Morning. I always get up early to make lunch for Onii. I’ve been doing this since I was in junior high school, so it’s not so hard anymore.

My favorite Oni’s body is being made from my cooking.
When I think about it, I feel as if everything about Onii is mine.
Hahaha…… this love of mine is so heavy. ……

Well, I think “those two” have a worse love than my love like this, so this is cute.

Thinking of this, I was alone looking out from the classroom.

At the entrance ceremony, I gave that “next couple of bachelors” first dibs, but since then, I’ve been the first one to arrive.

And it’s always ‘him’ who comes to the classroom second.

The door to the classroom opens with a rattle.

The classroom door opens.

I turn toward it and see him standing there.

“Good morning, Hoshi kun”
“Good morning, …….”

He looks just like his older brother, with a face that would make even the hottest idol run away barefoot, but inside he’s a completely different person.
He is Hoshi Akira senpai younger brother, Nagare-kun, who is one of Onii’s best friends.

“You’re early again today, aren’t you?”

I said with a smile, to which he replied, usually silent.

“House people get mad at me when I play games at home. I’ve decided to come early and play at school.
“Haha, I see. Come to think of it, you’re always playing games on your phone.”

He comes to school seriously early and plays games on his phone dishonestly.

Haha …… I’m not sure if this is serious or insincere …….

“Are smartphone games fun? There was a time, maybe around last year, when Onii was so addicted to them that he spent most of his part-time job money on ‘gacha.’”

When I said this, Hoshi kun’s smiled a little bitterly as he spoke.

“I guess so. There are some elements in this game that are called ‘charges,’ but there is no ‘gacha’. I’d say it’s a good game in that respect.”
“I see. Hey, what is the name of that game?”

I tried my best not to break up the conversation, taking pleasure in the fact that we could finally have a decent conversation.

“Raijin Online. Originally, it was played on a computer, but I’ve put the data on my smartphone so that I can play it outside.”

Raijin Online. I’m sure I’ve seen it on TV commercials.

I remember thinking how beautiful the graphics were.

“This game is …… very important to me.”
“…… eh?”

I was a little surprised that he spoke to me.

“Thanks to this game, I was able to make a best friend.”
“Best friend…”

Hoshi kun laughed a little sadly at my words.

“It’s funny that you would call someone you met on the Internet your best friend. What would you say?”
“That’s not true!”
“….. eh?”

I was surprised that my voice came out louder than I thought it would.

“No, it’s not. It doesn’t matter where you met. What is important is what kind of time you have spent together.”

Hoshi kun looked a little relieved at my words.

“You are the second person other than my brother Akira to say such a thing to me. My mother and father made fun of me. It’s just a game. You should learn from Akira. That’s what they said to me.”

He said this and showed me the screen of his phone.

There it was.


The name “Kirito” appeared on the screen.

It was the same name as Sakurai kun’s

I thought to myself.

“He is my best friend. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here today.”
“Is this …… Sakurai kun?”

When I said that, he unusually ‘laughed.’

“Haha. This is, you know, a very famous name on the Internet. I can say that it is a name that is used by a lot of people. Yes, you can think of it as something like ‘Sato’ or ‘Suzuki’ in this country.”
“I see. ……”

My heart jumps a little at the unusual expression he shows me.

“That’s why I call him ‘Brother’.”
“Brother ……”

Hoshi kun shook his head at these words.

“He’s, you know, a guy who’s a freshman in high school like me. I’ve known him for over three years now. I consider him like a brother.”
“Nice. I like that.”

I simply thought “✝︎Kirito✝︎” kun was amazing for getting inside the mind of this shy guy.

And I felt a little bit of jealousy.

“Hey, Hoshi kun”
“What is it?”

I said to him as he tilted his head.

“Can I play that game too?”
“Yes, you can. you just need to download it.”

He looked so happy when he said that.
I remember Onii saying the word “missionary” to me.
I remember he said that he was very happy when his partner did his hobby.

“If you use this, It won’t charge you anything for traffic.”

He said and took a mobile router from his pocket.

“I’ll give you the password, and you can download it after you connect to the WiFi.”
“A-Are you sure? Because this is Hoshi kun’s money …….”

When I said that, he shook his head.

“Compared to the joy of being able to propagate my favorite game, this is trivial. And I don’t think Kirisaki-san would abuse it.”

I can understand that much.

That’s what he told me.

“Well then, …… thanks …….”

I put in the password he gave me and connect to the WiFi.

Then I start downloading the “Raijin Online” game from the site.

Ahhhh. I’m finally one of the ‘delinquents’.
Playing games at school.

I glance at Hoshi kun

There he was, with a very happy expression on his face.

I thought to myself, “If he’s showing me this kind of expression, it’s okay if I play with him a little.

I was watching the percentages of the game as I thought about it.

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