I took a shower to remove the sweat, dizzy from the smell of her, which I could smell the moment I entered the bathroom.

I had spent most of the day in bed, so I wasn’t sweating that much, but I think I had sweated a great deal in the last hour or so.

Mainly, cold sweats. ……

I got out of the bathroom, dried off with a bath towel, put on some underwear, and slipped into my pajamas.

I head to the living room and find Kitajima-san sitting in a chair watching the news on TV.

I wonder if this is what it will be like when we get married. ……

Thinking a nice thought, I call out to her.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I just came out.”
“Yes. I’ve prepared room temperature barley tea for Sakurai kun. Here you go.”
“Ahaha. Thank you.”

I took the barley tea from her and took a sip.

“We look like a married couple when we do this.”


I almost spit out the barley tea.

“I-I thought the same thing. But I wish you had chosen your timing a little better. ……”
“I-I’m sorry. I was just thinking about it when it came out of my mouth.”

After such an exchange, Kitajima-san and I sat down in chairs facing each other at the table.

As we talk, I turn off the TV.
The living room is silent.

“For the time being. I have to thank Kitajima-san for …….”
“Wait a minute.”
“…… Eh?”

I was a little surprised when the conversation was suddenly stopped.

“W-What is it, Kitajima-san?”
“That’s it.
“Why do you call me by my last name? Please call me by my first name, ‘Towa,’ like you did earlier.”

“I will also call you ‘Kirito-kun’ from now on. It is unfair to call only Minamino-san by her name, isn’t it?”
“Ah, …… yes. I understand. Towa san”

When I called her by name, she smiled happily.

“I’m sorry for stopping the conversation, Kirito-kun. Then please continue”
“U-um. I want to thank you, Towa san. Thanks to you, Rinne and I were able to reconcile. However, I would like to apologize for my behavior that made you uneasy. I am sorry. I’ll be really careful from now on.”

I bowed my head.
I’m not in a relationship with her, so it doesn’t matter if I sleep with her. I don’t have any feelings.
I’m not going to be a part of her relationship, so it’s none of my business who she sleeps with.

“Yes. I received your apology. I forgive you, Kirito-kun.”
“Thank you. Then, I will continue.”
“First of all, what Rinne said about ‘blood family’ was not a term referring to ‘blood relationship.”
“It was a figurative expression. Right”
“That’s what I mean. Also, I’d like to ask you not to say it to anyone else. …… Rinne was abused by her own mother when she was a little girl.”
“………… Yes.”
“She was betrayed by her blood relations and substituted ‘blood’ with precious memories, time spent, love received, and other such things. She called us her ‘blood family’ because we were connected by those things.”
“I see.”
“Rinne wanted to make me her ‘brother’ and herself my ‘sister’ because she thought we would get divorced if we were a ‘married couple’. The bond between brother and sister or sister and brother is eternal and immortal. She said”
“…………I-I hate to say it like this, but that’s quite a unique way of thinking. ……”
“I think so, too. That’s why I said it.”
“What did you say?”

I took a sip of my barley tea before I said it.

“Let’s go back to being strangers. I said”
“…… Eh?”

“We’d been together for so long that we weren’t really sure what our relationship was. Let’s put aside all childhood friends, family, sisters, and so on, and let’s create a new type of relationship between me and Rinne from now on, starting from a stranger once again. That’s what we talked about.”
“…..I see. So there is still a possibility for Minamino-san to become Kirito-kun’s ‘real family’?”
“As I told you in the morning, my feeling is that I want to become a lover with you and become your real family.”
“…… Yes.”
“I want to tell you how I feel, not in the living room of this house, but in a better place. a place that will be a memory for a lifetime. Can you wait until then?”

When I said this, Towa san gave a little small sigh.

“Haa …… it’s good. I’ll wait. You really …… like to hurry things up, don’t you, Kirito-kun?”
“That’s …… sorry. for making you go along with my self-satisfaction.”

“Can I trust you?”
“Of course you can. I would never betray you.”

As I said this, the light finally returned to Towa san’s eyes.

