It was truly an odd sight between me and Hinami-senpai.

Every time we passed each other in the hallway, I would hear girls and boys whispering in my ears. I would look at them for a moment and then start gossiping, which would gradually spread around us.

It is the usual human habit. I wonder if it was the same in the first year of junior high school.

First of all, I have to think about the reason why I am being taken like this.

We stopped at the landing of the staircase, the small, pale hands gripping my wrists tightly.

“—–C-come on.”

I had been following her closely, but she stopped suddenly, perhaps startled, her lips trembling a little.

“Um, can you explain to me why?”

I opened my mouth, which had been silent.

Then she mumbled with her back to me.

“I wanted to thank you for ……. That’s all.”

“Thank you? I told you that you don’t have to worry about me. I feel happy, though…”

“Do you think I’m the kind of person who could care less if you told me not to worry about it? Do you think I’m that rude?”

She turns around and stares at me appealingly.

She seemed to want to say something, and her eyes were filled with something she really wanted to say. She had that kind of atmosphere.

“I don’t think so,…… but that’s enough for me since you said thank you in the hospital room,…… and besides, I won’t go around saying anything and no one will care.”

“No. Never!”

A gnashing of teeth.

I could feel her clenching her right hand tightly and taking a sharp breath.

“No. I can’t do it. I don’t want to be …… such a sneaky, …… cold-hearted, heartless person.”

Something needs to be communicated.

No, something is overflowing.

There are a lot of things packed into the words now.

It was obvious that this person would never back down from this feeling.

“–That’s why you were so forceful, wasn’t it?”

“That’s …… sorry. It was my fault.”

“Well,……, I don’t really care. But more importantly…”

“W-What is it?”

The pure eyes that don’t seem to be dyed in any way.

“Anyway, I understand. I surrender. I understand that you owe me a favor, and that you want to thank me for it. But what are you actually going to give me in return?”

If she wouldn’t step aside, I should just throw it in.

I decided so and muttered in front of her, and she gave me a puzzled look, as if she thought I’d deny it.


“Um, can you hear me?”

“Eh, Ah, yes! Of course I can hear you…it’s okay…”

“Are you tired? We don’t have to talk about this now.”

“No, no, it’s not that! It’s just that I …… don’t know what I’m going to do when you ask me what I’m going to do.”

I’m surprised at this.

She had no idea what she was going to do, even though she was so forward about it.

“—-Why are you coming at me so aggressively?”

“I-I’m sorry! I-I didn’t have any particular intention of doing that… I’m desperate.”

The appearance of a senpai in a panic.

It was a little amusing to see her suddenly become so small, even though she was strong and had an aura-like charm until she walked down the hallway where people saw her, so I burst out laughing.

“…… hahaha. S-senpai. How could you think of thanking me with that?”

“D-don’t laugh, …… I was desperate.”

“But. The person giving the thank-you is supposed to think about what he or she is going to do, right?”

“I-Is that so?”

“Well, I don’t know, I’ve never done anything that was done to me either. ……”

“If you don’t know, don’t laugh. Especially if you don’t know. ……”

“Well, well, well. Anyway, that’s it. It’s dark in here, so why don’t we change the place?”

“…… Oh. Yes, that’s right……. in a place like this.”

She was so flustered that she puffed and puffed on her face.

There was something about the cold-hearted princess’s uncharacteristic behavior that bothered me, but I pretended not to notice.

“T-this way. It was Fujimiya-kun who stopped on his own accord, so I spoke to him here.”

“Is it my fault?”

“Wasn’t it you who stopped?”

“……Well, yes, that’s right.”

Then, She turned serious, trying to hide her slightly reddened cheeks.

I felt like I understood a little bit why she was said to be cold.

And so, I was brought to the student council room by senpai.

“EH? Why? Don’t tell me you’re here to decide what to do with me?”

“no ……. I just came to get my keys.”

I meant it half-jokingly, but Hinami-senpai took it seriously without laughing and had a firmly drawn face.

Yes, it’s somewhat understandable. While there are many cute gestures for being called. I thought this must be the reason why she is called the “cold-hearted princess.”

“Well, I hope you don’t answer seriously there, but rather shove it in and say, ‘I’ll behead you’.”


“It’s nothing.”


It is embarrassing.

I tried like telling Naoya because he would joke around like this, but it still didn’t make sense to senpai

Is it boring or pure?

Well, while there are some things that are simply boring, I guess it’s because the relationship with me is one where I just want to express my gratitude.

“So, what’s the key for?”

“The key to the rooftop.”

“Rooftop? Is it okay to go up there?”

“We have duplicate keys to the rooftop, the workshop, and the preparation room. Some people sometimes come to get it. However, you have to have a valid reason to enter.”


I didn’t expect her to be so firm.


When we entered the student council room, there was a board where the keys were kept right after entering, and Hinami-senpai turned on her heel and stretched to get it.

The back that stretches out so crisply shows a very good posture that I was a little impressed, but then my eyes immediately fell on that thing.

You can imagine, ladies and gentlemen.

From my vantage point, Senpai is now facing sideways. And she’s raising her heels, extending her arms, and stretching her back.

Yes, that thing.

The thing that exists only in women is pulled by her arms, and I see its shape clearly on her uniform, and I hurriedly avert my gaze.

“Oh, um, shall I get it……?”

“I-I can take it off. This much….”

When I said that, she frowned and her cheeks flushed a little.

It’s not that I want to be treat her like a child. She was definitely misunderstanding this, but I felt like my rational mind wouldn’t be able to handle it if things continued like this, so I forcibly grabbed the key.

“Ah, …….”

“Please don’t force me.”

I’m the one doing it, in this case.

“It’s okay. I’m fine with this. ……

“Can you reach….., here?”

I put my hand over the spot where the key was, right above senpai. When I asked her, she seemed to get annoyed and reached out her hand, but she still couldn’t reach it.

I was a few centimeters short.

“I’ll help you, please don’t strain yourself.”

“….that’s mean.”

“Well, let’s go, shall we?”

“……I’m taking you with me, so please don’t go first.”

“I understand.”

“Um, are you using this for a good reason? This?”

“It’s a privilege.”

“It’s an abuse of power. ……”

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