I quickly realized why I could hear Saki’s inner voice. In front of the archery range, Saki was chatting with her club members.

Saki is a member of the dance club, but there is no fixed place to practice. Except for when the whole club members perform a single performance, they are assigned by lottery from among several candidates to practice at.

One of the candidates is in front of the archery range. There is a glass door at the entrance, which is used as a mirror. Today, three members of Saki’s group happened to be in front of the archery range.

No, just because Saki witnessed it, objectively speaking, that doesn’t mean anything. Since Saki is not my lover, it is not like she was witnessing an affair.

But….Saki’s fondness for me lightly exceeds that of a brother-sister relationship. I have learned that Saki dreams of being with me every single day since I started to understand her thoughts. Moreover, she is also possessive and doesn’t think well of me getting along with other girls.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Misaka san asks, seeing my sudden silence. Then, I noticed Saki in the corner of my eye.

“Ah, Saki chan. She practiced in front of the archery range today.”

“Y-yeah. It seems so.”

“…Are you really that worried about Saki-chan? Um……wouldn’t it be bad if she saw you with me?”

[The two of you are just brother and sister, so there’s no problem, right? However, Saki chan seems to like Fujisaki kun, so maybe she’s jealous? …Isn’t that really the case?]

That kind of thing is possible…….

[That woman…I can’t forgive her for walking side by side with Onii chan. I mean, you’re Sakata-senpai’s girlfriend, right? Maybe your feelings have cooled off, but you haven’t properly broken up yet, so what kind of nerve do you have to make eyes at another boy even before you’ve ended the relationship? Well, if it’s someone other than Onii chan, you can do whatever you want, but if you’re trying to flirt with him, I won’t tolerate it. I’ll make you suffer more than death. Don’t think I can’t do it, okay? I’m willing to do whatever it takes to save Onii chan.]

Oh no, no, no, no. Saki’s thoughts are too scary. Saki, I believe you are really a kind-hearted girl, right? You seem to be thinking about a lot of things, but you won’t actually try to do anything to Misaka san just because you’re thinking about it, right? Am I right?

I feel very uneasy, and cold sweat is dripping from my body. The buoyant mood I was in just a few minutes ago has vanished.

My heart was filled with anxiety, but first of all, I had to calm Saki’s heart.

“Yo, Saki. So you’re here today. I don’t know if it matters at all, but you look good with your hair tied up. It’s cute. Why don’t you do it like that at home?”

When I praised Saki in a somewhat forced manner, the cursed thoughts that had been going on and on stopped.

[He said I’m cute, he said I’m cute, he said I’m cute ! You don’t usually say such things to me, but what happened all of a sudden !? Onii chan, maybe he’s finally starting to see me as a girl !?]

“……Ah, Onii chan, why are you here without going to club activities? And with Misaka senpai. Eh, could it be that my Onii chan and Misaka senpai are…..?”

Her expression is that of an innocent girl who is thrilled by the prospect of love itself.

And even though her inner voice was upbeat until just before.

[…..If she says that they’ve started dating or something like that, I guess I’ll have to beat this woman thoroughly]

I’m scared…… Saki, you’re scary.

I push the fear away with determination and I smile back at her too.

“Haha. We’re not like that. Misaka san is Takuma’s girlfriend. I just happened to drop her off here today because I had some business to attend to.”

“Hmmm……. I see. But, Onii chan, if such a time really comes, please don’t hide it and tell me, okay? Since Onii chan is so incompetent, I’ll teach you how to properly interact with girls.”

[Well, once he starts dating, I’ll do whatever I can to get rid of his girlfriend.]

“…Oh, when the time comes, I’ll ask for your help. Even if I went out with Misaka san by myself, she would dump me on the first day.”

[Fujisaki kun, that’s definitely not true. In fact, I might never let you go.]

Misaka san was the first to react to my casual words. I struggled to hide my agitation.

[Even if Onii chan is dumped after he started dating, that would be frustrating. If she’s an incompetent woman who doesn’t understand Onii chan’s goodness, she should just perish.

