I ate my smashed onigiri and took a shower. I did shower last night, but I kind of felt like it would be bad if I didn’t. As I recall, if you’re a dirty guy, they don’t like you.

No matter how much she’s like a sister to me, she’s a successful model. If you Google “reganda,” Sera’s picture in beautiful clothes is the first thing that shows up. And she has more than 500,000 followers on Instar, which is a far cry from me. I don’t really care because I’m just a viewer.

I don’t get to hang out with people much except for meeting up with male friends from high school and college, so I’m always in jerseys, but today I’m going for a casual look. With that in mind, I opened my wardrobe and rummaged through it to try on some clothes.


None of them are very subtle.

Well, I don’t mind if I go with a friend, but it’s Sera. If it was with Sera’s male or female friends, I’d be even more uncomfortable. Sera didn’t say she wanted to hang out alone with me.

I left the house with a small sigh.


A certain apparel company

I arrived at this apparel company by train, looking at the contents of the message Sera had sent me in Ain. According to Sera, “Reganda” is a small company and does not have a studio for photo shoots, so they contract with a large apparel company to take pictures like this. When they shoot outdoors, they ask a female photographer to do it.

So, I entered the company. But a stern security guard stopped me.

“Wait a minute! Who are you?”
“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m here to see Sera chan.”
“Sera san? Excuse me, can you tell me your name?”
“Y-yes. I’m Takahashi Yuma.”

When the security guard heard my name, he rolled his eyes and stared at me with his mouth half open.

“What is it?”
“You are Sera san’s manager, right? Please come in.”

Sera, what are you spouting to …… the security guard guy?

But I can’t think of any man who would come here to see Sera this early in the morning except her boyfriend or manager. I think it would be better to wait outside for something like this, but Sera really hasn’t blinked since the old days because she asked me to come inside the studio or something.

So I smiled bitterly and moved my feet to go inside the studio. I felt a tremendous amount of stares. I turned around a bit, curious, but why are you giving me such a vindictive stare, security guard?


“Sera, your expression is brighter than usual today.”
“Eh? Is that so?”
“You feel excited or …… something good happened to you?”
“Hnnn …… Nothing?”
“Well, please keep it up today. I’m sure we’ll get some great pictures.”

I enter a shooting studio. Various staff members are busily working, and a beautiful girl is standing in front of a female cameraman. She really stands out. She is really cute, with a nice atmosphere, a nice face, and a nice body.

She shines in the white lighting.

The male staff members looking at Sera from afar were entranced. I looked at her and smiled. Then Sera opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Ah! Yuu niichan !!!”

Suddenly Sera says loudly and waves her hand, causing a commotion around us. I was a little embarrassed, so I laughed again and waved my hand anxiously. Then the staff looked at me.

I’ve been doing nothing but programming at …… for most of my career, so this kind of staring is a bit annoying.

As I froze, Sera rushed over to me.

“How do you like it? I look good, don’t I?”

Sera posed with her upper body bent over as if she were on her knees. Seeing this, I felt relieved.

“Really, you’re the same as ever. Sera chan”
“What’s with that reaction, praise me more!”

When Sera heard my reply, she puffed out her cheeks for a moment, shook her upper body a little, and sulked. She even deliberately looked up at me. …… or rather, please don’t shake your body. Sera is now wearing a knit that emphasizes her breasts, and it’s hard to get a good look at it.

Sera then let out a small leak.

“Fill it with Yuu nichan’s gaze so …… that there’s no room for any …… creepy stares.”
“? Sera chan, did you say something?”
“Nah! I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Just keep your eyes on me …… until the shoot is over!”
“A-ah, …… well, since I’m here, good luck.”

And Sera goes to the white background cloth again and poses.

I knew She’s still beautiful. If it weren’t for my childhood friend, I wouldn’t even be able to have a conversation with such a pretty girl.

As I was looking at Sera with this thought in my mind, she was giving me a look from time to time.

It may have been my imagination, but I felt that her gaze had a weight to it.

When the shooting was over, Sera headed to the changing room to change. The female cameraman looked at the camera screen and nodded in satisfaction. Perhaps she got a good shot. The female cameraman, who was smiling as she looked at the pictures she had taken, suddenly came to me, her eyes wide open, as if she had just had an idea.

She must have been in her forties or so.

“You’re Takahashi kun, right?”
“Are you really Sera’s manager?”
“! W-well, something like that.”

The female cameraman kept giving me a sharp look. Oh, stop it. It’s enough that only Chief Yamashita is staring at me. Oh, I don’t have to look at him anymore. Wait, what the heck is going on?

As I was showing my bewilderment, the cameraman suddenly loosened her cheeks and said

“Thanks. Thanks to you, I was able to take good pictures. Sera, you can make facial expressions like that too. ……”

I tilted my head, not understanding what the photographer was saying. Then there was a moment of silence. But it did not last long.

“Yu ni chan! Let’s go home! I’m done working.”

Sera gave me a thumbs-up and spoke to me. Her short blonde hair swung slightly, giving off a nice fragrance, and her emerald eyes caught my gaze precisely. Her slightly reddish cheeks reminded me of a peach at its best, and her long, ivory-colored, shapely legs stretched out from her shorts were trembling slightly.

For some reason, I can’t help but feel that she’s even sexier than before, but again, that’s probably just my imagination.

“A-Ah yeah..let’s go”

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