“Good work.”

I greeted the other cashiers and ran to Chifuyu who was waiting for me.

“Thanks for waiting, Chifuyu. Thank you, Madoka san.”

“It’s hard work for you too, Kouhai kun. Well, me too though”

“Toma-kun ……”

Chifuyu immediately came up to me and pulled me close so that my arms were entangled with hers.

Seeing this, Madoka san laughed a little and just said, “She’s in your care, kouhai kun”

Quickly, she went away.

“I was glad that Madoka-san came …….”

“Yes, I would have died of loneliness if she hadn’t been there.”

“But you were able to wait for me. You’ll get used to it.”

“……Yes, but…”

When the apartment came into view, Chifuyu stopped and hugged me.

After a while it stopped moving.

She looks up at me with wet eyes.

“I’ve been lonely…Will you do a lot today?”

“…yeah, I’m sorry.”

While supporting her trembling shoulders, I couldn’t help but kiss her right then and there.

The sun was shining a moment ago, but the sky gradually darkened.

Soon it begins to rain.

But Chifuyu doesn’t move away from me. 

I can’t stay away from Chifuyu either.

I hear the sound of the rain and my body gradually gets wet.

All the time until the rain gets stronger.

I held Chifuyu in front of the apartment.

“……We got wet, didn’t we?”

“Yes, we got wet. I’m sorry, Toma kun.”

I didn’t realize it because I was so absorbed in the kiss, but my body was quite wet.

When I went up to my room, water was dripping at the entrance.

“Let’s take a bath.”

I went straight to the changing room and put on my wet clothes.

We went to the changing room and threw our wet clothes into the washing machine.

We watched each other’s clothes being washed while we were still naked, and then Chifuyu laughed.

“Toma kun’s clothes and my clothes are always together”

“Yes, I remember when you first came to the house.”

“I’ve always been with Toma kun, too.”

“Yeah, let’s take a bath together …….”

“……, right here?”


We stayed in the changing room.

When the bodies of the two, cooled by the rain, touch each other, we feel the warmth that lies deep within us, even though we are cold.

The only sound that echoes in this space is that of the rattling washing machine, and we want each other.

We lay our bodies on top of each other.

“……What shall we do for dinner?”

In the changing room, in the bath, and afterwards.

The time passes by so quickly that every time we look at each other we want each other.

Before I know it, it’s nighttime.

Forgetting to eat, I devour Chifuyu’s body and am satisfied.

But I’m still hungry.

“I’m going to cook today with what I have. Tomorrow, I’ll make mackerel stewed in miso.”

“Yes, it looks delicious. I’ll help you.”

“No, I’ll do it. Toma kun, you are tired from work.”

I was indeed quite tired.

However, it was not because of my part-time job, but rather because I had held Chifuyu so many times. 

Men are worn out in many ways.

No matter how young they are, they will reach their limits after having it so many times.

When that happens, I feel calm, but I wonder about Chifuyu.

If I were a spring that never runs dry, she would probably keep drinking from it.

I’m happy that she wants me, but it’s not like this every day.

The reason why I feel like this is probably because I just got refreshed just now.

I haven’t been able to satisfy Chifuyu yet.

That’s why I’m anxious.

She must be dissatisfied.

When I think of that, I feel like I have to do more for her, and all I can think about is that, and then I get stuck in the maze again.

“…… done. I made it into a pizza.”

Everything Chifuyu make is delicious.

Chifuyu eats everything with relish.

“Hnn …… delicious. Toma kun, it’s well done.”

“Yeah, it’s delicious. Oh, Chifuyu. You have cheese on your mouth.”

“Then, take it off.”

“Okay. Um the tissue.”

“Eat it.”

“Eh.. Uh… Yeah.”

“Mmm. …….”

“Mmm. ……”

I guess that’s what a normal life is like.

I thought about this and that, but in the end, when I kissed her, everything I was thinking about blew away.

It melts away.

The sweet and sour taste of her melted with the cheese, I fall into the night again.

“Fuaa….I’m sleepy.”

Lately, it’s been hard to get out of bed.

I had so much fun spending time with Chifuyu every day and every night.

I’m not getting enough sleep.

Also, my body feels tired.

“Good morning toma kun. Breakfast is ready.”

Well, I don’t have to worry about being late.

Chifuyu always wakes me up.

She always does everything for me when we are together.

She does her best

Of course, I know I shouldn’t be spoiled all the time, however, I end up spoiling her kindness.

“Yes, thank you. Chifuyu, by the way, you haven’t been home lately.”

“Yes, I’ve been in touch with my mom. Should I go home?”

“N-not that. I don’t want you to go home.”

“…yeah. love you. I love you.”

Chifuyu has been holding my hand and not letting go of it when we go to school.

It feels like I’m being watched, or more like I’m showing off, and there aren’t any students who don’t know about the relationship between me and Chifuyu. 

Everyone seems to have given up on Chifuyu.

However, that calmed things down.

[What are you doing in class, Toma kun?]

[Toma kun, are you sleeping?]

[Toma kun, are you alone?]

I started getting these lines all the time at school.

During class and during recess when I couldn’t see her.

Even right before meeting her at lunch time, she would send me a line saying,’I’ll be arriving soon.’

Even during class, if I don’t respond, she keeps calling me, so I manage to steal the teacher’s eye and respond.

I wondered if that was indeed the case.

Maybe Madoka san would be able to clearly say, “Don’t do it.”

Do I accept her bad points or correct them?

I’ve been worrying about such things for a long time.

I ended my day at school, trying not to let the teacher realize the vibrations of my phone’s vibrator, which never stopped ringing.

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