Episode 9 – I Want a Part-time Job ! !  I Want Money ! ! So I Won’t Be a Selfless Fool ! !



The next morning

“Um, Hikari san? Don’t hug me and go to school, okay?”

“No ! I’m rubbing my scent on you right now to keep you away from women.”

Yesterday, my own sister whispered her love to me, and since then, Hikari’s approach has been very strong.

I guess this marking-like act of rubbing her scent in is part of it.

……Though I don’t feel so bad about it myself.

Outside, there were people’s eyes, so I arrived at school while skillfully dodging Hikari’s intense physical contact.

It seems that I arrived just in time for morning homeroom, and a health observation was immediately conducted.

Suddenly, the homeroom teacher muttered.

“Sudo’s absent again today……….good grief.”

The blank space in the seat in front of me has been conspicuous for the past few days.

Maki hasn’t come to school since that day when I told everyone in class that I had broken up with her.

I’m honestly a bit confused too.

…..Was it that much of a shock that I broke up with her?

However, the irreverent attitude of Maki when we were dating flickered in my mind and I deny this thought.

When I think about Maki, I go in circles with this thought.

I was in agony, but since I had sworn to completely ignore her, there was no way for me to get involved with Maki at this point.


I have recently been experiencing a major change in my relationship with the people around me, and the student council president is no exception to this.

“Kento kun, have you finished counting up the money for the fundraiser?”

Maria, the student council president, asked me.

“Yes. I just finished just now.”

“I see. Thanks for your hard work. How’s school these days?”


….I completely ignored her. Although I would talk about work-related matters, I will ignored everything else.

For some reason, ever since that day when I declared to Maria that I had effectively cut myself off from her–even though I had no choice but to be involved in the student council’s activities–Maria has been strangely kind to me.

I’m not sure what kind of emotional change she has undergone. Is it that she feels a little guilty?

Whatever the case may be, I have no intention to stop ignoring her at all.

I haven’t forgotten her abusive and even violent behavior towards me from 3 months ago until recently.

……Although I haven’t forgotten.

When I see Maria’s deeply sad face when I ignore her, I can’t help but feel guilty.

“You know? Recently My friend Risa chan?—“

Even if I ignore her, she doesn’t give up and talks to me again.

Looking at this situation, the other student council members don’t seem to have any doubts that I’m completely ignoring the student council president.

It was probably Yuri san who told them about the situation.

……Well, whatever, I’m going home today.

Maria is still talking about something, but I greeted her and then left the student council room.


The other student council members were gone, and only Maria and Yuri were left in the student council room.

“Yuri,……it was no good today,……”

“Well, all this has to continue. Kento kun is surprisingly stubborn.”

“But,…… it’s a little painful,……I know I brought this on myself, but when I try to talk to him, he ignores me and it’s like I’m talking to myself…….”

“Why don’t you try using a messaging app or something? I’m sure you’ll be surprised how much he’ll talk to you if you don’t meet him face to face. I’m sure you’ve exchanged things before, right?”

“Yeah. But he blocked me……”

“I see…….”

……It’s a long road ahead.

Yuri muttered in her heart.

The student council room was filled with a heavy atmosphere.


“….Should I get a part-time job?”

I muttered in the living room.

“Are you going to get a part-time job, Onii chan?”

“Yeah, the sports festival is over and I’ve finished my work on the student council. Now I just need some money.”

That being said, it looks like I’ll be studying for the entrance exam in earnest.

“I’ll do it too !”

“Hikari, if you ever return to school, you’ll have to work with the track and field team. I hope it’s not until then. But going to a part-time job instead of going to school is a funny story, isn’t it?”


“No need to growl.”


She seemed reluctant to give up.

“I won’t be able to spend much time with Onii chan……”

“I’ll be with you when I don’t have a part-time job, so just bear with me.”

“Yay ! I love you, Onii chan !”

I know. After all, she confessed her love to me.

“By the way, where do you work?”

“I think I’ll work at a family restaurant one stop away from here. They have a job offer for high school students.”

“I see……Onii chan.”


“You can’t flirt with the women over there, okay?”

There was no sparkle in Hikari’s eyes as she said that with a smile.

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7 months ago

So instead of apologizing and being honest maria just decides to act nice now? As if that’s not psycho.

1 month ago

This is probably the only mc that has blocked this many girls and it’s not even 10 chapters in XD