Ai’s room

Ai wakes up and tries to recall yesterday’s events. The meal with Yu-chan. The conversation that took place there. His gestures, language, facial expressions, body.

Just by his looks, he was an ordinary young man-male, but he had the gentleness of the old Yu-chan.

She has seen countless men in her life. They had a kind face and whispered sweet words on the surface, but from the inside they had that criminal atmosphere.

Even those who knew her old, sad past only pretended to comfort her in order to devour her body.

But he was different.

[I’ve been wondering about you guys ever since we separated. But I’m very relieved to see that things are going well.]

She felt saved when she heard his words, which had not the slightest ulterior motive. He did not have another purpose, nor did he say them in a random way.

Words that wrapped themselves

After all, Yu-chan is still Yu-chan even after 15 years.

He put on the sad expression he had on his face when they split up in the past and went to go to the restroom. She knew very well that he would be back soon, but her heart was so tight and aching that she ran into an action that she would never have thought of from a normal person.

[Don’t go……]

The apparel brand “Reganda” is immensely popular among women in their 20s and 30s. It was her who launched it.

Although she has both pride and beauty, she spat out words like that while chasing after a man and giving him a clinging look.

She is embarrassed, but she has no regrets. The other person is Yu-chan. …… she doesn’t want to split up with him …… anymore. Absolutely no. She doesn’t want to be separated from him even if it kills her.


Exhaling so colorfully, Ai lost in thought.

Now she has money and honor. But if She forces herself to only assert her own opinion, she will only cause trouble.

She has to understand Yu-chan’s feelings more, and it has to be in a way that Yu-chan wants. That is why she has been searching for a cause. Not just to spend time together as old childhood friends, but to build a more special relationship.

It was then that he came up with the idea of changing jobs.

She thought her heart was going to stop. He is a developer who creates systems and such. And they were struggling with their own workload, which was growing by the day, and wanted someone who knew computers and systems.

The interests are perfectly aligned. It was fate. But they should not be in a hurry. So she invited him to come to her company in a week’s time to talk to her, since they were also looking for a system developer themselves. He accepted her proposal.

“Yu-chan ……”

When she imagines him joining her in a company where there are always only three of them.

Electricity runs through her head.

The other guys were so eager to get to her, to be close to them, but he was the exact opposite.

Thinking about it makes her heart ache and hurt all over again. ……

She won’t let him get away anymore.

Keep him locked up in her thorny flower garden.

She wants to give him everything She has and whisper her love to him forever.

Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan ……

Forcibly asserting only one’s own opinion will only cause trouble. Such thoughts had crossed her mind just a few moments ago.

But now Kirie Ai can’t suppress her gushing feelings for Yu-chan, and eventually her eyes become vacant, as if she has lost her focus.

Her head is full of Yu-chan. Yu-chan of the past and Yu-chan of the present.

The electricity that already rules her body begins to gather in her stomach.


Pheromones overflow from her lying on the bed.

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1 year ago

Just as i thought.. thought

1 year ago

If a woman has an orgasm only by thinking about you, that’s true love.