A few days have passed since then, and it is now Saturday.

But the image of Sera remains vivid in my mind.

I talk with Sera quite a bit, even in individual chat rooms.

We talk about a wide range of things, such as what she eats for breakfast and what she plans to do today.

But she also sends me messages that I’m a little curious about. ……

As I sat on my bed cowering my shoulders, my cell phone rang.

There is only one person who sends me messages at this time of night.

That’s right. It is Sera.

When I unlocked it and launched Ain, a picture was sent.

“How do you like this? It’s Regenda’s new bra top ( ^ω^ ) (It’s very revealing, so don’t send it to anyone else.)”

Above the message with this content was a picture of Sera wearing a dark mege-colored bra top and doing a peace pose.

Her short blonde hair, emerald eyes, and well-defined features are really cute with the added correction. But the presence of the two huge marshmallows at the bottom of the picture triggered my instincts.

I touch the photo to make it full screen.


That’s a big one. ……

“No, no. When Sera-chan sees me now, she’ll despise me.”

I shook my head and tried to write back.

Then, Sera sent me another message.

“Are you looking at my body? (๑╹ω╹๑ )”

What…….. teasing me again?

I frown and type and send the message as fast as my shining fingers can.

“It’s so cute, I’d never send it to anyone else.”

Sera reads my messages but doesn’t respond.

Could it be that she’s attracted to me? She’s drawing on me, isn’t she? No matter how much of a big brother I am, I don’t think such a possessive message is the way to go.

While I was sweating cold sweat a little, Sera sent me a message.

“That Possessiveness makes me happy.”

No. This was just sent to avoid disappointing her even though I’m running away from her. No, there is no way Sera can be that considerate. She’s always going at her own pace.

As I sigh thinking this, Sera sends another message.

“Good luck today!”

What do you want me to work hard for?

“Work hard at what?”

Sera never read the message again and did not respond to my message.


A little tired from my early morning exchange with Sera, I head to the fridge for my usual onigiri (rice ball).

“Let’s try not to crush it today.”

Saying this, I grabbed an onigiri and went to sit down on a chair at the table.


The bell rang from the front door.

That’s unusual. No one should be coming in at this time of night. Door-to-door salesmen or religious people?

With a dubious expression on my face, I headed for the front door.

“Who is it?”

But the visitor does not respond to my question. I wondered why, so I asked again

“It’s a little creepy.”

I muttered to myself and stared at the front door with a quizzical look on my face.

I have a weakness for this kind of situation. It reminds me of old traumas.

But at the same time, a memory came back to me.

The girl who kept pressing my doorbell without saying anything. And the meaningful message that Sera sent me earlier.

By combining these, I came to a conclusion.

“No way. ……”

I managed to suppress my impatience and opened the door.

Then, there was a maid standing there.

“Yu, good morning.”

The flaxen hair that reached down to her shoulders was swaying, and the black and white maid’s uniform covered the beautiful body of Arisa.

Her pure white legs stretching out from her skirt were very attractive, and as she went up, her well-developed body dazzled my eyes.

If Sera is a healthy beauty, this is a ladylike and modest beauty.

Her breasts are not modest at all, though. ……

I respond to her visit in a maid’s outfit with a puzzled look on my face.

“Good morning Arisa…… Um, what’s with the outfit?” 
“I’m a maid.”
“No, I know, but …… did you come all the way here dressed like that?”
“…… are you all right?”
“I’m fine. I came here by car. Yu’s house is a detached house with a parking space, so I was allowed to use it.”

With that, Arisa raised her thin hand and pointed to the parking space at my house. There was a state-of-the-art luxury car parked there.

“I-I see. I’m glad…….”

No, it’s not good. What’s your relief?

I smiled and opened my mouth again.

“It’s fine that you’re coming, but at least call me.”

But Arisa shook her head and looked away. I knew exactly what her reaction was.

Like Ai nee and Sera, I have been with Arisa for a long time. She followed me around when I took a bath and when I went to bed. I did not reject her and was happy to see her.

I was able to distract myself from the loneliness caused by my mother’s death.

Compared to Ai nee and Sera, Arisa is a person of few words. She is the type of person who shows by her actions rather than words.

I think she talked a lot at the office the other day, but this is the type of person Arisa is. This is the kind of girl she is.

So, in order to reassure her, I said the usual words to her

“Thank you for coming back, Arisa.”

Then, Arisa, dressed in a maid’s uniform, suddenly twists her upper body and gasps for air. Then she catches me with her moist red eyes and moves her lips, which remind me of fresh cherries.

“I came here today to make Yu happy.”

That line is misleading in that kind of appearance, so please don’t say it. ……

However, it seems that my earnest desire has not reached her, and she keeps giving me a look that seems to suck me in.

At that moment, I felt a sticky, unpleasant sensation coming from my hand. So I looked at my right hand.

The onigiri.

It was crushed. (NOT AGAIN)

“Ara, your onigiri is crushed. ……”
“N-no, don’t worry about it.”
“I’ll make you lots of delicious food.”

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the mysterious power in Arisa’s voice is that she is unconsciously looking at me.

The first thing I see is.

Two plump marshmallows.


I looked away and then pointed to the house with my chin.

Then I and the beautiful maid entered the house.

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