In the end, the seminar group consisted of four of us, a group of very nerdy looking guys, two mixed groups of cheerful boys and cheerful girls, and the rest of the girls and boys in groups, making a total of five groups.

A harem group just for me, as Hinata said before, huh?

It was also with Sakimiya-san …….

I looked at Sakimiya’s face as she sat next to me.

I was able to form a group as things went, but if Hinata hadn’t approached me earlier, I might have ended up in a different group with Sakimiya-san, so I’m grateful to Hinata.

But I still wonder if even the mild-mannered Hinata, who is a first group girl, has a tendency to break up with other girls in her group.

Well, I don’t know if that’s the cause or not, since it’s just a speculation of Sakimiya-san.

“Then, from today on, you will basically be working in that group.”

Usui-sensei, the teacher at the podium, tells us with a microphone in hand.

“Now we will move on to the lecture. This time, we will talk about library use and how to write reports. ……”

Thus began the boring lecture.


“That’s all for today. Next time, I will ask you to decide a theme in groups and submit a report.”

One minute before the end of the lecture, Usui-sensei said this and started to close the lecture.

“Also, please buy my book, ‘Social Situation, Japan’s Future and Issues,’ before the next lecture. I will basically use it as the textbook for the rest of the lecture.”

What kind of an approach …… to make students buy her book as a textbook?

Well, there are many professors who do the same thing in other lectures, and I guess it is common practice in universities. ……

“That’s the end ……. See you next week.”

When the end chime rings, the students lose their tension and become noisy all at once.

(Usui-sensei doesn’t have any inflection in her voice, so it’s hard to get it into my head.)

What a pity. As I was lining up the teacher’s complaints in my head, Hinata and Yami san, who were sitting in front of me, stood up.

“Me and Yami chan are going to the next lecture, what about you two?”

“I don’t have any more lectures, so I’m just going to have lunch at the cafeteria and then go home.”

“I have …… a part-time job after this.”

Sakimiya san says with a wry smile.

Come to think of it, on that rainy day just a week ago, it looked like she had something to do, but maybe she was in a hurry because she had a part-time job?

If Sakimiya-san had made it to her part-time job in time, I would have lent my umbrella and it would have been worth it if I got soaked…!

“I’ll see you both next week!”

“I’ll see you next week!”

Hinata lightly waved her hand and Yami san bowed to her before going.

“Let’s go, too. Sakimiya-san, are you okay with your part-time job?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ve delayed my shift a little bit from last week.”

The two of us, Sakimiya-san and I, go out from the lecture room to the corridor.

“No, seriously.”

I heard a group of men and women from the same seminar walking in front of us talking.

“I really don’t like guys like Hinata. I’m glad we’re not in the same group.”

“Me too, me too. She’s strong-willed and a little bit manly, so I’m not good at her.”

“That’s right, we thought so too at first.”

The two people talking are one of the girls that Hinata had first approached and two of the guys who had been annoyed by Hinata at the after-lecture dinner last week.

They seemed to be complaining about Hinata, perhaps out of spite for that.

“I mean, we didn’t say anything terrible, so it doesn’t make sense why Hinata would lose her temper, does it?”


The two boys were talking like it wasn’t their fault, and the girls were nodding their heads in agreement.

The complaint on the hinata side was that the boys were blabbing to themselves and annoying the girls, so the hinata got fed up and left first. ……

I thought those girls didn’t really like it either.

“It’s really troublesome,…… for both the boys and the girls.”

Sakimiya-san’s eyes, walking next to me, had somehow become sharper.

Sakimiya-san always has these eyes when she talks about something a little darker.

There is no cute patchy Sakimiya-san’s eyes there.

Maybe Sakimiya-san had something like this in the past,…….

“I wish everyone was as kind and honest as Kazakiri-kun.”


“Now you understand, Kazakiri-kun? Girls are complicated creatures. Of course, I am too…”

“But I still think that Sakimiya-san is the only one who isn’t!”

Sakimiya san was going to say that she was as well, so I interrupted her.

“I don’t care what anyone says to you, Sakimiya-san is different from the other girls who tend to crowd ……, and I think that’s really cool of you!”

“Kazakiri, kun……”

When I told her how I felt, Sakimiya-san mumbled my name with a surprised look on her face.

I don’t think it’s that surprising, right…? 

That’s when it happened.

She jumped into my arms with her pink straight hair swinging softly.


“If it’s you, I want to be in …… a group with Kazakiri-kun.”

“Eh….What do you mean …… by that?”

Sakimiya san smiled back and ran ahead.

“I have to go. See you, Kazakiri-kun.”

I could feel Sakimiya-san’s scent and body temperature directly.

…My heart couldn’t stop pounding.

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8 months ago

Man, I feel bad for hinata. She’s basically a losing sub heroine and now she’s being bad mouthed? Jesus she can’t catch a break

girth lord
girth lord
3 months ago

sakimiya = sakura (pink hair and everything)
and hinata = hinata

oh lord!