I walked home in the evening and came back to my room with my shoulders drooping.

“Haa,…… I wonder if she wasn’t too happy with the present I gave her.

After that, Sakimiya san stopped crying and said over and over again, “I’m so happy, I’m so happy,” but it’s true that I made Sakimiya san cry when I gave her that gift.

It’s fine if she was honestly crying with happiness, but if she really didn’t want the gift,……, I feel like I’ve done something unnecessary.

“I would be shocked if she actually cried because it bothered her.”

Sakimiya-san may look flashy on the outside, but she’s a normal girl on the inside, so I’d like to think that’s not true. ……

I change into my loungewear while replaying what happened earlier in my head.

Then, I received a notification on my phone, which was in the pocket of the clothes I had taken off.

“lime from Yami san?”

I open lime and immediately check the contents.

[YUMMY: Kazakiri-san! Thank you for today! And you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but you were acting a little strange at the end, did something happen with Sakimiya san?]

It seemed to Yami-san that something had happened between me and Sakimiya-san.

It was very kind of Yami-san to take the trouble to give me a lime for worrying about me.

Yes. Let’s talk to Yami-san about it.

I’d like to hear what the girls have to say.

[Kazakiri: Actually, I gave Sakimiya-san a little present, but it made her cry …… and I thought that maybe she wasn’t happy with the present.]

[Yummy: Eh? I’m sure Sakimiya-san would have been very happy. On the train on the way home, she kept bragging to me over and over again, saying, “This was given to me by Kazakiri-kun.”]

[Kazakiri: Really?!]

I can’t believe she was that happy. ……

If she was happy with it, I guess it’s OK for now.

[Kazakiri: Thank you for everything, Yami san. I feel a little relieved.]

[Yummy: No problem.]

Finally, I received a stamp of a Siamese cat bowing to me, and my lime with Yummy, was over.

“Well, now that the fog has cleared up, let’s have a good time tonight!”

All at once, I was so excited that I decided to order a delivery from “Uber Eats”.

“Sushi is good, but I’m in the mood for katsudon~”

I was about to place my order on the Uber Eats app when my phone suddenly vibrated.

“It’s a call from Hinata. What is it?”

Is it a group activity for the seminar? But I haven’t gotten any assignments or anything yet. ……

“Hello, this is Kazakiri.”

“Oh, Kazakiri?”

“What’s up? Something urgent?”

“Well yeah! Actually, in my circle, the fourth-year students are leaving next week for job hunting and other reasons. The remaining 2nd year students asked me to invite some 1st year students.”

“Y-You don’t mean you want me to join the circle, do you?”

“You don’t have to be so defensive, it’s all right. In our circle, there is only one second-year senior and two first-year students: me and Shimizu-chan.

Shimizu-chan is that Shimizu Kanako ……?

“If there is a Shimizu Kanako, I would hate it even more.”

“Eeh? Shimizu-chan told me to ask you out.”

“There’s no way that Shimizu Kanako, whom I’ve only met on school trips, would say such a thing.”

“Well, you don’t have to say that. There are 0 third-year students in our circle, so there are only 3 at the moment, which is causing a lot of trouble! ”

“I understand you’re in trouble, but can I tell you about the problem in the first place?”

“Hnn, what?”

“I never heard which circle Hinata is in, what circle is it?”

Yes, come to think of it, I had never asked Hinata what circle she was in.

“I’m in a travel circle! We travel all over the country together and go to different places! Sounds fun, right?”

A circle where everyone travels together ……?

“You know, I don’t mean to be rude, but that circle sounds like a Yarisa group.” (University club for socializing and having sex)

“Yes. I heard that until about 10 years ago, it was just a circle of guys who wanted to get laid.”

“It was a Yarisa!?”

“When the current fourth-year seniors joined the club, the members happened to be girls only, and there were no more boys, so it inevitably reverted to a normal travel circle.”

No, that’s the way a travel circle should be.

“Then, are there still only girls?”

“Yeah! So I think this is the perfect story for a harem lover like Kazakiri.”

“Who likes harems! I-I don’t want a harem!”

“Eeh? Well, harem aside, don’t you want to travel with Sakimiya-chan?”


I braced myself the moment Sakimiya-san’s name was mentioned.

“S-Sakimiya-san going to join that circle?!”

“It hasn’t been decided yet, but I called her earlier and she said she’ll think about it if there are no boys there, you know?”

Sakimiya-san and I travel …….

In the future, there’s no way I can ask her out, but if I can go in the name of the circle,…….

I gulp and swallow with bated breath.

“I-I get it. If Sakimiya-san is in, then …… I’m in too.”

“Uwaa, being seduced by a girl as bait,……, Kazakiri is very faithful to his desires.”

“You are the one who suggested it”

“You are after Sakimiya-chan’s big boobs anyway right. I’m telling you, we are not going back to Yarisa, okay?”

“O-Of course not.”

Hinata, don’t say anything weird.

I’m definitely not looking for Sakimiya san’s big boobs.

I just want to travel with Sakimiya-san.

“Well, whatever it is, I think Shimizu-chan will be happy if Kazakiri joins us. Shimizu-chan, since she’s the only one from a different university, she seemed a bit small-minded at the circle’s welcome party.”

I see

That’s unexpected. Speaking of Shimizu Kanako, she seemed to be a massive communicator.

She was as distant from me as Sakimiya san

“Also, Yami-chan said she would join, so when is the seminar going to be attended by all the members right? This is going to be fun.”

Hinata’s voice bounces.

I don’t know if it’s fun or not, but it’s reassuring if Yami san is there too.

She’s small in stature, but she’s a surprisingly strong person.

“Then I will call you when I have made a decision about the circle. Thank you for everything, Kazakiri~”

With that, Hinata hung up the phone.

Circle huh….

In the past few days, I’ve made more friends and joined a club…

“I’m moving up the ladder a little bit, aren’t I?”

I was so smug, but then I thought about it more and more.

“…… Well, I’m concerned about the fact that I’m surrounded by girls all the time.”

I also felt that what Hinata referred to as a “harem” wasn’t exactly a mistake.

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