : Ah…I pity Hinata already)

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