“Okay, Misuzu, I’m off.”
“I’m sorry to bother you, Misuzu san. I’ll come back later.”
“Yes. Bye, onii chan, Towa san. I’ll be waiting for you at home!”

I put on the clothes that Misuzu had chosen for me and greeted her at the entrance.
A white collared shirt and a gray jacket. I have prepared slacks based on black and leather shoes.
My hair is also well coiffed.

This is all thanks to Misuzu.
I am truly indebted to her.

“I could tell from the way you were talking on the phone, but you don’t want to ruin the serious, sincere image they have of you, okay?”
“Thanks for the advice, Misuzu. The clothes look really nice.”

After such an exchange, I was waiting for Towa san to change her clothes.

“Thank you for waiting.”
“Wow, ……beautiful.”

Towa san, dressed in a light pink one-piece dress, came into the living room.
Misuzu was fascinated by her appearance.
To be honest. I thought it was pretty dangerous, too.

“The uniform looked good on you, but you look great in it.”
“T-thank you very much. That figure of Kirito-kun is also very cool.”
“Haha, thank you. I’m almost entirely thanks to Misuzu, though.”

I smile bitterly.

“When I let onii chan pick out clothes, he brings shirts and hats with professional baseball team logos on them, so I’ve decided not to let him touch the clothes anymore! That kind of stuff is for elementary school kids or uncles, okay?”
“Haha. I wanted to see Kirito-kun dressed like that, but I’ll hold out until you become an uncle.”

I’ll stay with you until that future comes.
After I said that, my face got hot.

“Yes, yes. Can’t you make out after you get back? You’ll be late if you take it easy.”

Hahaha…… she said something like Kirisaki-san from the classroom.

“Sorry, Misuzu. Then, Towa san, let’s get going.”
“Yes. I’m ready too.”

Then we both left and went to Towa san’s house.

After leaving the house, we take a bus to the train station.
Then, after traveling by train, we again use the bus to get to the vicinity of her house.
And after a short walk from the bus stop, in the scheduled hour or so.


appeared in front of me, a two-story white house with a nameplate that read that

The time was ten minutes before twelve o’clock.
I came neither too early nor too late.

“Phew,…… I’m getting nervous.”
“It’s all right, Kirito-kun. The way things looked earlier, you’re not going to be kicked out, but even welcomed, are you?”

Towa smiled gently at me as I put my hands on my chest and tried to breathe.

“Yes. That’s right. …… Okay. Let’s go!”

I willingly ring the intercom.


The response was immediate.


I heard a kind female voice.
It must have been Towa san’s mother, whom I heard last night. It was probably Yumi san’s voice.

“I am Sakurai Kirito, who was invited. I’m here with Towa-san.”

I speak into the speaker.

“We’ve been waiting for you~, I’m unlocking the door now. Father is waiting for you in the living room.”
“Ah, yes. Okay.”


The conversation ends with the sound
Then, after a few moments, the front door is unlocked with a clang.

Towa san and I walk to the front door.

“Welcome, Kirito-kun. And Towa, welcome back.”

A kind-looking woman with long, light brown dyed hair comes out of the front door.
She is probably about 160 cm tall and looks so young that it is hard to believe she has a daughter in high school.

“Hello, Yumi san. Thank you for inviting me here today. Your name was given to me by Yuhei san.”
“Ara, I see. It was nice to be called ‘mother’ by Kirito-kun, but I prefer to be called by my name.”
You can call me by my first name”
“Mother. Kirito-kun is mine, so you can’t touch him, okay?”

Saying that, Towa san hugs my arm.
I can feel her soft thing against my arm!

“Fufufu. Don’t worry, Towa. I’m devoted to your father.”

Yumi-san turns on her heel and walks toward the back of the room.

“Come on up. Lunch is already prepared. Dad’s hungry.”
“Yes. I’m hungry too. I’m looking forward to your cooking.”
“Kirito-kun. Mom’s cooking is delicious, so you can count on it.”
“Mouu Towa, don’t raise the bar!”

We headed for the living room, talking to each other.

When we entered the room, there was a delicious-looking omelette on the table for a number of people.
And there was a man sitting on a chair in front of it.

I was sure it was Yuhei san
Yuhei-san, whose eyes met mine, smiled at me.

Ah, Towa san’s smile must have come from her father.

I thought to myself.

“Hello, Yuhei-san. I was on the phone earlier, so let me greet you again. My name is Sakurai Kirito. Thank you for inviting me today.”

I bowed to Yuhei-san.

“Hello, Kirito-kun. It’s nice to see you too. And you’ve come dressed very tastefully and nicely.”
“Hahaha. Thank you very much. I have a very good coordinator at my house, so I leave everything to her when it comes to clothes.”

“Towa must be really excited to come in her favorite dress. Are you two going somewhere after this?”

Towa protested, her face reddening.
I’m sure she’s pretty fired up after all.

“Yes, I guess so. Our real date is scheduled for tomorrow, but there’s a little place I want to take Towa-san today.”
“…… Eh? I haven’t heard anything about that. What is it?”

She looks at me with a kyoton expression.
Yes, there’s someone I’d like to introduce her to.

“Yes. I don’t want to tell you this right now, but…. There is someone I want to introduce you to.”
“I-I see. …… Okay, I understand. I’ll do my best not to be rude!”

“Well, guys. It’s time to eat, isn’t it? The lunch mom made for us is getting cold.”
“Ah, yes! Excuse me.”
“Yeah, I’m hungry, too.”
“We don’t have refills, but if you don’t have enough bread, I can bake some right away, so don’t hesitate to ask, Kirito-kun.”
“Yes! Thank you very much.”

Then we all said “Itadakimasu! We began to eat

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