I mean, for a moment just now, Misaka senpai, you gave Onii chan a strange look, didn’t you? Well, well, well……. It seems like Onii chan doesn’t notice, but that’s what it means, right? Hmmm. She’s already acting strangely friendly, so I can’t just sit back and take it easy, can I?]

Saki…… You’re so perceptive…… Don’t notice that much from Misaka san’s fleeting glance…

“I think it’s good that you can honestly ask for guidance like that. I mean, first of all, you have to change a lot of things so that you can have a girlfriend, right? Let’s go shopping together tomorrow, shall we? Onii chan, you don’t have any plans anyway, do you?”

“It’s not like I don’t have a plan. I just love my freedom.”

“Yeah yeah. I’ll agree with you on that so that you can keep your modest pride.”

Misaka san chuckled whens he saw the exchange between me and Saki.

[They’re close. I admire this kind of relationship…… And Fujisaki kun, who has his big brother’s face on, is cool too. Yeah, I like him.]

….If only you could think of us as close siblings.

“……Misaka san, what are you laughing at? Are we doing something funny?”

“No, not at all. I was just impressed that you got along so well. Well then, I’ll go to club activities. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing your poster.”

“Oh, I’ll draw it as soon as I can. See you next week.”

“……Yeah. See you next week.”

[Haa……. See you next week, huh. I wish I could see him every day. I envy Saki chan who lives with him. But if I were his sister, he wouldn’t be able to fall in love with me. I don’t want to be his younger sister…….]

I was about to send off Misaka san’s back, but here Saki spoke to Misaka san.

“Hm? Misaka-senpai, you look somewhat unhappy. Did something happen?”

“Eh? No, it’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“Is that so? If that’s the case, that’s fine……. If something happens, you can talk to me about it, too, okay? Ah, that’s right, I don’t think so, but if the day comes when you’re interested in Onii chan, I’ll teach you how to drop him. “

[As Misaka senpai listens to my advice, I’ll take advantages of her weakness, and get rid of her.]

“Ahaha. Sure, when the time comes, Saki chan will be a strong ally. I’d be happy if you could tell me what Fujisaki kun’s favorite dishes.”

[Saki chan is so kind. When the time comes, I might really rely on you.”

“But well, if you are planning to seduce Onii chan, I won’t keep quiet either, you know? If you don’t pass my screening, I won’t give you my precious Onii chan !”

[I won’t let anyone take him away from me.]

“Fufu. I guess so. Saki chan’s screening process seems to be very strict. Fujisaki kun’s girlfriend must be tough.”

[Saki chan really likes her brother, huh? I envy you, Fujisaki kun. I wish I had a younger sister like her. Oh, if Fujisaki kun and I get married, we’ll really be sisters…… But that’s too soon to say !]

[Hm? Did you laugh in a strange way just now? What were you imagining? Did you perhaps think fluently that it would be nice to have a sister like me? Then, did you think that if you married Onii chan, you would really be my sister? Heh. That future will never come, okay? It’s not going to happen, you know? In fact, if you get closer to Onii chan, you won’t even know if the future that should be a matter of course will come, you know?]

“I have club activities, so I’m gonna go now. I’ll see you later.”

[Saki chan as my younger sister… Looks like fun. I thought about that again… I haven’t even started dating Fujisaki kun yet.]

“Please come visit us again anytime.”

[I’m sure she likes Onii chan, but if she gets close to him, I won’t give her any mercy. First of all, I’ll put myself in the position of a sister character that you can tolerate, and then I’ll push you all the way to the bottom !]

She said daringly. Saki was smiling from beginning to end.

Terrifying ! Saki, what’s going on? Hey, what in the world could make Saki go that far? You seem to have a lot on your mind, but you wouldn’t really do something that would send someone to the bottom, would you?

I……..believe in Saki, right? I’ve been living with her for a long time. Saki is a very kind girl. I’m sure of it.

……But if something happens, I have to stop her somehow. It shouldn’t be that hard if I can read minds…….

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