“I’m looking forward to the best situation confession you can give me, Kirito-kun, right?”
“Hahaha…… you can count on it.”

When I said that, she gave a little sleepy lackluster sigh.

“I felt sleepy when I felt relieved. Oh, I forgave Kirito-kun, but you’ll have to sleep with me for two days, right?”
“Oh, that …… I’m going to sleep on the floor. ……”

The first time I said that, Towa san’s eyes narrowed.

“When you and Minamino-san slept together, did Kirito-kun sleep on the floor?””
“N-no,…… not at all,…….”
“If so, you understand, don’t you?”
“…… yes.”

I gave up on the idea and led Towa san to the room.

“Come in. …….”
“Yes. Thank you very much. It’s my first time to enter a man’s room, so I’m nervous.”

It’s the first time for me to enter a room with a woman other than Rinne, too.

On the wall of the room, there is a poster of a famous baseball player.
It’s that guy who crossed the ocean as a two-sport athlete.

“Waa, I know him too! He’s famous, isn’t he?”
“Yes. There were pros and cons, but he stuck to himself and got results. I thought that attitude was really cool.”

Towa san looked around the room with interest and noticed a glove on the desk.

“May I touch it!?”
“Haha. It doesn’t smell very nice, you know?”

I quit baseball, but I continue to take care of my equipment.
I guess habits are hard to break, just like swinging a baseball bat.

Today, though, I’m not going to do any swinging because she’s here.

Towa san picked up a glove that had a ball in it to keep it in shape, and she filled it in her hand.
It’s a left-handed throwing glove, so she fills it in her right hand.

Then she smelled the glove and frowned.

“It smells sour!”
“Haha…… can’t be helped. No matter how much I take care of it, I can’t get rid of it completely.”

I take the glove from her and get oil and a towel out of the desk to take care of the glove.

“It lasts a long time. It has become a habit, and I feel at home when I do this.”
“I think it’s wonderful that you take good care of your tools.”
“Ahaha, thank you. I’ve been told since I was a youth baseball player, ‘Good play comes from good tools. Take good care of your tools.”
“You must have had a good coach.”
“Yes. He was a good person. I sometimes visit the youth baseball team.”

I finish cleaning my glove and head out of the room to wash my hands.

“I’m going to go wash my hands.”
“Okay. I’ll wait for you.”

With that, I walk out of the room and go to the washroom to wash my hands.

After cleaning my gloves, I feel a little more relaxed.

I think I’ll be okay no matter what happens.

With that thought in mind, I returned to my room.

But my perception was naive. ……!

When I opened the door to my room, I lost sight of Towa san for a moment.

Huh, did she go to the bathroom?

I thought so, but the bed was heaving with something.

Then she poked her head out of the covers and laughed.

“I’m so happy to be wrapped in your scent, Kirito-kun.”
“…..I-I see.”

Y-You’re so cute! Hey!

What! I’m going to sleep with that cute girl now!

You can’t! How am I supposed to hold back!

“I’m sorry Kirito-kun, but I think I’m going to sleep well.”
“Haha…… that’s good to hear.”

I chuckled and walked toward the bed.

Then she lifts the covers and says

“Come in, I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Y-yes. ……”

I climb under the covers like an insect being preyed upon by an insectivorous plant.
My body is enveloped in a sweet smell.
I can feel my rationality being chipped away at a tremendous rate.

“……I-It’s a lie, isn’t it!”

Towa san hugs my body from behind.
She has a overwhelming softness on her back that is not present in Rinne.

“I’m so happy. ……”
“T-That’s the best thing. ……”

Towa san looked kind of sleepy. Her words seemed a little dazed.

“…..Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito-kun with all her heart”


I was surprised at the sudden confession of love.
However, from behind me, immediately ……


There was a sleeping breath.

“…… A-are you serious?”

I looked at the time.
It was 23:00.

I slept with Rinne, so I am not yet sleepy.
In order not to lose my reason, I will fall asleep. I can’t even use such a move.

I’ll have to endure in this state until morning. ……

The battle that I absolutely cannot lose has begun.

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