As I sip the Frappuccino brought to me by Sakimiya-san, Yami-san holds out her hand to me.

“Kazakiri-san, may I have a sip of your melon too?”

“Eh, Uh, yeah.”

I took one of the ten straws that Sakimiya-san went to the trouble of bringing and handed it to Yami-san along with my melon Frappuccino.

“Then in exchange, would you likef my Peache?”

“T-thank you.”

I received a peach Frappuccino from Yami san.

When I received the Frappuccino, I wondered if Yami san also wears nail polish.

Yami san’s nails are light blue and white with polka dots, a different coloring from Sakimiya san’s all pink nails.

It’s amazing how fashionable girls are, right down to the tips of their nails.

“Umuu~~~The Frappuccino is delicious after all! Melon is good, too.”

“You like Frappuccinos, Yami san?”

“Yes, I do! I love the crunchy texture!”

“Hee, ……”

She says she loves it so much that her …… vocabulary is blown away.

I knew that Yami san is still a child.

“The truth is, I came here today partly because I wanted to see Sakimiya-san, but also because …… I really wanted to drink this.”


Well, I kind of had a feeling about that.

Even on the train, we were just talking about Frappuccino.

“……I also want to experience just a little bit of the experience of going to snow tops with an opposite sex.”

“The opposite sex?”

“S-Snow tops has a lot of …… couples! They come here as a side trip on a date, for example!”


“That’s what I’ve been longing for.”

Yami san’s pretty pink cheeks turned red as she mumbled something.

(admire couples…didn’t you go out with a boy when you were in high school?)

I wanted to ask her about it, but I felt like there was a line there that I couldn’t step over yet, so I decided not to.

“I thought Yami san seemed pure and innocent, but she is surprisingly calculating, isn’t she? Like using Sakimiya san as an excuse.”

“B-because!…… Kazakiri-san was a boy who didn’t make fun of me as a little girl or a loli, so I thought it would be okay. Other boys would immediately tease me about my small body.”

I thought she might have been teased with that kind of flirtation, but I knew she had experience with it. ……

“I won’t make fun of you. I was even expecting you to make fun of me and say, ‘smells like a shady person’.”

“smells like a shady person?”

“Eh, don’t you think so? The way I speak, the way I act, etc., I’m a bit of an introvert.’’

“I didn’t really think so you know?. Kazakiri-san seemed to get along well with Hinata-san, so I thought you were a cheerful person.”


But I see, when I get along well with Hinata, even I can seem like a cheerful person.

I don’t want to think about it too much, but do friends have something to do with image?

“Well, I’m a shady person who’s making my college debut, so I thought it would be helpful if you could treat me without thinking of me as a shady person.”

“…… you’re a strong man, aren’t you?”


“I can’t say anything about my own complexes.”

Yami san said that matter-of-factly, biting back her words as she drinks her Frappuccino.

Maybe she was praising me, but self-deprecation is a secret weapon.

“Maybe the mine-type clothes I admire, like Sakimiya-san’s, …… are just to make this little body of mine look a little more prominent after all. Just for my own self-satisfaction.”

“Then that’s fine then, isn’t it?”


“I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with using what you like as an advantage, right? Even Sakimiya-san stands out so much because she is single-mindedly devoted to her favorite pink thing. I’m sure Yami-san likes mine fashion too, right? Then I’m sure it will look good on you, and I’d like you to show it to me too, if you like.”

Oh man, I have a desire to see other mines besides Sakimiya-san!

That last word is just plain creepy. ……

“S-Sorry, sorry.”

“Kazakiri-san, after this”


“Will you go shopping for mine-type clothes with me?”

Clothes ……?
With me?

“……Uh, yeah. I’ll go with you. Are you sure you want me?”

“You said you wanted to see it, Kazakiri-san! Please shop with me responsibly!”

“Y-yeah, okay.”

I don’t think you’d like to go shopping with someone like me who’s so shady..

“Kazakiri-kun–Hey there.”

As we’re talking at the table, Sakimiya-san appears, back in her plain clothes.

“Just the right place! I was talking with Yami-san about going shopping for mine-type clothes after this, Sakimiya-san, give her some advice!”


Eh, she’s kind of snappy!

Is she in a bad mood at the end of the workday,……?

(TL/N : RIP Kazakiri kun)

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