After seeing Sakurai kun off, I talked to Kirisaki-san in the classroom and waited for him to contact me.

[I want to fall in love with you. I want to be your lover.]

Sakurai kun told me so.

And Kirisaki-san

[Sakurai kun, you know, ‘To be a lover with Towa chan and her chest, I went to Rinne’s place’]

She said so.

I believed his words and the words of her, who I knew for a short time, and who I could call my “best friend”

And then

The first period is over.
Naturally, I still haven’t heard from him.
I wonder if they are having a fight, or if the discussion is dragging on. ……

Second period is over.
I still haven’t heard from him.
I am worried about …… what happened.

The third period is over.
I haven’t heard from him.
“What happened with Minamino-san?”
I deleted the message I typed
I don’t want to be the woman who urges him. ……

The fourth period is over.
No contact …… yet. ……
I had dinner with Kirisaki-san at the cafeteria.
The grilled meat didn’t….. tasted good. ……

Fifth period is over.
Nothing came. ……

It is after school.
It didn’t come. ……

Sakurai kun……Sakurai kun……Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun Sakurai kun…… why …… why don’t you contact me ……..?

I wandered off and went to the staff room like a sleepwalker.

There, my homeroom teacher, Negishi-sensei, gave me his address so that I could deliver today’s handouts to Sakurai-kun.
I checked it against his address in elementary school just to be sure, but there seemed to be no change.
I am glad. Now I can go see him.

I went home.

It was inconvenient for me to walk around in my uniform.

It took me about an hour to get home, but of course, there was no contact from Sakurai-kun. ……

Little by little, little by little, dark feelings welled up inside me……

[I want to fall in love with you. I want to be your lover.]
Fufufu….Why do you spend so much time with other girls when you leave the girl you want to be your girlfriend alone?

What a helpless person….

Kurose senpai, whom I adore also said the same thing to Kirisaki senpai

Sakurai kun….It’s a punishment for you you know

I went to my slightly larger bag, ready for a “sleepover”.

As I was doing so, my mother spoke to me from behind.

“Ara, Towa. What’s wrong? Are you staying somewhere?”
“Yes. I have something very important to do.”

I said and smiled at her.

“I’m in high school now, so don’t worry too much about it, okay?”
“…..I-I see….okay.”

What was wrong? Mom’s expression seemed a little tight. Well, …… it’s a good thing right

“As I recall, father isn’t coming home today, is he?”
“Y-Yes, he is. He’s going to be drinking, so he’s going to stay at the hotel.”

Ah …… that’s good. I’m sure dad is a bit overprotective and may be a bit picky.

But I was sure I wouldn’t quit no matter what he said.

I slung my packed bag over my shoulder.

Tomorrow was Saturday. The day after tomorrow is my date with Sakurai-kun.
I’m so happy. I get to be with him for two days.

“Well then, mother. I’m off.”
“Okay. Umm… whose house are you staying at?”

Haha …… that’s right. I didn’t mention that.

I explained it properly to my mom.

“Kirito Sakurai kun’s home. I told mom well, didn’t I? He’s the hero who saved me in elementary school and my future husband.”

Saying that, I left the house.

I think my mom was saying something behind my back, go on! And good luck! I think.
Because my mom is always on my side.

And since I have a lot of luggage, I decided to take the bus to the station. It would be dangerous to ride a bicycle.

After a little while, I got on the bus that came and arrived at the station again. After that, I took the train to the nearest station to his house.

The train was a bit crowded, but I didn’t encounter any “strange people”.
Ah, thank God. I don’t want anyone but him to touch my body.

I arrived at the station closest to his home at around 19:00 at night.

That was the time.

Finally, I received a long-awaited call from him on my phone.

[I have made up with Rinne for now. I will have dinner at her house. It may be late at night, but please let me call you]

Here’s a message from Sakurai-kun!
I’m glad they made up!

I see…… He will have dinner at Minamino-san’s home. ……

Fufufu…. you still plan to stay with her……

[I will wait for you (in front of your house) no matter how late it is. Let me hear the answer you give (in person).]

I sent a reply meaning that.
A phone call? fufufu… …… that kind of thing doesn’t convince me, does it?

I decided to buy a rice ball and a drink at a convenience store as supper for now.

And then it occurred to me.

“Yes, that’s right. Since I am staying at a man’s home, I needed this too.”

I am a little embarrassed to buy this, but Sakurai-kun might not make a decision if I don’t have it.
Fufufu… …… I don’t really need to have it though ……

I bought two rice balls and a cup of tea. Then I bought one “A Lady’s Taste” and left the convenience store.
The clerk was a woman, so she thoughtfully put it in a paper bag.
Looking at her expression, I thought she was saying to me, “Good luck!” Yes, I will do my best.

Then, instead of riding my bicycle, I took a bus to Sakurai kun’s house and walked from there.

I felt a little tired, but that was nothing compared to the pleasure of meeting him.

Then, after walking for a while, I arrived in front of his house.

There were lights on at Minamino-san’s house and Sakurai kun’s house. He must have already returned to his home.

Why? Hasn’t he contacted me?

Fufufu……… he really likes to make me impatient ……

I ate one rice ball. When I finished the second one and drank my tea, the front door of Sakurai kun’s house opened.

Then a girl about junior high school age ran out from there.

She did not notice me in front of the fence of the house, but went to Minamino-san’s house next door.

……Maybe she is his sister?

Then, now. Sakurai-kun is alone at his home. That would be so.

Fufufu……… that’s convenient.

With my phone in hand, I prepared to receive his call anytime.

A quick glance at my phone’s incoming call history was filled with home and my mom.

Ah …… it was too noisy, so I put it on silent, but never mind. What is more important is what is in front of me now.

Then my phone informed me of an incoming call from Sakurai-kun.


I naturally answer with one call.
Sakurai-kun makes me impatient, but I don’t make him impatient, do I?

“Hello. This is Kitajima. It’s Sakurai kun, isn’t it?”

I talk to him, careful not to show my emotions.

“Yes. I’m sorry it’s so late. Can we talk a little now?”

Yes, of course. That’s why I came all the way here

“Yes, I’m fine. It’s alright. I’m in front of the house.”

Then I told him where I was located.

“I’m going to go outside my house too. Let’s talk while looking at the same night sky.”

He seemed to understand that.
Looking at the same night sky. How romantic.
Fufufu………As expected of Sakurai-kun.

“I see. Then, I will be waiting for you.”

As soon as I said that, the front door opened.
From there, Sakurai-kun emerged, dressed in loungewear.
Ah…..He looks cool in his loungewear too……

“Good evening, Sakurai kun”
“…… Ki, Kitajima-san.”

I greeted the man I finally met, the love of my life, with a huge smile on my face.

Then…. tell me a lot of stories, okay?
We have plenty of time. ……

(TL/N : Wew Kitajima san…kind of ‘different’)

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Guy has no luck with the ladies.

Both are broken in different ways.

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Mom-san realizing her daughter is kinda unhinged lol